, The NEX is next.. Okay, bad jokes, aside, you've, probably all seen it. This is the well, they say, bezel is fun, but we know there's, bezels and it's got an in fingerprint scanner, which is probably this is actually going to be the first one. I thought it was going to be the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer, but that seems to have been somewhat delayed and, of course it has that interesting pop up camera so it's great to see companies pushing the envelope bringing us new designs and designs without resorting to the Compromise which is, of course the knotch alright, so I bought this one here from trading chins and it's, a new shop that I'm trying out for me. I normally use AliExpress but I'm going with these guys. Now they tend to get devices pretty quick, although this model has been super hard to get hold of, and the price has been quite crazy because they've been releasing very limited stocks of this. Creating demand and a lot of hype, so they've included, obviously probably saw that the adapter there for me EU adapter and also an OTG adapter there too. So quite a flash looking box here you can see it's mentioning the World Cup. Of course Russia 2018. They are big sponsors, you've, probably seen their adverts. I remember seeing a game into seeing them everywhere for a while they've pumped a lot of money into advertising this phone. It does come nicely presented in the box here now.

This is the large phone. I will compare it to it's from other phones. I have some large ones. The size of them and we've got this little thing on the slide here. That just says open, so okay it's one of these ones, so this pulls out and oh, we get a case and some earphones there, which is good to see. So this case has a rubber finish to it. It'S very nice, and I just noticed that, where the buttons are there's no rigid backing, so it's got a rigid plastic backing here and then this soft rubber overlay over the outside there and that should hopefully clip into the phone quite nicely. But I'll check out the phone in a second, so here we have the SIM tray and obviously there's some instructions. Vivo is – and this is all going to be in Chinese surprising enough being a Chinese phone and then the earphones here I will have to test these out later on and give you an update of these in my unboxing now these will be 3.5 millimeter earphones because It does have a 3.5 gon na meet a headphone Jack. Thankfully they did not drop that so here's the charger it's rated maximum output is 10 volts, 2.25 amps and finally, the type c cable. The length of it is okay, being a big phone. At six point: five: nine inches: it is going to be heavy and it is definitely heavy tipping the scales at two hundred and seven grams, eight point: seven millimeters thick, which isn't too bad considering it is packing a four thousand milliamp hour battery.

Okay, so get this out of the wrap here and there we go and all screen display that looks amazing so far and we'll see what the bezels are like when I power this on, but first let's have a look at the design. So we've got a nice metal frame that is very curved and rounded feels great and handle around this phone. You can see there there's these selfie cams. This is going to pop up when you activate it I'm a little concerned about dust protection, because you have this in your pocket and that attracts a lot of dust. I mean just look at your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack after a month or so I've been in your pocket. It falls full of dust, so we do have 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. You can clearly see it and a second mic on the right side: middle buttons. There. Obviously, it's volume up and down and power, they do have a nice feel to them. It'S. Definitely a premium build on the necks on the right side. There is this textured ai button. I don't know whether this is actually going to be any use to us outside of China it's my understanding that it may be all in Chinese down the bottom. You find these SIM tray, so we'll take to nano Sims, no micro, SD card support with this one. Unfortunately, I'll just quickly show you the tray, so there is a little bit of rubber tiny little rubber gasket a little bit hard to see here on camera around that offering some protection microphone.

Is this little dot right here at the type c port, then the loudspeaker and you can just make out another one of those antenna lines there. Next is written on the back here. Dual tone LED flash that larger lens. You can see right there that's the main camera sensor, so it's 12 megapixels, F, 1.8, aperture, 1.4 micro meter pixel size for access ISO and you can see either marketing there ai camera. So this little lens here, that's 5 megapixels it's got an aperture of 2.4 and it's just used for the blurred background. When you use the depth effect mode now you see that the phone and along the top there's no earpiece and no standard earpiece it's. Actually, behind the screen transmitting the sound so down the bottom, we still have a bottom bezel, of course, and there is a pre applied screen protector on it already. The glass is 2.5 d, rounded too, which is a nice touch, and you expect this, of course, on a flagship, expensive phone, so in hand. This phone feels like a quality flagship phone, which it is, of course, really good. Now you see that we've got this fancy manufacturing technique here for the back of the glass, so they used a material, a layer under the glass, and you can get these different reflections. You can see the colors almost like a blue like a purple green there, which is really interesting, it's different and it does look nice.

I, like the rounded edges on the back and overall, yes, a very, very good, build to this phone, a definite flagship and, of course it wouldn't be a video of mine without showing you the case as well, which fits really nice as if specs and manufacturing cases Always fit perfectly so if you do happen to lay it down flat, it's going to protect the screen, because since you can see there, the edges are raised up, so it won't sit fully flush. Our same goes for the cameras on the back, so this camera protection let's see right there and I brought a very nice case. It feels good in hand and of high quality powering it on now for the first time. So this is already probably gon na be set up, hopefully with Google Play Store on here, because I've got it from trading chins in that's. What they do, they'll put Google Play on there, and sometimes it actually can be quite difficult to get it installed the screen. So far, that's looking very deep, those blacks on there, of course, being a Super AMOLED panel there's one, a 6.5 nine inches with a resolution of 23 16 by 1080, so it's a little bit of an odd resolution, because it's stretched right out there. Okay, so already set up, and it is in English and take a look at those bezels. They do look really really good, they're impressive. So far. This is it's kind of got that well factor a little bit like the MMX.

When I first got my hands on that phone, so that you can see the top bezel is quite slim, rounded corners, of course, and the by Basil's as well. They do look pretty good. They have really slimmed this down and the bottom chin their rounded corners. Of course again, and you can see there that's the tiny little those bars they're there for your gestures. So I can see it does have plenty of Chinese bloat here. So we've got QQ WeChat, no idea. What QQ is, I think, it's one of those messaging ones. There so a lot of the stuff you can simply delete and uninstall, which is good, it's, been a while, since I've actually used this OS as a fun. Os version number 4. If you swipe up from here, that's going to bring up your toggles, which yes do have quite an iOS, look to them, don't they and your notifications they're just like any other Android phone. So you need to swipe down for those and notice that the touch screen is very responsive. It feels very smooth and quick. It reacts to your touch so fast, which is what you'd expect for the spec and the chipset, so fun touch. Os has an update here for me and it optimizes the system. We'Ve got some new features that it's added in for jovi, which is that AI assistant thing. I will test it out in a minute camera optimizations as well. Of course, I will install this now.

I know a lot of would be. Buyers are going to have this question. What about Google Play Store? So all you need to do is just use the Google Play installer, which is this app right here – I'm, very familiar with it, because I use it on the xiaomi phones that i review in the channel, and it just goes through step by step. Installing the framework Google Play Store all of that, and it is right here and it is of course working. I also see that trading Shinzon installed Google keyboard for me as well, which is better than the voya keyboard for the system. Navigation, like other phones. Now that are using these more, you can say: embezzler screens you've got this option here. So you've got the navigation gestures which I'm currently using, because I just want to get used to the gestures I find a little bit better. But if you don't like that, you still have, of course, your typical normal Android navigation keys, so free space we get on the 256 gigabyte model. Sorry, I made a bit of a mistake there. I don't have 128 gigabyte one. You get 225 gigabytes free, so that's a lot because we don't have any expandable storage on this. So you can see the ROM is not completely shifted over into English Chinese right here, there's Chinese everywhere. So if I go into, for example, their music application, I music. You probably wouldn't use this.

You did something like power amp, which is pretty much better anyway than this, but you can see some Chinese down the bottom, obviously because it's one of the tracks I'm playing. But when you go in to discover then yeah it's, the stores all in Chinese here and even some of these options pop up in Chinese, so most people wouldn't even be using this app. But you are gon na see some of that. So if you want a phone that doesn't have any Chinese in it and some of those apps and things like that, then this is probably not the one to go for, but it's already just a few things, and this of course I can remove some of those To get rid of it so now let's look at the in screen fingerprint reader. This is a unique feature of this phone. There are now about two other mobile phones or three that have this so you've got to wake the device first, I've already gone through the setup you had to put in a pin number ask it asks you a couple of security questions as well, so you need To wake it first, and then you can see this as lit up now. This is always going to be the screen on with this little icon there, at the sec exact same position so I'm, a little worried about screen, burn being a Super AMOLED panel anyway. Let'S have a look at how fast it is so place.

My thumb here, I've already set up, and there we go that to me is not bad at all and definitely worth it. I thought it was going to be much slower than this, and that is good. My only concern is after doing this for two years I'm, pretty sure we're gon na see some screen and burn with that little icon there coming through okay, so time to test out the pop up: selfie cam, so I'm gon na press to swap over the camera. Now Andy go see it pops up, yeah, that's good. It makes a little noise, which is nice I'm, definitely not clapping my hands and going yeah whoo wow that's. Amazing, no it's, not quite enough they're little features that's the first time I actually seen it come up there and it looks like a quality little camera that they've put on the top, and I can't see any dust seals around it. But it looks like the unit itself is sealed on the back of it. It says auto lifting I don't know why they needed to add that, because it's pretty obvious, when you turn it on it, lifts up closer look at the screen now, so the gamma comes out to be around about 2.4 in between to provide 2.3 viewing angles good, Because it is a Super AMOLED panel now I do have the screen particular currently on it. So that's, maybe limiting it a little bit, but it is actually really good.

This is a very nice panel. They have on here now. One thing that seems to be missing to me in the settings is a control of your color, so there's, no white balance, there's no other saturated or more natural colors. You can't select that I don't know whether I'm looking in the wrong place, but I assume it would be under display, but that is missing, but even so it is still a very good display and it is really bright as well. So you can see just these examples here that it's looking good, the blacks are very deep too, as you'd expect for a Super AMOLED panel. Maximum brightness is 710 Lux, which is very good, that it's quite high and the dimmer setting too so very good for late night time use its super dark. You can't even make it out almost, but when you turn the lights off, you can see it fine and I'll. Just crank up the brightness you can see, it goes up really really bright there and there is no pulse width. Modulation flicker. So I just finished up running antutu and the score is kind of out of this world if you're into synthetic benchmarks check this out and a perfect score 290000. This is really good performance it's the highest I have seen for this particular chipset. If you compare that to my one plus 6 here, this one gets 267000. This one has 6 gigabytes of RAM, so 2 gigabytes of RAM less, but even so a really impressive score on both of these devices DRM info.

So it is level 3 for Google Widevine, which is not good. This means that Netflix will not run in more than just standard definition, and you can install it from Google Play. You need to a side load it or you need to download an app from one of those websites, and then you can get it on there at least triple support, so not looking good, so it does not support both partition 8 and being, unfortunately, I don't know Whether the bootloader on this is locked, I imagine that it probably would be so it custom roms and things like that on this phone I don't see it happening any time soon. So here are the wireless speeds, which are very impressive, they're really good. So I walked over to the other side, the apartment which you can see right here. I quickly ran over there and you see the speeds do drop down, but they go right up to a maximum of 686 megabits per second, so very fast wireless AC. On this phone, of course, with the Snapdragon 805, impressive, really and GPS works just as well I'm, seeing some very high signal strength, but I don't normally see up to 44 for some of these satellites. It all depends on what you locked onto it: didn't lock on to all of them or use them, but it runs very well. Accuracy always seems to stay around 4 to 3 meters, so that is all good, so be a perfect phone for GPS.

When you have a look of course, and how big the screen is, it's gon na be really ideal for that and been a Super AMOLED panel. It just gives a little bit more sunlight legibility, so the internal storage is ufs, 2.1 spec blazing fast for a mobile phone. I mean this. These read speeds. They are faster than a set of 3 SSDs, so we'll test out now that little AI button, but it's to my understanding that this is only working in China or for Chinese people or people to speak Chinese. So you hold it down and it's just coming out with something saying: jovi, no idea what this is saying. I think he's supposed to talk to it. Probably hello: do you understand English? Okay? Well, it doesn't understand my funky New Zealand accent, so I won't be using this at all. Now you may have noticed here that with the toggles there's a couple of other options here, so if some of them are obvious, so I prediction this is going to remove the blue light to stop you keeping yourself awake at night when you're looking at a white Screen the risk is obvious: okay, screenshots flashlight Bluetooth, but we do have these two options here. So speed up all that's doing is simply just a task manager, clearing the RAM that's, all it's, going to do and yeah that will possibly speed things up now. Game mode. Let'S take a look at this.

This is new, so these are the settings we have so we've got obviously to turn it on now. There'S things like it will block their calls it's going to try and prioritize network traffic. I think are things like that: yeah network optimization right there bot mode even and this is what does it say – Auto play mode games will continue running when the screen is off okay. So if you're running a bot in who would run a bot or maybe lineage, ok lineage is a good example there so lineage to when you're doing the auto fight mode, Auto battling and it's going to level up automatically so that's a good setting to have on There Auto reject calls it's, pretty straightforward their game picture and picture during calls. You can open up chat in the easy touch window now. My biggest concern is the ROM and I'm, pretty sure it's gon na be a lot of people's concern as well being the fact that it's got Chinese actually there's a German option in there as well. So if you are German, it looks like you're gon na have German. So there is this some sort of smart launcher thing here. If you're used to running Android phones, it's pretty straightforward, the only thing I keep accidentally doing is I swipe down to go and adjust the brightness for the camera and whoops. I know I have to keep doing it here. So in the settings they have a lot of settings, lots of them.

I mean oh it's kind of too many, almost there's lots of things you can tweak in you've got one handed mode. You'Ve got split, screen display. Obviously, smart motion here – I'll just show you that very quickly I won't go through absolutely everything app clones. You know you can run two versions of whatsapp if you wanted to with the two Sims, so you can get one for work, one for personal use, a smart click here as well, so there's lots of things you can do this to hold down and launch. I set it to the camera to open up the camera for me, so there's a lot of customization in here and lots of things you can go through here and obviously there is no face unlocking with this phone. Otherwise, the camera would have to pop up all the time, and it would probably just be so much slower and, of course, using this right here that fingerprint reader – and this is a question that just popped up via message on Twitter. While I was still doing this video is, can you run Nova Launcher so yeah? You can run it, but the problem is with the gestures and even when you change over to the standard navigation buttons as soon as you go home, it's back to vivos, custom launcher. So you know you can't have it, even though you can see all your apps here and it looks nice if you don't, like their launcher.

I don't know at this stage. This is just testing it out. There may be a way to fix this, to make it the default home app and make it nova launcher instead of vivos audio is something that is very important to me in a mobile phone and the voice calls. Even though we don't have a traditional earpiece, they're still as a speaker it's under there, and it actually sounds better than what I thought it was going to sound like I thought it might have been like the Mi, Mix's and it's similar. You do feel the vibrations when you're talking to someone you hear them. You can feel the glass vibrating the phone vibrating a little bit, depending of course on how loud you've got the volume, but the call quality is actually fine, that's good to know issues with that. 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the top sounds good to me. No problems here, there's, no static, there's, no historian to Ference or anything like that. It seems good, nothing to rant on about it's, just standard ear to me. It'S the volume output from as well seems alright, not too bad, but let's have a listen now to the speaker, the Lannisters, fine, it's good there's, a tiny bit of distortion, little tiny hint of bass as well, overall it's possible it's, a perfectly fine loudspeaker on the Necks now you will probably wondering it's an AMOLED panel Super AMOLED, so does it have an always on display? Yes, of course, it does good to see this is here and you can get it to, of course, show notification.

So those are your phone and your messages, and you can also see you can change the clock type as well. So you got a digital clock or you can do various different clock faces here so there's quite a bit of customization with it. So this one is obvious: all of the most demanding games, they're gon na run perfectly fine. This is the flagship fastest Android chipset that you can get snapped. I can eight four five and this right here is lineage two on the highest settings, and it looks really great because we do have those super slim bezels and you get that large screen more immersive gaming experience. Babji, of course, runs fine and it is on the ultra frame rate setting and HD so high settings here. So this is the camera app and right here, you'll, see we've got your typical filters right here as AI mode, so this thing's still going to work it's going to work in English, so you can tap it and it will detect what it is looking at. So at the moment, it's looking at absolutely nothing so it's going to detect absolutely nothing. So you need internet, of course, for this I think, is using the database whatever to search, see exactly note. No results found, though that was pretty obvious, that that was going to happen text. You can set it into text mode as well to read that convert it, and this is when you go to the front selfie cam.

So if you press that then it's going to pop out, it makes it a little sound effect. Right here is you've dipped, the fixed mode HDR controls to flash, pretty self explanatory settings for the camera. You can see them right here. Our UI scene identification turn that off so when you tap it it's actually off so it's, not colored anymore, so that's how you know that it is off there. So video mode, lacking options differently, because we've got 4k 30 Hertz. Oh sorry, 33 is per second, but no 60 frames per second option, unlike other Snapdragon 805 devices, 1080p 720p, but no 60 frames per second 120 or 240 frames per second option says that it's kind of a little bit of a disappointment. There augmented reality stickers. If you like, that sort of stuff beauty mode as well as they're, your typical panorama and we'll just go over here into the pro mode, so we've got control of the auto focus, white balance, shutter rate and ISO, and the exposure. Now ISO will go all the way up to 3200, so I'm shooting the maximum sitting here, which is 4k. We do have full access, optical image, stabilization and I'm, holding it hand out, of course, and it's not too bad here. So the focus is dual pixel phase. Detection autofocus, and that means it locks on and gets focused really quite quick as you can see there and it doesn't seem to do any focus, hunting or anything like that.

You don't seem to have that problem. With this type of focus, technology used it's been a walk ahead. As you can see, there is some optical image, stabilization, wobble, that's normal and it doesn't sadly incorporate electronic image stabilization as well like, for example, the Samsung Galaxy s8 or the s9, which would be nice, and they would help improve the quality of the footage. So it wasn't so unsteady at times here, but it's, better than nothing, of course, having an optical image. Stabilization can help out in low light to sample off the front facing camera here's a 1080p maximum quality seems to be reasonable, too bad and it's, not using any electronic image stabilization, which is a shame I feel it should definitely at least have this, and we could Also do with maybe a 4k option if that was possible, so this phone is impressive and it has a bit of that well factor because of the screen a little bit like the mimics. When I first got it, it just is really quite something when you see it: okay, we don't have a notch on this, so vivo didn't go with that notch compromise. You could call it. We don't have that problem here and the earpiece actually doesn't sound too bad. The pop up camera, you could say, see that as a bit of a novelty there, but it's actually quite good the photo quality from it is fine, and will it last the 50000 times it's going to go up and down, and all that I don't know it.

Could be a problem for people in the future? So if you plan to hang on to this phone for two years and you're gon na, have it take thousands of selfies, then it probably will wear out or break or something like that. So it's one thing to bear in mind there, so the phone is missing a couple of things: it doesn't have NFC support on there, which is interesting. I don't know why they dropped that. I guess it's, not so big for the Chinese. It does not have as well a notification LED, so we get the always on screen, which is good, but no native notification LED, which is just a very minor little thing there, but it is missing so no splash resistance with the camera there that's going to get Water in there so I'm, not even going to test it out, even though we do have that seal around the micro SIM card there and no microSD support as well. That could be a problem for some people. They have massive music collections, but overall, looking like a very solid phone of course, I need to test out the battery life more. The cameras don't look like they're going to be the best, but they will still take a very decent photo. Video stabilization is alright for optical image stabilization. I would like to see electronic image stabilization as well and I'd love to see 60 frames per second 4k there as well, that enough manufacturers are going with.

So thank you for watching this very long and in depth.