There are still a few phones out there. This is one of them. This is the next 3s 5g, so it's an updated refresh of the next 3 5 g with now the Snapdragon 805. So is that a good phone is that a phone I can recommend let's find out in this full in depth review. So a nice presentation here of the phone and its accessories in the box as I'll cook you to show you so it's the same charger as last year, 44 watts. It will fully charge the phone of my testing in one hour and five minutes from completely flat. We'Ve got some headphones there. These are 3.5 milimeter ones, so we still have a 3.5 on a headphone jack and if you remove the phone right here underneath you will find, we do also have an included hard case and just to briefly show you here, the case on the phone does offer A reasonable protection I mean the camera is protected about those cameras and we've got enough protection there for the bottom and the top. The sides are exposed for that waterfall screen that they really want to show off so the build quality and the design of this phone. I do actually like it's a high quality built and it is a heavy phone, so this is not going to be for everyone it's big. Ok, it is a six point, eight nine inch phone and it does weigh 220 grams and, as nine point four millimeters thick that's, not including our camera, which you can see, does stick out a little bit better.

Then bumps it up to nine point six and we do have those waterfall edges the curvature. So this glass means we don't actually have hardware buttons. So, on the right hand, side it's, just all touch now. The main touch button in the middle does have a texture to it, there's a small ridge, so you can easily thigh and find out with your thumb and it's, not a problem for me to get to that. As you can see, right now to lock and unlock that now, there is an inbuilt fingerprint reader, which I will quickly demonstrate so tapping that it unlocks and will take approximately about a second. I don't find it to be particularly reliable. His face unlocking as well with that pop up camera here, you can see it in action, so this is a 16 megapixel front facing camera and then the cameras on the rear we've got a 64 megapixel main sensor with an F 1.8 aperture, 13 megapixel ultra wide, Which is f, 2.2 and then I believe, an F 2.4 portrait, 2 x optical camera, which is also 13 megapixels there's a flash on the back, which looks like it does house a dual tone: flash there as well down the bottom we're gon na type C port And do you have a loudspeaker, the antenna lines you can just make out there and a microphone now the some tree takes tune in assumes only there's, a rubber gasket around it at the top.

You can see that's where that pop up camera is, and yes, yeah, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. As mentioned now, earpiece is interesting. The earpiece is actually just above that front facing camera module. Now there is a flash next to if you're wondering if that was an ultra wide or dips in sonora, it's, just a front facing flash and then the earpiece above it. Sadly, it doesn't double as a secondary loudspeaker. So we have a large display on this Super AMOLED, Full HD plus six point, eight nine inches and it does look pretty good. Okay out of the box calibration definitely has a bluish tint to it more on that later and I've noticed too that the curvature you can see a bit of color shifting now this waterfall display to me, the waterfall displays in general looks like them, 830 Pro that I reviewed I find it to be over the top. I don't find it that practical now, what about accidental touches with this one? The software does a reasonably good job of getting rid of that and you're not really going to run into too much of an issue of that. I find so we've got no cut out here for a notch for the front facing camera, because it's a pop up that's one thing: I really do like a top and bottom bezels. They are not the smallest and the touch response is good, but this is just a 60 hit panel touch response as well.

The touch digitizer running at 60, so it's, nothing amazing. Now the gamma is about 2.4, a little off and I'll just go into the settings here to display to show you. It got eye protection mode, dark motors there, and this too, as well with your colors, very important. So in the standard mode I noticed I've actually adjusted it right here to be a little bit warmer, very blue tint to it. But when you put that in the normal mode that to me is a little bit more acceptable, so the maximum brightness being over 600 nets means you can see it in direct sunlight. As you can see here, it's legible. You can make out and do things and direct sunlight, so that's good, so all up for a Super AMOLED panel. I think it's decent. They just need to work on that calibration out of the box, but you can fix it yourself. This phone has a skin on it, fun touch and I've never been a fan of fun touch os. This is version 10 with Android, 10 and ok. Chinese ROM means we're going to have a bit of Chinese, and it now does support multi languages. Doesn'T come of course, with Google Play installed, you can see, I do have it set up and it is running fine. You just need to find and use one of those Google Play installers version 3 and it's going to work good. Now the gestures you can see.

Swiping back there, that was my fault, but it does actually work quite good. The full screen gestures, no issues with that now, because it as a Chinese ROM, you're gon na, have to contend with a few things that I cannot seem to be able to disable, and this is a few swipe down. You get the Chinese search. If you then swipe over to the left here, you're gon na have this all in Chinese as well, which is a little annoying and then okay notifications. They pop up, you sometimes see something's in Chinese, but that can be fixed and disabled. It does have NFC there's a lot of toggles in there a lot of different modes and options, a couple of things that this phone doesn't support. Well, one of them is video out via the type c port it's, just USB 2 specs. So another video there with that and everything else is there. You can customize that there's a lot of different settings in there now they've got jovi their own assistant and there is no use to us because it's all chinese, and sometimes when you want to install third party apps, it will actually force you and want you to Log into the Vosges account, which is rather annoying, but the performance of it very good and multitasking is not bad either. So at the time of this review, I am on the latest firmware. There was a and 50 megabyte update that I downloaded and installed.

Now, when you get it, you're not going to have, as mentioned, Google Play that's right there, because it's after it was installed and G board. There are some lightweight applications and there are some system apps on there that you just cannot remove or get rid of, and these are vivo things that you again have to contend with and you'll get used to it. You can hide them and put them away, but really it is a bit of an annoyance to me now those pressure, sensitive buttons. You can increase the sensitivity on them to slide it to the light, so they work a little bit better, but they still do not work for me like hardware buttons, I prefer it with buttons any day. Camera2 api support level 3 maximum, so full access to all the features on the camera hardware, which is great wide vine level, 3 support as expected for a Chinese phone. This does not surprise me that they would have this. They don't bother with Widevine level 1. Normally so that means Netflix, you can't actually get it from Google Play Store. You need to sideload it or find an apk file and then install it and it's gon na be in standard definition. While this is really fast on this good range, no problems now 4G. As well is working very good for me, no problems there either and as 750 megabits per second is right up there with other flagships. Just like this, the internal storage, so ufs 3.

1 spec, really quick. Look at those sequential reads and then take a look at the random reads there as well. That is very, very quick, no bottlenecks here at all and the performance of that Snapdragon 805 of the audrina 650 GPU really really good here as you'll see where they score. That'S getting up there to almost 600000 with an this is version. Eight point three point, one that I did actually get from vivos app store, because this has been removed now for sometime from Google Play, which is slightly annoying battery life really good. So 4500 milliamp hour battery and it is solid, absolutely solid performance here, 14 hours and 40 minutes makes it one of the highest. In fact, this is over the me note 10 that got 14 and 20 minutes. I think it was – and this of course is a very efficient chip and then Snapdragon eight six, five dual frequency GPS is onboard here. Does work Wow no problems with an accuracy of about three meters like every single other flagship phone, I've reviewed on to our audio quality, so 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on here is average. To be honest, I think the readme note 9s, that I just reviewed actually has better 3.5 millimeter output than this one slightly louder slightly crisper cleaner. It just doesn't seem that great, not that well optimized to me now single down with firing loudspeaker. Its loudness is okay. There'S a bit of bass to it.

I just wish they had a second they'll speak you in that earpiece, but here's a sample of it now Music, Music. Now the gaming performance for a 60 Hertz screen is as expected, it's as smooth as it can be. I'M. Not seeing any caching or loading stutters this game right here that I'm testing out is shadow gun Legends it can make even some Snapdragon, 855 plus phones or even 865 choke with the occasional little loading in stutters but I'm, not seeing it with this one now. This is no gaming phone if you wanted the absolute best in terms of gaming performance, especially with games that support Heights refresh straights with the screens and go for something like the red magic 5g or the black shark or Zeus Republic of gamers, for the absolute best In terms of a gaming phone with those higher refresh rate screens so very quickly here, taking a look at our stock camera app so I'm, using the ultra wide camera at the moment. Tapping here is our 64 megapixel main camera and then the 2 x, 13 megapixel portrait modes, video modes, but really with these cameras I am quite disappointed in vivo the optimization the video quality portraits night shots as well. I just not good, but let me know in the comments after seeing these samples, what do you think is this flagship quality photography from this phone and video quality? I don't think it is but here's those samples.

This is a sample now off for K, so the sharpness is good. Albert rate is 128 kilobits per second, but you'll notice that it is shaking around all over the place, and this is really disappointing to see that a flagship phone like burst in 2020 does not have electronic image stabilisation with 4k. Their focus seems to work okay with a 64 megapixel sensor, it's, just a hope and a future firmware update. They can at least enable and give us that e is with 4k video and unfortunately, with the front facing camera, which only has a 1080p maximum video resolution. Here we also lack electronic image stabilization. You can see, as I walk ahead now, that it does shake around all over the place. So this phone, we are going to need to use a gimbal in order to get really good steady footage for those bloggers out there that do shoot a lot of front facing video. Now it does have an anti shake mode, they call it, which is their super. Steady video mode, which is 60 frames SiC in 1080p. Now this video has been shot and 30 frames per second, my review so I've just upscaled it to 4k I'll run it here to show you that the super steady mode here super anti shake they call. It works reasonably well, but it's, probably not the most steady that I have seen not quite as good as say. The Samsung S Tim Plus that I own and other phones were super steady modes, Music, Music, Music.

So this is the fire that I really wanted to. Like it does have amazing performance, a very good build quality to it. It is heavy, it is a large phone, but I like the full screen experience once you calibrate the display just tweak up the warmness of it it's very cool white out of the box. It'S not a bad display at all. You can still see it in direct sunlight attached response is fine. Okay, the waterfall edges to me is just overkill it's over the top and I'm glad to see this year, Samsung brought out pretty much flat panels with a tiny little bit of a curve to it. This kind of curvature, when you have to give up Hardware, physical power arm buttons and volume buttons to me, is a big. No, no, I mean the touch controls just like them. 830, Pro hit missed they're, not always going to work all the time, even increasing the sensitivity on those touch controls, putting it up to a very soft touch. It sometimes doesn't really trigger and then okay, the edges. If you need to select something on a game, you need to tap right on the edge it's, sometimes doesn't, register, and then there you are tapping again that's just on the edges, accidental touches, though, when honing it and not a problem, so vivos done well with that. But their software vivos fun touches an operating system. They mean the skin on Android 10, that I'm not fond of there's.

Just so many compromises with it and then take a look at the camera. Optimization. The video is pretty poor. I mean it's terrible for a flagship. Come on, I have seen budget phones take bitter daylight images than this and even better low light images. Low light performance in night, shot mode clearly needs a huge amount optimization, and this has been out since the 14th of March now they've had a little bit of time. They'Ve had a couple of weeks, so there should be hopefully a patch coming out but I'm not going to hang around I'm, not gon na hang on to this phone to see if they fix that or not, because the lack of image stabilization on video, a lack Of features this software, it makes it a really a phone with a lot of potential, but it's just never gon na get there. I think we're fun touch OS. This is just to set up for the Chinese market, and for that I just cannot recommend this one. So if you had you sites in on it, I think we look at our options out there for the 650 euros. This is selling for approximately. It is simply not worth it. Thank you so much for watching this review.