So I wasnt too happy about that because um, you can clearly see on the sides. The word portable monitor. You know its outside my door um, and I dont like that, because you know people still theres such a thing as a porch parrot. So I wish that they would have uh package it inside of something just to kind of protect it um, and I was worried about um if it was cushioned enough, but um I opened it already, but its actually pretty cushioned um. There was like tape on the ends um holding it together, um, which I have when it comes down to electronics. To me it can be a little flimsy, so Music um, so heres how it was when I opened it so theres a little card that comes in that tells you about a three year warranty and a 10 off code. So you have this little protective um. I just say plastic wrap or uh foam wrap, and then it comes. The first thing you see is this um section where its actually pretty cushioned by the styrofoam and as you see I already opened this part, because I was very curious. Um. It comes at this plastic um thing until you open it Im going to open it, some more because just dont have to wrestle with it. Let me slide it out, and it has this nice little kind of faux leather uh case stand um. As you can see, this is the back of the Monitor and it has like little two holes in the back so that you can kind of um attach it to a wall or some type of stand, so um heres what it looks like and then on the Side, you have anything else, the three so in the cell, you can its very light.

I like that, the ports for the USB and stuff like that, the BGA HDMI ones, you have the power button, the volume button and the headphone jack – is as well right here. So absolutely happy about that. So Im gon na put it back in the sleeve for now just tuck it right here and then, if you lift up the box, some more of the packaging you get a little card lets tell you about upgrades and free stuff um. The quartz, the mini HDMI cord, a regular um HDMI cord, as well as the USB to USB one um USB to USD here. It says power only. It says power and video um. It doesnt say anything on this one. So then, it comes with like a little charge, piece which is cool and then a little instruction booklet, and this is pretty much the end of whats in the package. So um Im gon na open up the US, uh C, USB C to USBC Port, just to kind of get a film take this off um for if it works and how it works straight out of the box. When I saw it on Amazon, I definitely like the pictures that people posted that was really helpful. Definitely shows you just how um foreign thats, what sold me over um Im, not necessarily looking for audio, because I dont need audio too much, but I appreciate that its still there. So if the audio is not too loud, oh well, I dont care.

I just really needed it more so for work and just being able to take something with me without having a whole bunch of bulky things on my desk, and I dont need my space right now. I mean that my um day job, so I wanted to right now. I dont necessarily know how to stand up on the stand. Just something on my iPod. I can iPad Im. Sorry, I bought it on my iPad. I can definitely do this um. This is slightly different, so Im not really sure how play with this. They give it to be a stain as well, because its supposed to be as soon as I said, remember reading. So let us see, let me play this for a second, I dont like it, but you know: okay, do what you got ta do so. Hopefully that means is what its supposed to do either way its gon na Im gon na. Have it right here so Im watching it all right, so Im push put this in to here. On this end, good connection and then Im going to put the other end to my computer, I want them to turn on first. I want my next turn with that powder right because it does need a power connection, internal but thats, a good good thing that they have um. As you can see, the green button just came on. Oh lets work yeah, so let me see and it shows my screen also so um.

Let me go in my settings and just see what happens. This is a little dim to me right now and you go okay. You can manually turn the brightness up or let it deathly High happy about that, so you can turn it up there. I love bright things. I dont know because Im getting older or just the best thing ever um, so let me see about screens display sorry. So Im gon na have it mirror the display and it works. It works. It works it works. So this is what it looks like its mirroring my screen, so Im absolutely positively happy about that. It looks good. The quality looks good its bright. Yes, I wish it was kind of touch screen, but its cool, but its not because Im sure that would become an issue at some point with things you know so Im excited to get started with this and just kind of play around with this type of stuff. So hope this was helpful um, as you can see my USB with this, so its gon na be pretty mobile, make sure that you um email them so that you can get your um stuff.