Three RAM that’s running at 1600, megahertz 128 gigabyte Toshiba each MMC for your internal storage. Unfortunately it’s not running dual boot and it has a wireless AC that is an Intel chipset and also has a fully laminated to screen and a very nice build a very premium. Build in fact, one of the best built qualities I have seen out of China so give you a quick look here over the housing of it, so it’s all made out of this alloy and very nice. You can see that Intel logo there on the back. We have some Torx screws here holding in a backplate and it has a kickstand and that’s a free position. Kickstand, so it’s not a fixed position. It doesn’t go back as far as the surface pro 3. Sorry, the surface 3, not the pro model, but it does recline enough there, I think, for most users. Now it also comes with a keyboard that I don’t have and supports an active stylus. I will be reviewing the keyboard and the stylus separately, because I’m still waiting for a DHL shipment with both of those pieces there. So on the side here we see we have a USB type c port. We have a micro HDMI out there and also a full size, USB 3 port. Now this USB 3 port will power external hard drives the type C port won’t, but it will power at least flash drives, and we do have a 3.

5 millimeter audio jack right here. So we have a Windows button that it does work but it’s a little finicky. You have to really touch it right in the middle to get it to work properly and apply a little bit of pressure. You can see now it’s finally propped up there and they are two front facing stereo speakers. The bottom here has a Pogo pin connector there for the keyboard dock, which I will review later, as just mentioned, and overall, the build of it is very good and feels really nice in hand. It weighs 649 grams, so it’s, not the lightest of devices, but it doesn’t really feel that heavy when you’re holding it the weight distribution across the whole thing is good, there’s, no flex in it at all very good materials, and I really do like this build quality. On it, so here we have a rear facing five megapixel camera and on the front there is a another two megapixel camera there and, along the top you see the volume up and down power. Dual microphones there for recording and right here is one of the things I’m, not too happy with the design choice here so that’s, actually a sim micro SD card slot. That is like a SIM slot. Therefore, you see on mobile phones, so in order to use it, you have to use a tool to get the micro SD cards in and out which I find slightly annoying and they don’t even actually include one in the box, which is really odd.

Normally, they would at least include one of those I’ll receive. A veto thinks that we’re gon na have one lying around. So to order to use that you can’t just quickly hot swap micro it’s, these dere so that’s a bit of a a bit of a flaw. There, I would, I personally think they were the design choice, so, unlike most of the tablets out of China, that I review literally 90 of them do not have fully laminated displays this one does and as a much more premium feel to it. Having that fully laminated display, so you get absolutely no gap between the IPS panel and the digitizer glass that’s on the top now, because it has a cheaper tablet. It doesn’t have Gorilla Glass or any kind of scratch resistant glass, as far as I know, it’s just using soda lime glass on the top, so it does come pre applied with a screen protector, so you want to be a little bit more careful if you do End up owning one of these that I would not actually use this without a screen protector, so very good, brightness well it’s, not too bad. Actually, it’s 290 lumens of brightness. It wouldn’t be the brightest I have tested, but it seems quite good, but I have noticed that there is something funny going on with the brightness setting. So that is 0 25 is exactly the same, and 50 is marginally higher 75 as well, and that is 100 percent brightness, which at the moment is overpowering the camera a little bit with the current exposure settings.

I have so. The resolution is 1920 by 1200 that’s. 16 by 10 ratio – and apart from that, I find that it’s a very good screen to use the digitizer they have used on it. Is it very fluid very fast, the accuracy to be really good? It seems to have been optimized quite well for touch the screen, and I haven’t had any real issues at all minimizing and maximizing Windows with within Windows. Here no problems and all with that and very fluid. In fact, one of the best, I think in terms of touch accuracy and response that I have used so just have a look at the viewing angles on this, if there’s any light leakage on the panel and it’s going to turn off the lights. So you see here the viewing angles been an IPS panel they’re, not bad at all. There is a little bit of you can see what like a color shift or dimming down. That is actually only really happening on camera, and I think this to do with the screen protector that’s on there, but it is not a bad screen at all and definitely one of the better ones that I have used thanks to the fact that, yes, it has Fully laminated so one glass solution: they also call that so it has a 128 gigabyte, Toshiba emmc and I did benchmark that like I always do, and these are the speeches so not bad at all.

With a 71 sequential write, speeds, 130 read and the random 4k speeds aren’t actually bad at all. Considering this as a MMC, four point, five point: one speak now: the USB 3 port does run at full speed there and, as mentioned in the beginning of will power external hard drives, but the type C port on the side there won’t there will power. However, flash drives and there’s the flash drive connected up to the type C port got the same exact speeds as USB 3, so it’s only running USB 3 it’s only supporting charging and data it does not just support display out display out, as run via the micro Hdmi now the 128 gigabyte micro sd card that you saw in the beginning of the clip that is in there at the moment and those are the speeds I got, which isn’t too bad for that card. That is more or less what I get on under tablet. It is running at full speed there, so that is good. Now Windows, when you first start it up, you get about a hundred and eighty gigabytes free which isn’t too bad at all. At the moment I have 70, so it’s really good to have that size drive on there and that’s something you can get on the 4 gigabyte model of the surface 3. So this has that same spec there too, and a micro SD card. I haven’t had any problems with it disappearing from the device manager or unloading or coming out of sleep.

It seems to always be there and work for me at the moment. If I do have any problems with that, I will report back on that. So I ran the usual benchmarks I like to run, and here we can see. Okay. This is just the benchmarks of C of the atom, Xavier a lot better than the x5, but still this is still quite a way off from a core M tablet, like the corium threes, which get around 2400 single school. This is just under a thousand, but that is kind of that is literally on par with other out of X evens. I have tested out so here’s the ice drum extreme score. Now I have seen a lot higher on the surface three that I reviewed probably about a year ago and gets slightly higher. I think it has bit of thermals. For example, this school here got 18000. Now my surface 3 got. I think it was about 23000 or 25000, so definitely faster there, but that is a lot faster than the likes of the the other atoms, the one I normally test out, which is the atom x5 0 8300 that runs at 1.8 gigahertz. This is 2.4, so it’s a bump it’s different at bump up and speed compared to those other atom. X5 s. This score is well not too bad. Now the wireless and I managed to get reasonably good speeds. My desktop got about that same exact speeds there, and I was a little concerned about the wireless perception on this having an all alloy body on it.

Normally there to fix the wireless beats, there’s no plastic in there for the reception of the antennas, and I did notice that if I went downstairs furthest away from my wireless router, that yes, speeds, do drop off a little bit but drop off about the same. As other devices that I have, I haven’t really noticed that that this has a big difference there. But I would say yes, maybe a little slower than some of the other ones. The further you get away, but all in all the Intel wireless AC, 3, 165 performs really well, and I am definitely happy with that. It’S a lot better than the wireless in that we normally see on these devices. Now a Windows performance feels a lot snappy and a lot quicker than using the atom X 8300 devices, those ones. Yet they can sometimes get a little bit slow, but this definitely feels faster doing some multitasking, for example, I’m. Not while running on running each here, those each tabs, but also in crime chrome feels a lot smoother than an mx 5. So it just performs quite well – and I will do a quick test here, so I need to reload that there we go. Of course it crashed on me when I went to test at crime so that wasn’t good, but I wanted me to do, is just to a quick test. I’Ve got an ad, so this at the moment is running and 480p, so let’s see if we get any drop frames in 1080p in crime, because chrome can drop frames a little bit turn on.

There are steps for nerds, so only one drop frame at the moment. Of course, that is only 1080p. So if I run this in 4k now this is where Chrome has problems edge will play this flawlessly. It doesn’t have any issues with 4k, so see how it goes now in 4k. Okay for dropped frames, 5, and you can see now that it is stuttering, so still Chrome will not play even where this atomic seven will not play well with 4k video. So, apart from streaming, 4k video in Crimea will run 1080p fine at 1080p 60 frames per second will also sometimes get a few little stutters in there, but apart from that, chrome performance is actually quite good. An edge is very good, very it’s, really smooth and no problems at all and the touch screen really does help. With the experience when browsing and using the Internet now we’ll quickly show you the kind of thermals I got from just testing at a little bit of gaming, which I’m going to test shortly. Let’S just show you the temperatures that it did get up to the Adam x7 here, so you can see here that it triggered thermal throttling, which isn’t good too. We don’t want to see that at all got up to 87 degrees, and this was right. I was running it for C there for five hours and 42 minutes. During that time I was doing all sorts of things, so I was running those benchmarks.

I played a little bit of counter strike and I did run all of those benchmarks just one after another. Just getting it really hot and they also did connect it up and charge at the same time. So this is worst case scenario thermals. If you’re, not gaming, it’s not going to get that hot. I noticed that if I was just doing normal use normally it would hover around 50 60 65 degrees around there. So never getting really that hot, but it does get warm to the touch just behind the top here. So the surface of it gets a little warm, but nothing concerning at all. Now, before I go on to test out some gaming performance on it, I would just also mention the battery life, so better life and charging times. So at the moment I haven’t actually had this on for really long that’s, not a good example to show you so and just run through here battery life. So I managed to get at this test here that I was doing this was using Chrome and edge at the same time, but I didn’t have too many browsers open I’m. Sorry, too many tabs open within Chrome. I had about two or three, and each had about four open there, so I’m going to get 5 hours and 43 minutes from 100 it’s telling me I still had eight hours and 15 minutes left which yes or no, depending on what you’re doing.

I honestly think the runtime you can get is around about 6 and a half hours. You can probably get about seven now, if you were just watching movies and you put the wireless and flight mode there and turned off that turns off the Bluetooth as well. You will get – probably, I would say, seven hours of just video watching there and there, but this was worth the battery sorry, the screen sit to zero percent, so that is on the lowest setting, which is still too bright anyway and yeah. The battery life, I think, is actually good it’s a lot better than what I thought it would be, because I was expecting to be honest around about five hours. Now the battery life looks like it’s gon na be nine thousand milliamp hours. Now they did mention him, and the official specs will speaks on retailer websites that it was three seven thousand three hundred I don’t actually think. I think they made a change to that, because it does seem differently larger than that capacity that they claimed. Now, when it comes to charge times using the supplied 12 volt to and fast charger, I noticed that when the tablets in use charging times were a little too disappointing, only charging around 3.6 watts and then will take about seven hours if you’re using it with the Screen on and everything in your streaming, video it’s gon na take a really long time to charge, but when you turned it off, when I turned it off sorry and plugged it in and let it charge completely powered off it charged under three hours, I didn’t quite Get Li the charge time that it was around about three hours from about 10 to 100, so they charged quite quickly.

So, yes, it does church fast, but only when off went on very slow one of the worst features of the video w10 elite. Here is the speakers, so it does have two front facing speakers left and right and they, you would think way. Would sound. Okay, but let’s have a listen to them now and put the volume up to 100. So you can hear they a distorting bear and they literally have no bass whatsoever. They are very tinny and what I will do is also run an application called FX Audio Enhancer, see if we can get any improvements now you can hear that does help a little bit but it’s not making that much of a difference. Normally, this application can actually help out a lot with the sound, but in this case not very good at all. Luckily, the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, that is on the side here, sorry, on the right hand, side. This supports loud audio and it’s very clear and has a good sound to it, not bad at all, and definitely compensate a little bit for those really poor speakers that completely lit this tablet down. So the front facing camera is a 2a megapixel unit. I find that it’s good for video as long as you’re in good lighting and the frame rate of it doesn’t seem to be slow to be running about 30 frames per second and I’ll. Just show you a quick image that I took a snap.

It is alright. I mean it’s a little grainy and the rear camera. The five megapixel rear camera is an autofocus unit and it takes ok photos but, to be honest, use your mobile phone. If you need to take any serious photos, because it’s going to be just so much better than a tablet camera and you don’t want to be that person that looks like they’re walking around with a iPhone. Oh sorry, the iPad taking photos because that just looks wrong. I mean who takes photos with tablets, only silly tourists, so the video 10 and leap doesn’t actually ship as a dual boot. It just comes with Windows 10 home, but there is a way to run Android and let us use remix 3 OS for PC. What I’ve done here is actually install that and that will install it into the hard drive and you get a dual boot selector and you can run then Android will remix OS and Windows 10, so a proper reboot set up, but it does have its minor setbacks Because it’s not fully compatible yet with at least with this model and some of these a lot of these atom tab. You can see the screen here. It is around the wrong weighing the webcams at the bottom. The touchscreen is working. Fine performance it’s actually really good, not bad at all and the sound doesn’t work and you cannot control the brightness of the screen. So those are the it’s, the major things that aren’t working, but it still will allow you to, for example, what I’m doing now run clash of clans, at least that you can run those android games that you like, and the performance of it doesn’t seem too bad.

So I’m, just going to minimize this here and just quickly show you so Wireless works because there’s got Intel chipset. The realtek chipset has problems, but Wireless is working. I did run n22 and I got a score of 76000, which is quite a good score. That’S, probably around about the same speed of a Snapdragon 650, the audrina, 510 graphics. I think that that one runs so all don’t know. I mean it’s alright, and if someone can do some work on this and get those drivers to work and get the screen to work and the sound to work in things, then you could yeah definitely run a proper dual boot setup on this tablet. A look at some gaming now, first up League of Legends now be frames per second will be displayed in the upper left hand corner. So keep an eye on that. That will give you an idea of the performance and the kind of frames you can get out of these games I’m, just going to go for a custom game here, so summoners rift, one bottom, my side and two on the opposition. This is what I normally test. Is to get a rough idea of the performance? Okay, so let’s look at the current video settings at the moment. It’S 1024 by 768 frames around 70 frames per second they’re, very low settings I’m gon na change that resolution now. I think it should be able to run it actually in the native screen resolution, so let’s try that okay, so very low settings 50 frames per second, and that is 1920 by 1200, so the bots have spawned and it’s still hovering around about 50 frames per.

Second, very quick around the map, a little action going on there, so I definitely think its native resolution on the lower settings – you’re gon na get playable frame rates and what I would consider playable for this type of game would be at least getting over 30 frames Per second, if it’s, dipping down to around 38 frames per second that’s about the lowest it’s, getting at the moment, actually down to 33 there’s long as it keeps above 30, I think we should be okay. You can always lower the resolution, of course, okay, so I’m, going to test out some Counter Strike global Offensive now that’s the next game. Here the speakers sound really loud, actually not too bad. This is a very loud audio clip this one. So these are the settings. I’M, going to use 1280 by 800 everything’s on low okay it’s debatable whether the multi core, rendering should be enabled or disabled sunset, gives a boost. Some say it: doesn’t I’m, just gon na go with this okay. So we see how that runs with the dust to map dust and its pistols hit shots only. I think so. I’M, not even gon na be able to kill anyone, probably but that’s, not the point I’m not trying to show off my skills or anything because they have none. This is just have a look. The framerate so let’s see how it performs. Okay, let’s see how long I last probably not long at all.

Okay, so 40 years ‘ frames per second oops, the hull enough it’s free for all. I think it is got lucky there or unlucky. No. It was on my own signal, so I think I just killed a friendly, real bad and did again so the framerate seems okay, I mean you probably could lower that resolution. Okay, so it’s not it is free for all, not a team deathmatch it’s, just if match all right. I think that’s enough of my really poor, gameplay I’m gon na test out a window still game now, which is modern, combat 5, which can run quite slow. So interesting to see how that one runs I’m going to control this one here with an Xbox 360 controller, make it a bit easier for me. Alright that framerate doesn’t seem too bad it’s a little bit. Smoother can be really choppy on the item. It’S fives, but on the Hix, even here so far, seems a little bitter still things to get a little bit of lag there that I can get it where to this. One is definitely running so much better than Adam f50. 8300. Very obvious because knows Adams, the lower ones. It just think this has really poor framerate almost unplayable. This, on the other hand, is a lot better in a lot more playable, so that’s, a very quick look there at gaming here on the video w10 elite. Now, from that little bit of gaming, there, the temperatures got up to 87 degrees, which is exactly the same as I got when I was benchmarking it.

So you see that it picked up 287 and the average temperatures hovered around the 71 degree mark and what was getting really hot was actually the GPU, I think, was the one so the GPU temperatures they’re so simple, throttling gifts. That did, of course, happen which isn’t good to see, but it is unfortunately a very common thing that happens especially on this hire clot, x70 thousand. Seven hundred. So to recap, my findings. This is probably one of the best, though qualities I have seen on. A Chinese tablet is very nice. Very premium feels really great in hand, and the screen is very nice to use it’s great having a fully laminated display. But I do not like the fact that the 0 brightness, which is what it’s currently on at the moment, is just far too bright. That’S a little annoyance there, hopefully veedu, is going to have a fix for that one, so they can be at least solved, and the kickstand is great. I just don’t really like the fact that they decided to go with a SIM tray, SIM slot style micro SD card slot. So if you have one of those tools around great, but if you don’t, if you don’t happen to have one on you in someone hands, your micro, SD card, say hey here, we go here’s the photos. What do you do? Yeah you’re gon na have to find a needle or pin or something to poke in there and try and get it out really silly design to us.

I think that is so. The other thing is these speakers, the speakers on there – okay, they’re, probably sufficient loudness, but they just have distortion in no base and they just sound horrible. They are not good speakers at all. They are not fitting for this price range, and this is trying to be a premium tablet. You need to put premium, or at least a lot better quality speakers than what this currently has in it. And, despite that, I do like the performance of it performs quite well. Okay, there is thermal throttling that is not good to see, never good, to see that, unfortunately that’s, what most of these Adam Hicks Evans all seem to be suffering from that they just run too hot. So that’s when you’re gaming, it’s gon na get hot there and performance will eventually suffer because it will turn on the thermal throttling. So it clocks down the clock rates and will run a little slower there. But, besides that, okay yeah it’s gon na fit the performance gaming, so if you’re game I wouldn’t even be looking at Adams anyway, quorums minimum for that really and the battery life better life has come out better than I thought it would be. Now I can’t comment on the keyboard or the stylus, because I’m still waiting for those to come. As mentioned, there will be another video that’ll, be there’ll, be a follow up of this review, and I will only just cover the keyboard and the stylus and see how they are.

Hopefully they are gon na include. I have a really nice type cover for it. That’S going to just complete and finish the whole package here, thank you for watching this review.