There you go warranty guide. Quick start guide, Music and in the other box. Obviously you get the plug and the usbc cable. There you go there’s the plug and there’s the cable and inside the keyboard. Docking case box is the uh keyboard docking case Music. This is a 10 inch android tablet with three giga ram installed: 32 gig of storage, which is upgradable to 512gb, with an external microsd card, a 1920 by 1200 hd resolution screen. It has a 13 megapixel rear camera 5 megapixel front camera, blue light filter, screen facial recognition, dual speakers, wi fi, bluetooth and offline google maps. The keyboard docking case is available as an optional extra, but makes a great addition to the tablet. It has a nice plasticky, rubbery, feel to it and feels well made it’s a standard qwerty keyboard, although a couple of the buttons are smaller than their desktop counterparts: Music, it’s, a simple and quick job to insert the tablet into the cable case. On the back. There is quite a stiff stand, but does the job well supporting the tablet Music? By using the stand you can prop the tablet up to any angle, you prefer Music Music along the left edge of the tablet. Working from the bottom up is the usbc port. The reset button volume controls and power button moving along the top there’s a 3.5 mil headphone jack and the micro sd holder Music at the bottom of the tablet, are the dual stereo speakers and the five pin docking port Music browsing the web for this tablet was Very smooth i was able to have quite a few tabs open all at once and scroll through many large pages without any issue Music.

Obviously, this tablet can be used in either portrait or landscape modes, but it’s actually designed with landscape being the default, as the top camera is positioned in the middle of the top edge, which makes sense or once it’s plugged into the keyboard case, Music at 550 grams. The tablet isn’t too heavy and feels nice to hold the tablet, has a nice zippy feel to it and all the apps were very responsive Music. Just like the last tablet, i reviewed for varsking, considering this is a budget tablet. The build quality is actually excellent. Music. The king pad k10 comes with android 10 os installed with no bloatware or any other rubbish installed, which is nice as it saves space and helps keep the tablet nice and speedy. I was up and running within minutes of first turning the device on and was happily downloading. My favorite apps in the google store connection to wi fi worked without any hiccups at all the tablet’s facial recognition works well too, even in fairly low light Music watching movies. On the k10 was quite a nice experience, both netflix and amazon prime performed really well with no lagging, and the picture quality and colors were superb, not bad for a budget tablet. Music. The only thing that lets this tablet down is the audio quality. The speakers aren’t. The loudest and you’d be better off plugging in a set of headphones to watch movies, they’re quite underpowered at only one watt, Music you’re, obviously not going to buy a tablet for its photographic quality, but the camera quality is okay for a tablet of this budget level, Especially when using brighter environments to reduce noise in the image, but you won’t be selling your dslr just yet it’s also perfect for video calls, so it serves its purpose.

Well again, video isn’t, something you buy a tablet for really, but the quality was okay, Music. This is a great little device for using in the home or the office it’s great, for the commute too catching up on movies and box sets. But don’t forget your headphones, but you can easily do your nine to five work on it with the relevant apps installed. Music, Music. All in all, this is another great budget tablet from basking keep up the good Music work Music. Unfortunately, i didn’t have a pen to test the drawing capabilities of this tablet, but by just using my finger, you can see how quick and responsive it is. Music, the keys on the keyboard are a nice size, they feel responsive and you can adjust brightness and volume, just as you can on a laptop using the function. Key combinations, there’s also a handy home button to take you back to the desktop the edge or lip of the case also extends beyond the tablet all round by a few millimeters. To give you the extra level of protection that’s about it.