Well, let me open up the cover you can at least see the screen. This is the vue sonic, vg1655 15.6 inch portable, monitor and it’s a big, beautiful lcd, monitor that works great with back or pc, but you can use it with really almost anything. So it has this flexible cover and then on the back there’s. Also, this metal cover. So you can stand it up at a variety of different angles, and it has some really nice big, wide viewing angle 178 degree viewing angle so it’s perfect for having on the meeting table and sharing your presentation with people or just having it as a second screen. For your own work or honestly, having like your favorite netflix, show or some live sports while you’re working. So all of that happens because there are connections on this one side and you can see it’s, two usbc and then a mini hdmi and then an audio out. So that works pretty smoothly and it includes a usbc to usbc, cable and it’s kind of a fun one, because it’s different shape, connectors and then there’s also usbc to usb 3.0, and there is mini hdmi to regular hdmi and here’s. The thing if you’re going to hook up with hdmi the hdmi standard, doesn’t actually transmit power, so you’ll also need to use your usbc and the wall charger so that you can power the screen. You can power it with your computer if you need to, but your computer needs to push out at least 10 watts for the screen to work now.

The good news. What i really like about these is that, if you have just usbc, usbc does transmit power. So i’m, going to plug this into my macbook pro and then i’m going to come all the way over here. Maybe we’ll go behind so it’s a little bit more aesthetically pleasing and i’m going to plug it into the usbc, and then we should be able to just mirror the screen. Let’S see what happens. It’S already turned on and i’ll turn on and open up. My macbook pro and if everything’s working correctly there, we go so now, as i do things you could see, this would be one way i could be sharing with people how to use this device or how to work with a piece of software or training or something Right or i can turn off, screen mirroring and have this as a second screen: it works for mac. It works for pc. You might need to download a driver from vue sonic for a pc, but lots to really like about this. Now let me tell you some specs it’s, a 1080p resolution, which means it’s 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels it’s, an 800 to 1 contrast ratio with an anti glare screen and a 3h hardness coating, so it should be able to survive pretty well. As i said, it has a 178 degree viewing angle, which means that you’re still getting a good picture, even as i go at different angles.

So i have some issues here with glare from my set, but there that looks pretty good two usbc ports. If you do use this for power, you can also plug in to the second usbc and charge your computer, so you can actually work in both directions, which is kind of fun, then, with the mini hdmi. That gives you regular hdmi. On the other end, which you could plug into a switch you could plug into a playstation. You could plug into a blu ray player. Whatever you want that’s pushing out hdmi. It will just be able to use this as basically a small tv screen and it does have those two speakers. So let me go to a youtube and well let’s. Go to my own channel and let’s push this out. Let’S see so that’s these speakers, how to simplify your experience with technology now to be fair, it’s, not the same as a big, fully robust speaker system, but in terms of being able to like hear the commentator when you’re watching a sporting event or have a little Bit of music in the background or something the built in speakers work. Fine, remember, there’s an audio jack, so you could also plug in a pair of headphones or external speakers. If that worked better for you, so there’s a lot to like here, it’s a very robust system and it has its own built in menu system and everything which i could show you.

But this is pretty basic stuff. It lets you set contrast and brightness, and things like that and it’s just a little knob on the back. Let me give you a little bit more of a tight close up, so you can see this displaying some video and you can see that it works really pretty cleanly Applause. Yes, tonight’s, two of the biggest and best in the land, but it is it for me. Land and what a return, what a goal? Well, what a good goal it was, but chesney i often find myself working on the road so having something that’s, this slim this portable and yet gives me this big bright screen – is really really useful. So this is really great for road warriors, but even if you just have you know, you’re working from home – and you have your kitchen table – has turned into your office. Then doing this gives you two screens you can fold it all up, put it all away when you’re done set the table for dinner. So really super flexible there’s lots to like about this. If you’re doing presentations then having this means, you have your own setup. You don’t have to worry about. Is the projector compatible? What external display do you have you have it all self contained really lots to like about that? So let’s talk about the price, but before we do, let me just give you some quick dimensions. So it’s 14 inches by 8.

8 inches by 6 tenths of an inch thick and it’s 1.8 pounds so it’s very portable. You know it is really just like having another computer screen. It just happens to be a separate external standing unit. So really i really like this sort of device and i’ve looked at other ones, and none of them are anywhere near as bright as this vue sonic. This makes all the other ones i’ve looked at just you know just puts them to shame because they tend to be a little dim. They don’t work in bright environments. This thing is plenty bright enough. This is a full high quality view, sonic screen and there’s a reason. Viewsonic has such a great reputation for displays and monitors because they make really good ones. So this is definitely one of those now let’s talk about price, but before we get to price, let me ask if you can give me some feedback so leave a comment. Tell me what you wish. I would have shown a little more of, or maybe i showed too much of go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you’re so inspired. I really appreciate when people subscribe and that leads us to the price. So this is the vue sonic get that glare off there. We go the view. Sonic vg1655 15.6 inch portable, monitor and it’s 218.98. You can check it out at viewsonic.com. They also have the tg 1655, and that includes a touchscreen capability which isn’t going to do you any good on a macintosh, but on a pc.

It should work just great and that bumps the price up to 263 dollars and 48 cents. So definitely i’m. A big fan – this is just a great addition to any serious worker, whether you’re it’s in school, and you just want to have reference content on one screen. While you’re writing your term paper or your thesis on the other or you’re a professional and you need more screen real estate, this is a solid solution, that’s going to work with mac or pc.