Based on the number of comments, i used a number generator on google to pick the lucky winner for me and for this giveaway and that lucky winner is dd, underscore chua rika, monique p and their favorite anime character is boji from osama ranking, which i couldnt agree. More because who wont love such an adorable and wholesome character in the show, so congratulations on winning your very own huion, h610x ill. Be pinning your comment on the comment section of my huion review. Video and please dont hesitate to contact me on any of my social media accounts, so i can get you in touch with the people over at huion. With that said, lets move on to todays video, hey guys. Its ya boy ran back at it again with another tablet review, but you guys didnt see this one coming now, did you so, as mentioned from the title of this video or thumbnail, i am yet again gracing your youtube feed with another tablet review this time. Its from the lovely folks over at vake, not only that im, also hosting another giveaway with them, so be sure to stick to the end of the video on how to enter the giveaway in todays review. This is going to be my third time. Reviewing a display monitor which is sent by vake. Yet again, this is vagues latest release of the studio. Vk 2200 pro display monitor and a much improved version of their vague vk 2300 display monitor before we begin with the unboxing just a disclaimer.

This is an honest review and will all be based upon my experience with the tablet im, not a professional tablet, reviewer, as i am just a regular artist who is open to any means to showcase different variety of products for other artists out there, and with that Out of the way lets begin with the unboxing, so let me introduce to you to the vague studio vk2200 pro drawing tablet, its a 21.5 inch display with 1920 by 1080 ips, fully laminated display. This was such a huge and heavy box that i had to film. This on my bed, because there is no way i can film this on my small ass desk. So the first thing we see here as we open the box is a small box which probably contains the necessary accessories and cables for this display, and then we have the big boy fresh out of the box which well get into that later, so that small box, We have here is the usual greeting card and links to the driver and the site: the instruction manual inside a ziploc bag, two pens inside their own personal pouches. So if youre clumsy and lose the pin, at least you got an extra, the pen looks amazing and doesnt look cheap, its in a lovely matte coating as well, and has two express keys that you can calibrate and adjust later. Then we move on to the different cables. We have the power, cable and power adapter, a c type: usb cable, the pen holder, slash nib storage, slash nib remover and some more cables, which are the hdmi cable and another c type: cable, extra nibs and a key nib remover inside a little ziplock bag.

Sadly, theres no smudge glove or any cleaning cloth, because i also checked the box again just to be sure, but maybe its because they may have forgotten to add it in because its one of their first batches or lunch products. So i dont know, but hopefully theyll include it soon when you purchase the product, but anyways lets move on to the tablet itself. So this is the pen display again its quite big, almost the same size as my pc, monitor, which ill show you guys later. When i set it up, so you plug this baby up to your computer, either windows or mac, it can serve as your second monitor, but with this type of display, it needs to be plugged into your computer then into a power outlet in order to work. So this display has a built in mount, so you can take it off as you, please, which i dont mind, because it saves the trouble of assembling it yourself. So you can adjust the display to different angles as you like to either 15 to 85 degrees. As i take off its protective film, which is my favorite part honestly, you can see that its coat is very matte and, with that amazing, anti glare coating as well, that you cant even see my own reflection. Unlike its counterpart, the vague vk 2200. It has eight silent shortcut, keys and also quick dials completely designed for your productivity. They really stepped up to their game with the silent keys, which will help you focus on your work, which also reduces 90 percent of click, sounds now that were done.

Unboxing lets start setting up Music as im done setting up. As you can see here, it looks quite similar in size to my pc monitor, which is also a 22 inch monitor with almost the same thickness as well. Setting this up was fast and easy, especially that i dont have to assemble the stand for the display. All you need in order for the display to work is just the power, cable, hdmi, cable and dc type, usb, cable and then youre good to go now. Thats everything ready lets get started on the driver. All you got, ta do is download the driver from their official website, which is, make sure you delete any previous drivers from your previous tablet before installing it. The driver will ask to restart your computer before its ready, so their drivers interface is easy to navigate to. It was easy to calibrate the shortcut keys on my pen and on the side of the display also made sure which mapping the monitor should be. When i draw i adjusted which pressure sensitivity i was going for which depends on the users preference before i start my little speed paint process, while also talking about my thoughts about the display, well do a little test with the pens performance. So i did a little fast line test just to see how those lines end with the brushes i used on medibang and followed by the line test just to see if there are any rigid lines which im not really too keen about it.

But if youre more of a line – art artist, i guess or kind of guy, then that should be one of the things you are concerned about so far, so good im, thoroughly impressed by the pens performance and on how comfortable it is to hold. I know that when it comes to pen displays there is a little gap when the pen touches the screen, but dont worry. That is completely normal among displays, so youll just need to get used to it. Moving on to todays subject for our little speed paint session. Since donation part 2 is finally coming after last year december, i guess ill be painting the most badass, which is jolene cujo, while the speed paint is going on, as always ill be talking about my overall thoughts about the vagues newest display, i was so impressed on Vics quality every time and with this new model just got even better. This display monitor really looks like a wacom. It looks and feels expensive and i believe, may be a really good competitor for wacom, but thats just my opinion. I mean ive seen a wacom tablet before, but it almost looks the same or similar, but i can clearly see that they listen to their customers, suggestions and concerns. Hence why this model just jumped into quality from its previous version. I absolutely love the anti glare coating and also the matte or paper like surface it gives you the feel that youre drawing on paper and even sounds like it too, im happy that they have shortcut keys and dial wheels in the side.

So i dont have to use my keyboard all the time. As for the screen, you can adjust its settings, which you can find the buttons under the display on the right bottom part corner yeah. The pens performance is great, with its 60 degrees of tilt function and, of course, battery free, which all pens should be my productivity throughout this process was smooth. I didnt encounter any trouble. Everything was just fast and easy to set up and ready to work on all. I can say is that i wish they included a cleaning cloth and a smudge glove but, like i said this is one of their first batches that they sent so maybe they forgot. But hopefully, when you purchase one, you have one of your own. Honestly, i was looking to get a display monitor before this collaboration myself, but i was lucky enough to get an invitation from vake to review their newest model, its almost as if they heard me, which is kind of cool till this day. Vic is such an underrated company. That needs more credit. I would definitely recommend this to professional artists or artists who are looking to work on bigger display monitors for beginners its not necessary to get a huge ass display, monitor when youre starting out because, like i always say its, not the material that does the work. Its all new buddy huge shout out again to vague for inviting me to review and test one of their latest displays and if youre up to get one of these displays, all links are in the description down below to my fellow filipino audience.

You can purchase this on either shoppie or lazada, or their official stores, if youre starting out as a beginner might as well go for the graphic tablets first until youre, well, adjusted and ready to try on displays. Oh youre, still here, okay, so the folks over at vict opted to host with me a giveaway. So so one of you, my lucky viewers, will get a chance to win your very own studio, vk 2 200. Pro like, how cool is that get your very own display, monitor and a huge one at that? So how do i enter the giveaway you might be asking so on how to enter ill, be hosting a dtiys and thats right? All you got ta do is do a dtis of my julian fan art from this video. If you dont know what a dtis is its a draw this in your style. So, basically, you use the fan art of jolene that im gon na be using for this giveaway and do your spin on it or in your own style or basically what the thing is about ill be hosting this on my ig account, which is at seyrenka, which You should follow me there if you havent, and to enter the dtiys giveaway. All you have to do is post your entry on ig and use the hashtag srxvagedtiys. Any medium is welcome. My guys so show me what you got, and maybe just maybe you could be the lucky winner deadline is undecided yet but ill be posting about it on my ig, so make sure to follow me there.

So that is all for todays video thanks.