Again, hashtag no clickbait, but today were going to talk about my setup with the v glow x fold. Main reason being is, i dont want to show off my setup, but also ive had like ive been inundated with comments, which is unusual for such a small channel, but i have been ive had like 50 60 70 plus comments over the past couple of videos. Talking about the software the apps and support, i just want to clarify some myths and common misconceptions about buying a chinese phone and using it in the uk. Now this isnt, a chinese phone thats, been made with a global rom. This is a chinese phone with a chinese rom, so anything i can do on this phone trust me. You can do on any phone. You buy from wanda gist, stop other places, trading trends in trinity, electronics, theres numerous places where you can buy chinese phones and get them imported. The one exception is huawei purely because they dont support the google play store, yes, theres workarounds, but i will never buy a huawei product as long as it isnt supported by google because theres just no point that does become an absolute pain in ours. So today, im going to show you my setup, but also again show you how easy it is to have a chinese phone and how normal it really is. Lets go Music. Now, before i get into the full kind of setup on my device, two things to mention.

One i use nova launcher nova launcher version. Seven, i havent downloaded the version eight beta, but i use nova launcher versus seven, which is a much better launcher than most other stock system launchers. So i do use that, but that should also reassure you that hold on you can actually install on our launcher on this chinese rom phone. Yes, you can all of them and then the google play store theres, a another launcher you can install, but i use nova launcher straight off the bat you can see here. I have revolut, i have the widget on my home screen and it updates in live time. It shows me this is a a banking, app and b works in the uk, so that should be the first myth. Can i debunked if you want, will be mythbusters so myth one uk banking, apps dont work revolut is on my home screen as a widget. Ah, you say: revolut isnt, technically uk. Well how about these virgin money? Rbs, uk banking apps that do work? No im not going to go into my app and show you how skinned i am, but uk banking apps absolutely work on this device right lets get into myself. So, as i mentioned, i do use nova launcher a handy gesture with an overlover launcher as a two finger. Swipe up will take you into the setting screen, so i simply had to add nova launcher to my device. Now there is a bit of a work around you have to do here, its not just simply in the apps and permissions.

What you have to do is you have to create a vivo account and you have to do it on a desktop. Do it on your mac or windows pc if you try and do it from the phone directly its all in chinese and unless you understand chinese fair play to you its impossible to do so, you have to create an account on your desktop by email. So whenever you see the option to register with email click that option, you can use any email, your gmail, your yahoo, your microsoft, whichever email you want, but as long as you set up the account, it is then easy enough to go in to apps and permissions Permission management permissions go all the way down to default, app settings and then you can see home screen is nova 7 for me. Hopefully you can see that okay, so nova 7., once youve done that. So, if you go into here, you can change between your system. Launcher and nova, i obviously have selected nova replace there we go so i use nova launcher and thats how you set it up, create a vivo account using a desktop permissions default. App settings switch to nova launcher easy, as that now, as far as widgets go nova. 7 has numerous widgets, but you can see all the system. The stock vivo system widgets in here um and some of them are actually really good. Theres. A video recorder theres a nice timer, a really quick, easy timer one to use and even just their own clock with the day, thats cool that works quite well.

You can use stopwatch set alarm, and so i actually use the stock vivo timer, and this is the other thing as well. Theres, no issues with using any of the vivo system default, widgets. Anything like that ive, the phone is already in english. I have google play store installed if you buy the device from wanda, um or guest, stop its going to come. Pre installed, i think, most places, but if its not you simply just go into the vivo app store, download play, store and thats it thats your full google play store, theres, no hidden tricks or anything thats. Just all you do theres one slight downside. If you want to call it that – and that is no google discovery feed and if i am ever in a pinch with regards to a google discovery feed, i can simply select the google taskbar or the search bar sorry, and that brings up the google discovery feed. So youve got google discovery feed. If i tap in here, i can just search and then youve obviously got your google lens and your um google assistant all again on a chinese rom phone with no issues to date. Ive had the phone five days. This is the fifth day i have had no issues whatsoever with the front display. The fingerprint sensor is unreal by the way i just want to show you again. This is not a review ill talk about the biometrics, but look and then the face unlock.

If i just hold up to her face thats how quick the face unlock is, i mean the screen doesnt even get time to come on, thats it its just unbelievable, and that goes for the inside as well. So if i lock the phone, you ready boom ready. Look at my face boom, thats insane, so yeah anyway, set up wise whats up guys, just a quick one, because i completely forgot to mention it on the video, the notifications on the vivo. So therefore any other chinese phone work perfectly. Yes, you do have to turn off low power mode. You have to put them all into in the app permissions into high power mode, but only for the notifications that you really need to come through on time like whatsapp messages instagram, but other than that notifications. All work absolutely perfectly the show on the home screen. I guess its like anything, change your notification settings to show home screen lock, screen whatever you want and bubbles and floating bubbles, they do it all. So again, notifications work, absolutely fine cheers! I have my apps in one page, so you can change all of the grid setups and nova launcher. So if i go into the app drawer settings you can change the layout um to, i think its 12 by 12. It goes up to that, for me is too many im kind of happy around about the eight thats fine for me, but nova launcher works really well to make your app drawer look clean and all apps in one place, obviously thats, depending how many apps you use, But for me i dont use tabs, but i do use a um vertical scrolling, not the horizontal and that works well.

You can obviously change the background in your app drawer to whatever you like, as well. Ive just gone for a nice stop color one thing: youll notice there. If you just swipe up from the bottom and dont hold too long, it will bring up the global search which again works totally fine. The global search will search all your apps all good. What i did do was ahead all of the bloatware. If you look at this device and all these apps ill give you a second youll see no bloatware ive got rid of them. All most of them can be removed when youre in the app drawer style. If you have all your apps in the home screen and not in the drawer, they wont let you remove them its kind of strange actually, whereas if you change to app drawer style, they all go to your app drawer and you can remove them all from the Home screen and once theyre in the drawer, you can select them by long pressing and then just click hide. So all the apps get hidden and theres a settings menu under apps, where you can show hidden apps, but youll never need that, so that works really. Well. Now, like any other android device, you can pull up hold and all your recent apps come up, which is super handy um. Whatsapp works. Absolutely fine, no problems at all. Look at that 120 hours, refresh rate instagram works totally fine, no issues with that literally guys.

I wouldnt be lying to you. I have had no issues whatsoever with the software and definitely not the hardware on this device. I mean jeez. If i could well, i was going to see if i could show you some of the photos, but the photos were getting out this thing and video, and that was me using the zoom camera 60 times digital zoom, to take a picture of a plane. Quite a distance away in the sky, my ad and then i took some my sons obsessed with planes. I took some shots quite macro shots. Look at that look at the quality of that, and this is from a fold phone everybody anyway. This is not a review. This is my setup, so hopefully thats dispelled some of the myths you have about buying a chinese phone now. I obviously can fully recommend using wonder mobile to purchase your next foreign imported phone, and that goes for any iphone. Samsung device youll get an s22 ultra brand new from wanda for just over 900 pounds, which is close to 200 pound saving and its here within seven days full time years, warranty 15 day return policy. Customer service is top notch. I can highly recommend wonder mobile trust. Me this bad boy, aint going back anywhere because its the perfect phone, as ive mentioned the best thing that you could do for me. If you have any specific questions about the device put them in a comment section below and what ill do is ill use.

This comment section, along with other comments, section to make a really robust q and a video answering all your questions, and i find thats super important because for me, when i was researching to buy the vivo x fold, specifically, there were very few people that actually had Decent reviews on it that were in english, so again, ive shouted out the gadget goddess and gregels tv already, and i will show it to you. But what i want to do is i want to make my own uk version of a q a so pop any questions you have about the vivo x fold. Wonder mobile set up a chinese rom phone from scratch if its not been pre installed with google play or if it has got google play and and anything else, any questions youve got pop it in ill. Do a full q, a video um in seven days there we go youve got seven days to pop your comments down below and obviously like subscribe.