So recently i enrolled myself in an online training school for virtual assistants and the name of the school is virtual assistant university. So before i entered this school for this online training school, i must admit that i have zero knowledge about the about this new profession and i certainly lack confidence about performing such complicated tasks in the monitor. But it was all thanks to this school to virtual assistant university, that i grew up, that i gradually learned how to technically um manage tasks, how to make things done and in our previous topics, i felt intimidated by the overwhelming terminologies in the course. It almost feels like only the most intelligent people would understand, but i was wrong because our teacher or the ceo of the company is judy with her recorded videos, discuss plainly the functions and definitions of each concept in the course at the beginning of the course. I learned about data mining and the possible tricks in accomplishing such tasks. Never, have i imagined that i would be learning i. I would be more careful and keen about my researches. Almost like a detective and the following days. I learned about content marketing and it was no easy task at all all my life, i thought creativity and designing were not suited for me, but this isn’t true because of the presence of the many applications they allowed us to navigate and explore. I was able to make contents for such products because of their guidance and tutorials.

It may still be hard, but it was now manageable because of the applications in their coaches. So every night they conduct coaching sessions wherein we throw out questions to our instructors or experience virtual assistants, and they would be very willing to answer and accompany us with the concerns. I find this very effective in learning, of course, because i often have so many questions in mind. At least i have someone a person whom i can always ask so you’re, not simply just talking to yourself or explaining difficult tasks to yourself. Another major positive thing about this school Music is that they have this website which serves as a storage of all the video tutorials, all the assignments to be accomplished, and also a platform for work submission. Another great thing about the school is that you have classmates you’re, not alone on this task. If you have questions and the structures were not available, your classmates would be your second senseis or teachers.