This is a special device that ships with multiple operating systems, besides the vola os, which is an android based operating system, there’s, also ubuntu touch available and selfish os. I have the ubuntu touch version here, and this is the version that i will review so let’s get started. The device comes with this nice that white color or a gray color. It is plastic, however, and this is not only plastic on the back, but also on the side. It has plastic, and the glass on the top here should be on the display should be gorilla, glass or some other protection it’s, not plastic. At least it feels very lightweight it’s, a bit thick, as you can see here, the device is a bit thick and the build quality, however, is solid. I think it feels a bit cheap, not like a 300 euro phone more like a 150 euro phone, but still it feels comfortable in the hand it fits nicely with its form factor of 6.4 inch and yeah. I don’t have a problem with this. If you want to protect the device voila or hello, hollyweld game behind also shipping with a soft tpu case, this is also a very cheap one, but it can protect not only the bag from scratches, but also the front, because it has some kind of layer of Protection here, which sticks over the display a bit the display on the vodafone, is a 6.3 inch ips display with 2340 by 20 by 1080p, pixels, 409 ppi and yeah.

You can see ips display the colors shift a bit. If i turn the device around – and this is a good display – has come some kind of bluish tint a bit but in general it’s a sharp display and it’s a good display with 500 nits in terms of brightness. It is also okayish for its price region to read in direct sunlight. Unwanted touch has some unique user interface and unique ways to control the multitasking. Here. With this view, where you can flip between the various different applications or quickly flip in between two applications, as you can see here, and of course on the left side, you have the possibility to go all to your all applications, but also between applications. You have the ability to switch like a dog or a task manager. The amount of applications that are available is a bit limited for ubuntu touch. You can see here some of the recommended applications and we have also some categories here where we can see how many applications are in a particular category, and you can see it is quite scarce here. Some applications are missing. Most of them are web apps, just like amazon, for example, you have various different amazon apps here, which are simply web apps. The speed of the device is usually pretty good, but as soon as you go into a web application just like the youtube application, for example, or the web browser, it gets pretty slow and not in charging.

But in scrolling, for example, you can see it is like stuttering and reloading, and the same goes for the morph browser, which is a pretty good browser, but it has some issues when it comes to loading website, modern websites that are a bit slow. You can see here, this is pretty slow and scrolling sometimes stops and yeah. It is a good browser, but a bit slow. Maybe it is the hardware. Maybe it is the software optimization that is still a bit lacking here on the back. You have two cameras: a 16 megapixel and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. You can only use the 16 megapixel camera and the depth sensor, at least on ubuntu touch – is basically useless. The 16 megapixel images that come out of there are pretty okay, but nothing groundbreaking, so dynamic range is very low if you shoot against the sun or against some light objects forget about it. Even if you have hdr on, i didn’t even notice. Much of a difference with hdr on or off the media, helio p23 is not the fastest processor it’s a bit older. So you get an older wi fi standard. Only bluetooth, 4.2 and overall, i think scrolling website and so on is fine. But here and there you can feel some stutter effect, especially if you go to this 3d view, you can see its status a few times if you have lots and applications open, so it might be a bit slow.

The internal storage is a little bit small, with 64 gigabytes and slow e mmc memory. Flash will be used here, it’s about 56 gigabytes that you have free on start with ubuntu. You can see 54 gigabytes free space. I have here right now with some applications installed in terms of battery life. The vodafone is kind of somehow a mixed bag. I noticed that the standby usage is pretty high with ubuntu touch, which is, i think, a little bit bad. If you use the device it’s a bit better, but as soon as you start playing multimedia stuff, like youtube videos or audio or videos in general, you have an issue with the battery life. The same goes for using the cameras, the front or the back camera. You get pretty quickly a rundown of the four thousand seven hundred million per hours, which i think would be not an issue on android, but sadly it is on ubuntu touch because it is not so optimized for this usage. The good thing is that with the usb type c 2.0, but you have the possibility to fast charge it via quick charging, 18 watts it’s, not the fastest nowadays, but still it is quick in charging the 4 700 milliamp hours. Also, additionally, you get, which is like. I would call a premium feature because in the middle class mid range devices, you don’t get the option to just put it on a qi charging and wirelessly charge the device.

I think it is pretty slow in wireless charging, 5 to 10 watts – maybe it’s, not 15 watts, at least it doesn’t feel, like 15 watts it’s slower than this. So i think max is 10 watts here in wireless charging, but it’s a good and nice feature to just be able to put it on a g charting station and to wirelessly charge it the smallest feline in the world, a rusty, spotted cat. The speaker is getting pretty loud, but it is lacking any kind of bass and it is one of the worst speakers i ever heard to be honest. When it comes to games. Don’T expect wonders the device is a bit slow in terms of graphics performance. So you can play easy games just like this, never put game. That is an easy mini golf game that i can play here and i can set up my shot a bit higher and let’s see hold in one or not, ah so close, and this is a little bit how the whole device feels so close to be a Nice and good linux phone, but it’s not quite there, especially with ubuntu, touch running, not the best on this device. I think the device would have run better with a bit better specs like instead of the helio p23. A newer, snapdragon 665, for example, would be a lot better or even a dimension, 8 or 700 series would be much better than this here. So what is the conclusion of the vola phone? On the one hand, it is a very cool concept to have like an open bootloader to have alternative operating systems on your device, but it feels like a little bit half baked in terms of the hardware.

Don’T get me wrong. The hardware from the outside looks okay, but in the in on the inside it looks a little bit like dated already and i feel like the potential of ubuntu touch on this device is not really used. So it is not very good optimized on the hardware itself, and this leads to like a little bit of stuttery feeling so from an everyday perspective as an everyday user. I would think. Okay, if i buy an android phone for the same price, i get a lot more done. I get a lot more fluid design, a lot more up to date, kind of feeling and usage. On the other hand, in terms of the linux world, the alternatives to android, i get a good operating system with support with the newest software, even newest software than the others, just like safeshares and all the other alternatives that are out there offer you. But it is still lacking in terms of applications and if you think about the open source spirit, i would like to think doesn’t make it more sense to use an android open source operating system. That probably runs more fluid on this device.