The other features are built on wi fi, gps voice, notifications built in and external microphones for better sound recording the dash cam is called vfo a1′, so i suggest to start with unboxing and then look at design main features, application and sample videos day and night. The new dash cam from vfo comes in this box and there is all information about product on the box, such as main features on the front accessories on the face and specifications on the other inside the box. Everything is well packed, such as dash cam, free camera, cabin camera, six meters, rear camera, cable, one meter, interior camera, cable, car charger, cartridge, adapter front and rear mount 3m sticker. Usb type c, cable, circular, polarizing, lens filter, trim, removal, 2 and static windshield stickers. By the way, i also have another box with a professional lavalier microphone it is sold. Additionally, as you can see, you can use the microphone with not only dash cam but also smartphone tablet, pc notebook and other devices. Later in this video, we will check the microphone quality, so this is vfo a 179 dash cam. The first thing i noticed is a 300 degrees rotation lens. It is a very useful feature because you can record the video inside and outside the car. As you can see, the dash cam doesn’t have a display. Instead, there are many different buttons, such as power on off record start. Stop video product microphone on off and wi fi on off.

There are also four status indicators on the top record: microphone, gps and wi fi. On the left side, we can see reset hull and built in microphone hull on the right side. We have a screw hole and a microsd memory card slot. By the way this is a gps module. There is av and microphone ports on the top, as well as rear and interior camera. Connectors. Usb type c port is used to power. The dash cam now let’s take a look at the rear and interior cameras. Actually they look the same, but the cabin camera has six infrared lights. The cameras don’t have any buttons, because you just need to connect them to the dash cam and they will be turned on by the way the interior camera is sold. Additionally, just like external microphone, you can also buy optional hardware kit built with remote control and memory card. All these accessories are sold on amazon. Okay. Now i want to go to amazon product page and look at the main features of dash cam. So here we can see that the first feature of a vfo a1′ dash cam is a three channel recording the front five megapixel sonic camera has 140 degrees of viewing angle and resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels at 30. 30Fps. The rear and interior cameras have sony service, sensors and fullhd 30fps resolution. The dashcam also has built in wi fi, 2.4 and 5 gigahertz. It is really necessary because you can watch the live video from dash cam or video footage only in the app the next feature of idea for a 1′ is voice notifications.

This dash cam uses spoken english language to confirm settings changes. I already said about 300 degrees rotation lens. I also showed you circular polarized lens in the package. It can be used to reduce reflections and glare of glass and road surfaces. Finally, the last feature of a vfo e169 cam is built in microphone. We will compare the quality of built in and external microphone a little later, however, that’s not all the features of the new vfo dash cam. It also has built in gps super night vision and three parking solutions, such as auto event, detection time lapse and low bitrate. Now we can look at application and its functions, so in the open smartphone we can see the video from the front, rear and interior cameras. There’S also switch camera and snapshot buttons in the settings. We can choose video resolution time lapse, recording loop, recording, recording audio g sensor, sensitivity and bitrate. The system settings also have many options, such as boot delay, ir led on off parking mode, parking g sensor, parking motion, detection, interior and a rear camera mirror notification sounds voice. Notifications, gps and many others by suite. There is also a gallery in the app with all files, locked files and parking fails. As i said at the beginning of this video, i want to tell the quality of the built in and external microphone let’s. Do this? Hey guys, this sound is recorded on the building microphone of a vfo, 10′ cam, actually i’m, not driving anywhere i’m in my studio now, so the sound quality should be good.

Now i have connected external microphone to vfo a 1′ dash cam. What do you think of the sound? Is it better but again i’m in a quiet studio, so maybe the sound will be a little worse when you’re driving in the car. So i recorded some video samples on all three cameras during the day and at night: let’s watch them Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause. This is Music, a Music Applause, foreign Applause, Music, vfoa 1′ is a very interesting dash cam because it has three cameras, front, rear and interior. As you can see, the video quality is good on all three cameras, as the dash cam also has built in wi, fi and gps. By the way it supports a dual band: wi fi. This is really important, because the dash cam doesn’t have a screen. So you can watch the live and recorded video only in the app. I also like the external microphone of a vfo e179 cam. It is optional, but i think it can be very useful for many of you. You can also buy the optional bluetooth remote control. Honestly, i think that the vfoe 1′ is one of the best dash camps in 2021.