If you've seen my unboxing that's, where I'd go into a lot of depth of the phone and show you all about that, I just wanted to give you this video as an update on battery life, because so many people commented where's the battery life you missed out On the better life yeah, I covered everything apart from battery life, because of course I needed time to test that, but now that testing is all over and I'll just show you the result, so not bad at all. So far now I haven't made any voice calls on this current cycle I'm doing it has been on wireless, the whole time so take that into consideration there. When you look at these times so screen on time of 10 hours and 33 minutes is not bad at all. Considering I had the brightness set to about 40 rather bright, and my use, this remember, is just a guide. I'Ll show you that I do believe. You'Re gon na get at least two days, but there so it's quite good. Now they don't show your typical Android battery settings in here. So you can't actually see that graph, but you can look under the power consumption ranking and it will at least list the apps. Excuse me so revolution. You can see right up there at the top. Android system normally is at the top there. So that was almost three hours there that I was playing this game because I had it on the auto fight mode so living it up.

My character is something they do with a battery test and that way it's a good way to simulate battery consumption of someone. Gaming that whole entire time, because it is no different and you'll – see that also played YouTube – was going for. Quite some time too, that was about an hour on combat 5 was over an hour as well, so you get their idea. This is what I would consider to be more heavy used differently, heavy use and it's holding up a lot better than I thought, because I just assumed that oh, this large screen a bright screen it's not going to be that great on the battery. But it turns out, it is so one thing that wasn't covered in the review. I covered a lot in the unboxing: oh it's, not even a unboxing. It is really a review, so 4G speeds let's just test that right now and now, I'm with orange, and I found orange to be rather poor. But I have noticed with this phone that the signal strength, because I'm sitting right here inside of course, is quite good. Other phones will be down to about two bars. This tends to be about a bar, more and they're, not just found that the the wireless speeds, the 4G speeds and everything to be really really good. So this is a definite flagship, mobile phone when it comes to that kind of performance. Now these speeds here this slow, but for orange here, they're, actually, okay, in not bad, because with any other phone, no test it's going to always be about this, which is rather disappointing for LTE.

So the battery life is solid, the build quality solid as well. This is a good phone that really only has two weaknesses: every phone's going to have something, and that would be, of course, the fact that the ROM there is some Chinese in it. It takes a little while to get used to and it seems that they don't want you using a third party launcher and to set it as default as the home for your launcher, which is disappointing. Other manufacturers will actually give you that option. Then you can override it so every time I run nova launcher, but then you go to swipe up and go home using the gestures. Of course it goes back to the vivos launcher there, so that's really the the corner. That is not a major now the cameras, the one on the back here. Okay, I feel that could have done something a little bit better here with the cameras. It is a good sensor, it's, just a little bit poorly optimized, again check out my review of this mobile phone. If you want to see the camera samples, but it tends to over saturate definitely when it comes to bright colors. So, like a rose, a red rose it's, going to completely blown out oversaturated and clipping with the colors the front selfie cam that's, actually not too bad. I will show you there, we go come on pops up and it sometimes it gets in the way.

So if you're holding the phone like this – and you want to take a photo, then yeah it'll pop out and it can get in the way a little bit and it's just a little bit of a well factor there. You could say – and I know that other manufacturers are soon to be – surely copying that, because it seems that it's going to be quite popular, the display is just so immersive. It really gives me that me mixed feeling to it the me max as well, because it's just a big, huge display, and now I didn't do a size comparison. So I will just show you now, because I do have some phones on hand what it is like. So here is the max. You can see that it is a big phone, because the max okay, that 6.4 inches. This is six point. Five, nine but we've got a different aspect – ratio here so 18 by 9 and then of course, 16 by 9, and I do have the 1 plus right here. So the 1 plus 6. You can see as well the difference there with the the sizes, and I did actually record this and it was going to go into the unboxing review. You could say that in depth, video that I posted, but it just became too long and next to the 1 – is this? Actually? Ok, there we go I've got so many phones on hand. So this is the 6x.

You can see it's just as tall as the sexiest, which is a tall phone that's. The 18 bit ratio so size wise, considering the slim down the bezels they're, actually fitting in a lot of screen into the size. So for some people – yes it's going to be a little too big here's, the me 8. The me 8 is definitely a little bit shorter, they're shorter there, so it's, good and yeah, as I mentioned, that the bulk will t really quite good and I'm, where I am actually working towards the review of the me 8. So don't worry people asking me out. You'Re not going to review it. I am gon na. Do the full review it's just that I have so many devices on hand at the moment, and one other thing too is the performance of this phone. Maybe the roms not that great, but it is well optimized and because of the 8 gigabytes of RAM it's. Just so so quick gaming is an absolute joy with the screen and what the performance we're getting out of it, it's just the fastest. Now I have tested now. This is about the fourth. I think it is neptr again, eight four five device or the third, no, the fourth and okay synthetic benchmarks. Don'T always explain everything, but just gaming, you do notice how smooth it is, and the score is absolutely insane really really good the highest I have seen so it just goes to show you that this is a super, powerful phone and just an absolute joy to game.

On so overall, this phone to me is getting a definite thumbs up battery life is there everything is pretty much there and the cool quality I'll mention that again. I have made some more calls with this that was yesterday before I started the battery life test and there's. Nothing actually wrong with it. It doesn't sound it's, not okay, like a traditional earpiece, it sounds a little bit different. You get more it's quite funny. They get more vibration of the person talking against your ear and your face, but other than that this is a solid, great phone, highly recommended from me.