So let's have a look at it. I'Ll check out the performance of it too in this video, so we can see the build of it. It looks similar to other styluses like that. I'Ll be chewy hypen and the tick last x2 pro in extreme pro stylus very similar. So we go close up. Look at it middle build. We have the one button there which is used for the actually sorry two buttons up and down for right click and select and the tip on the end of it. That feels as if it's that's, actually that's plastic. I thought I might've being rubber there. So we're gon na have to put a battery in this like one of the active styluses, and it does include one there's one just under here so there's this battery right in there. So I dropped that out. I get this sit up, you just got to put it in posit it down, and hopefully this is gon na have palm rejection. So I have a look, get the carry there to focus okay, so there is no hope I can't say they're, detecting anything there. Okay. I'M in a Razer mode there we go so any one note at the moment does support pressure sensitivity, so very light line, push down harder. It starts to get a lot thicker and I'll see if I do hold that if I can get it to actually write with my palm touching there, so it does seem yeah palm rejection.

No not there. At least you want it just move the camera up. So holding it there, no, it looks like there's gon na be no palm rejection. Sorry, I push the button there. Okay, so looks like you will be able to take notes on here. It does have the pressure sensitivity but part rejection. I think that is actually working because I'm able to write here. You can see clearly, hopefully that I'm able to write well I'm, not writing camera. At the moment, screwball I mean and it's not really being affected by that. So, okay, it has to be touching. The screen for the Parton prediction to work, lift it off slightly and it's still working. No, so the prediction literally works only a few millimeters away from the screen or really when it's touching, so not as good as the work on styluses that have that hover feature. You can literally be about this far away and power. Rejection stops now there's another sitting too. If you get the Windows 10 and a Verity update, you can install that and there is an option of seating within their underpin to completely disable touch as soon as it detects the stylus. So that will probably help out even further so there's a very quick look.