.., Gen, Hello, Gen, yes, what’s wrong! Blu! Blu is tired, Tired. Why blu this Blu’s fingers are so tired and sore. I can’t help it anymore because I’m still drawing on my cellphone, oh here …. Let me smooth it out: Gen he’ em. I wish I had a Pentab too …, so that blu’s fingers wouldn’t be tormented in the future …. Can you help blu to buy it …, please! Oh, do you want a pen tab too? Why didn’t you tell me from the start. …. I have a recommendation from a cool brand. What is it Pen Display? Veikk 1200. Hmm … Pen Display Sounds expensive. No, no! No! It even cheaper …, cheaper than the other pen display …, But Gen Blu doesn’t have any money anyway. …, I don’t want to know … Gen paid for it, Hello. Everyone Welcome … again with me Blugination Here that’s my dialogue, dude …, Okay, so I thank the Veikk company first … for sending me one of their products., namely … Veikk Vk 1200 Pen Display Welcome to the Pen Display Review video … Veikk Vk 1200. Well, one of the reasons why I’m reviewing this cute little 11 inch tablet pen display is because it’s a new product and I’m really amazed by this pen display. But of course again nothing is perfect …, because, on the other hand, there are still drawbacks. such as some of the features that I want on this tablet that doesn’t exist yet.

, but don’t worry. This is certainly also a lot of positive points, of course. Well, I hope my review this time. … will be concise and clear. What is the performance of the pen display? This is good with a price range of 3 million. Is it worth it to buy … we’ll find out later To buy it now at Shopee. The link has been included in the description. and, if you all want to buy it …, you could chat the veikk store first to get a free, voucher worth 40000 RP with the message that is …, quotFrom Genquot. So before I review this tablet, let’s see what’s in the box. Okay, the first thing you get when you buy. It is … the package itself. directly from the courier after arriving home. Now, after opening this straightforward package, you get 1 bonus, tablet bag and, together with … the VK 1200 packaging. Well, this is how the bag looks. This is really useful if you travel a lot. now. This is what the VK1200 box looks like On the bottom top and right side. There is the Veikk writing …, except on the left side. The cool quote is … Free Your Mind, then below is a description of the specifications and also the E commerce contact Behind the box cover. The first is the tablet itself: uhh … it’s a bit heavy as far as I know, it’s around 1 kilo …, but overall the build quality is really good.

The back cover and sides are all metal. Then don’t forget the express keys in the table. There are six of them … and of course it can be. Customizable. Then switch to the right side of the tablet. Here there is a power display button, …, also a button for the brightness screen. and next to it, there is a Micro HDMI, port …, along with a USB Type C port. Now then there’s the bonus Styluspen holder, and this also … includes a tool to remove the pen nips if, for example, it’s dulled, you can immediately replace it using this And don’t forget the glove which is really … stylish, to make it easier for digital artists to Work Then here’s the cable that’s already USB Type C …. Well, this is my favorite port., Okay, the black USB A is … for data as well as the power, and I think the red one is for additional power maybe.. The next cable is a standard. Hdmi, cable and it’s been changed to micro HDMI.. So here the total length of the two cables is about 1 and a half meters. Next there’s a fiber cloth well basically it’s for wiping the tablet screen if it’s dirty.. Next, there are spare pen nibs with a remover in particular … why my hands are shaking by themselves I’m going to get hit mentally, maybe hehe, …. Okay, after that, there is a Quick Start Guide for this Pen Display .

.., VK, 1200 and so on, accompanied by a thank you card and also the driver downloads info …, along with the official Veikk’s social media. Then the last one is the Styluspen here’s, the pen it’s, not just 1 but 2. I don’t know why it was given 2. Maybe if the pen is lost or damaged … there’s still 1 spare pen it’s like that. Okay, here, the pen honestly, I really like it … it, because this pen is equipped with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and also supports up to 60 degrees. Tilt function perfect for artists who like to make calligraphy on this tablet And of course there are 2 express keys that can be customized once again. Okay, the rest is all in this box … and yeah. This is how the unboxing is. Ok, next … I’ll show you how to set up this tablet …. Well, unfortunately, this tablet doesn’t have its own operating system., so you have to connect it to your laptop or PC first., so because I’m, using this laptop I’m going to connect it to my laptop.. The way to connect it is really easy …. So here there are 2 cables earlier … and I have also connected this to the laptop. so after it is connected, the tablet screen will certainly current pop up a veikk text like this and go straight in without any problems. Next step, I will set up the Tablet Driver …. Now you can download it directly to veikk.

com, which is the official website. Then after the driver is correct and downloaded. You just install it ASAP Here. The process is Straight Forward. after it’s installed, just open the driver. Okay, so this is how the Driver software looks like in this Pen section you can manage … the basic functions of the pen. now I’m, just changing the pen button to right click. First … Then move on to the Mapping Section … in this screen. Mapping …! You can choose the monitor …. You want to use as the screen canvas, for example, if you want to draw on a bigger, monitor, … like this one yup guys. This pen display can also be used as a regular, like the basic of a pen tablet, because It’s already equipped with 4 black rubbers … to support the tablet so it’s sturdy, … and doesn’t move. Then here is the Monitor setting …. This section is to set the Color Temperature on the displaymonitor of the tablet. Next to the Function Section now there is such a thing as Hotkeys … or other names Shortcuts. for the express keys on the tablet itself. … the advantages of this hotkey are …. You can make it like a presets for the hotkey., so you don’t get tired of managing … every time you open or use other software. So because I don’t like using these express I’ll skip the settings. Now let’s discuss more about …. The VK1200 pen display Okay.

Regarding the review about this tablet, I’ve tried to draw a few times on the pen display in the past That’s a really good feels man.. The experience is similar to … back when I used to draw on my cellphone., but here the feeling is, like I’ve, been drawing on a paper surface it’s really different, because the surface of the tablet has been coated with an anti glare film which will be scratch. Resistantprotective for the tablet display itself, plus the display is already 1080p FULL HD and also equipped with … 72 NTSC, Color Gamut, … and, of course, an IPS panel that has very sharp and clear color accuracy. So when we draw, it will be even better because the colors are more lively. Besides that this pen display is also one of the smallest in the market, which is 11.6 inch, but this VK1200 … is very different from other pen displays.. The VK1200 has a tablet: design … that looks premium elegant and stylish …, as well as the screen’s frame is smaller … than the other pen display in general, which will certainly be easy to carry around.. So if you’re, the type of person who is portable and travels a lot, this is perfect for you guys, hmm, I don’t know, but I guess you’ll say it’s too small to draw on it. Yeah I’ll be honest, it’s a fact, but when I enjoy using it … after hours on this tablet, I’ll forget about the small thing.

… Now for the Pen Display Stand itself …. I wish I had a bonus stand too because, in my opinion, as a digital artist, myself … – if I just put it this way without using the stand, it would damage my body posture …. Well, maybe your body posture too, I don’t know. The thing is that the screen is directly on the tablet …, so our eyes automatically look down plus our neck and back will be restless later it’s like a sudden neck pain., because the head is lowered for hours as well as our backs. That are no longer feel the pleasure of the back of the chair right, but don’t worry because I have a solution for that. The solution is to use a special stand from the tablet you can order it again at Veikk’s official store at Shopee earlier now, if it possible. I want it. This stand already … 1 package directly in the packaging box right. so because they are sold separately like it or not. …, if you are the type like me, Which is using the stand, you have to buy another one with a price of around 200 thousand and above so because I only received the tablet with the bonus bag and not with the stand. I can’t wait. Another 1 2 weeks to wait for the stand, so I used a stand like this earlier. This is actually a stand for laptops, but it turns out that it can used for this tablet too.

, But I suggest you to buy the original stand. Well. I’M afraid, if the tablet will have a problems later on. because I’m, using a fake stand here, hehe, Okay, so far, I’ve been using it after using the stand is really helpful because the position of the tablet is also accompanied by my keyboard on the left. … to make it easier to make shortcuts like that right, …, oh yeah! If someone asks what software I use … so here I use medibang paint pro paint pro the performance running smoothly. …, apart from Medibang, I don’t know but I’m sure there won’t be any problems with other software.. One of the advantages that I want to mention on this tablet is that … it can be used for all kinds of purposes such as Online Education, Remote Office, Digital Drawing electronic game design and other fields. So, overall, this pen display is really worth it at an affordable price … compared to other pen display brands, And after this review from me, it turns out that there are a lot of positive points too. So yeah, I really recommend for you guys to try … this Veikk, VK1200 pen, display. and well. It seems that this is all I can say for this pen display review. So once again, I thank the Veikk company for sending this VK1200 Pen Display And, of course, you too, Thank you to those of you who have watched this video. Hopefully, what I just said is useful for all of you and if there are any wrong information, please forgive me if it can be justified in the comments below the rest.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments too, I promise to read and reply. Them. And OK I’ll just end it here for now Stay creative and passionate about work. … I’m genimate I’ll end this video And I’ll meet you in the next video and don’t forget …