So this is device. Cosmetics, x and clothes super mega, ultra curl mascara, so yeah guys. I am in the biblical today vice cosmetics and it retails for 295 pesos and very affordable mascara, and i am packaging, their usual design, a yellow and pink and sunflower design in your packaging. And of course it claims to volumize and lengthen your lashes. And aside from that, of course, you make a curl and super excited by the way this is made in korea and it has 8 grams or 0.28 pounds and when you open it up Music crisscrossing that thing Music, real, real, the real video wow. So i told Music, another layer, Music, so last layer, but um achieve nothing in super mega, ultra girl, nan and here’s to the last layer Music. So i end guys my Music Music look at this one. It gave my lashes the length and volume – oh my god in the curl opinion in fairness, i’ll try to put some lower lashes, then yeah let’s see new pigments and as a brush Music, oh yeah, so it’s already 7 21 in the morning, and i am sure Guys in all fairness, the volumizer lenten and the curl up near my lashes, my teeny, tiny lashes so i’ll be back later for an update, hi, guys, i’m back and it’s now, 12, 20 p.m. And – and i am updated – i guess, adding lashes. So i am sure guys: sweet technology and okay now hold up curl and also same part of mancilla, Music smudging.

So far, so good, so update later and it’s, now, four zero, seven p.m: wow yeah in fairness in fairness and the mascara is still holding up. My lashes grabbing fairness, huh, oiling the best, but anyway iron guys tatanga, lincoln makeup except the mascara sweat yes, hi guys and i’m back and it’s. Now five five, seventeen actually in the hotel Music in fairness, hi guys i’m back for my last update, it’s, now: 6, 23 p.m and guys, oh, my god, almost i don’t know about almost 11 hours anyway, again guys, t shirts, like t shirts, i have a new Favorite mascara, bye, maybelline and hello super america ultra. This is my new favorite mascara promise, casey grabbed sweatproof, pasta, affordable, um, vice cosmetics, so one point and then longevity must grab it for all super love. This new favorite, as in, must have guys excellent lashes. Go Music using micellar water Music. A thank you for watching.