They said this over me to take a look at, but Im pretty impressed with the way that it sets up uh this little dock right here. What it allows you to do is uh use your surface device with either the surface dock surface dock 2 or an e gpu, and have it convenient um on the side. It works in both portrait and landscape modes and it gives you the ability to kind of just drop your surface right into place and use it with your computer, so its its a really neat product. I think viewers of my channel might be interested in uh. This is not a paid review or anything, but they did send me the dock to take a look at, and I think its pretty neat for those of you that use a surface device as your only device being able to hook it up to a large screen. While also being able to to hold your surface in a portrait mode or landscape, but landscape kind of already does by itself sometimes, but if you use that portrait mode, it does add, you know a different dimension. I really like it, even though I probably wont use it long term, just because I dont tend to dock my Surface devices, because I have a powerful desktop GPU over there, but for those of you that do use it as your only device. I think its pretty nifty so lets take a look about how it sets up and some of the features Im.

Taking a look at this vertical dock, get a nice little uh explanation sheet. This is for the Pro 9. Surface. Pro 9. module got the dock with the clip its got. A Visa mounting points, a cooling kit. We all know how I love putting fans on the back of my service devices and this kit lets. You mount that right. On the back of the dock, Im gon na go ahead and try to put this together and see how it goes. So. I just wanted to show you some different combinations Im going to be using with an e gpu, so Im going to be using this dock without the surface dock installed. So if youre going to be using the surface dock youll configure this completely differently. So lets look at the surface dock for those of you who are going to be maybe picking one of these up to look at it. If you dont need egpu. This is probably a really good idea, because if you have a surface dock, you get all this. I O the network, several USBC ports, audio, so how it works. Is you have this little hole on the side or you can thread this through and then the surface dock slides into place like this, and you will have these two USBC front ports facing you with your i o on the back and that just will screw onto The bottom of the dock, like so and thats a really great configuration but for us were not going to be using this piece because were going to be using it with the egpu back there.

Okay, so another note on these: if you are going to be using the device in uh landscape mode rather than portrait, you would want to use these brackets. That allows you to um turn the device and have that hold on on the edges uh. But if youre using it simply in in portrait mode, you can use these standoffs on your base amount and how that works is uh. Let me grab my base of plate here, so this is my basic plate. Youll run your screws through the back. Youll put it on the back of the dock, and then you will drop these brackets onto it, with the nut and screw them into place. Okay, so Ive got the vase amount in place that allows it to go right on my Dell msa200. So that should be pretty quick and easy, but because this is the Surface Pro 9 that Im working with uh its a little bit different than past devices, because our USBS have moved to the other side. So there is some things that they have done here. They have two different USBC adapters. One of them goes in at an angle, so you could route your Thunderbolt cable through here and get it kind of out of the way and then theres another simple pass through cable. That goes like this, and now you have those two usbcs that let you drop the dock right onto. However, we need to secure this bottom piece, and that is why we have this printed piece here that goes over it right, like that.

So its probably a great idea to um well lets see what that looks like from the back yeah. We should be able to plug in our our egpu using this port without any issues, so Ill go ahead and screw this down and then well take a look and see how well it works okay. So we have that bottom piece on and, like I say we have this USBC Port here, thats a little bit easier, accessible and then theres the second one back here. Both should work for Thunderbolt. So now that weve got everything ready to go. Lets do a little test fit here. Okay, so we have the vertical dock all installed ready to go. It looks super tiny next to this monitor, but its because its a 42 inch OLED um, but lets go ahead and see uh how well it works with our e gpu lets, go ahead and plug it in foreign, and we did here that connectivity happen. Lets go to the device manager and yeah there. It is our 3060 TI so um. I just want to show you a few different configurations on on this dock. So for one I have a set up on the USBC method, uh, where it has uh two usbcs that are Thunderbolt compatible. In fact, I actually tested the throughput on on it with it plugged directly into the surface and then plugged through these adapters on the dock, and there was no difference in bandwidth so great job there, the bandwidth, the quality is high enough that the bandwidth is not Diminished over those adapters, but theres a couple ways that you can set this up.

One way is to do like I did with USBC um. As I worked uh with this device, I theres a contact over at vertical docs named Dan uh, and he told me that uh by default, that you usually only want to install one of these usbcs unless you really needed both of them for whatever reason, because it Just makes it easier to drop uh the machine onto it when theres, only one when theres two its a theres a little bit more friction that makes it harder to kind of dock in there. But if youre, using the surface connect Port, it actually usually is up. Underneath this and the magnets just pull it in and out and its super simple to drop that Surface Pro in there when youre, using it with the surface dock now, because Im using the USBC ports for Thunderbolt thats, not an option for me right now. But when this is used, it looks like this and you can see that it just screws to the bottom. Surface.2 theres, also a surface dock, one adapter so yeah all in all uh. The dock works great in combination with an e gpu or even with the surface, connect 2 or 1, and I was even able to get some really nice scores, because when you disable the the fact that it has to send the the GPU data back through the Cable back to the surface device um you and you just use your external monitor, thats connected to the egpu directly.

You actually get much better scores in benchmarking games, uh, so its its. I mean that thats with any GPU, but the dock just makes it uh nice and easy to use your surface in a desktop scenario and give you a dual monitor setup at the same time.