So today, i’ve got my hands on the vast king kingpad k10. Now this is a new, affordable, android tablet running stock, android 10. it’s priced only 199 us dollars, and for that price it also comes with a docking keyboard case. Now, if you didn’t want the keyboard case, the tablet on its own is only 169 us dollars. So quick, look at the specs on the back, so you can see android 10 octa core cpu 1080p display that’s a 10.1 inch ips 3 gigs of ram 32 gigs of internal storage. We’Ve got a 13 megapixel camera on the rear, 5 megapixel on the front, and this supports dual band: wi fi. So, first of all, let’s quickly, unbox this the tablet wow space, gray, nice all right, let’s, see what else we get in the box paperwork and sim simejek2 all right. We have a usb a to usb c cable, a small usb power, brick and i’ll check out the voltage so we’re, looking at 5, volts 2000 ma. So before we look at the tablet, let’s quickly, unbox the keyboard case as well wow. The case is made from silicon you’ve got this metal hinges and wow that’s. Quite a solid metal hinge as well. When you open it up. You’Ve got a plastic compartment here, where you can fix the tablet into place with some charger pins at the bottom. The keyboard feels quite good and you’ve got a fairly concise track pad included into that case, so that could be useful.

So you can fold the hinge on the back and that will give you your elevation i’m actually going to pop the tablet in quickly because it is quite exciting to have a keyboard case. The keyboard case is powered by the tablet. There’S no separate charging port on the keyboard case, so you don’t need to worry about charging up the case. It simply powers directly off the tablet, so it’s only 30 dollars extra for this keyboard case, but it’s definitely a high quality case. So if you’re going for this tablet, i would definitely consider the case, especially because you have a mouse pad and you have all your multimedia shortcuts. On top for volume, brightness play pause, uh, mute and you’ve also got a dedicated, android home button. So so, if you’ve got an app open and you want to quickly go back to the home page, you can go back at any time. You like it holds the tablet secure in place as well, so it’s not going to fall out, but it’s also not a struggle to take out of the case. Should you want some handheld time with the tablet, so the tablet itself is made from a complete metal case finished in this space gray, color and and if you do ever check out my desk you’re, going to see a lot of space gray accessories. It’S kind of my color, along with black, i do like space gray a lot so vast king logo in the middle you’ve got a 13 megapixel camera on the back, with an led flash quickly, look at the ports.

So on this side we have nothing and on the top, we have a headphone jack and if i use the eject tool, this is your micro sd card slot. Now you can see there’s actually space for a nano sim, so you could put a sim card in this, but you don’t actually have a modem built in. I think the company may have at some point considered putting a 4g or modem in, but they haven’t actually done that in the end, so micro sd card, you can certainly install up to 512 gigs. Now, on the side, we’ve got a power button volume, rocker, possibly a reset hole and usb type c port and at the bottom you’ve got some charging pins, so you can dock it to that keyboard. Unfortunately, this tablet does not support hdmi out. So, on the front we are looking at a 10.1 inch. Full hd display it’s, not laminated by the way, but the screen resolution is 1920 by 1200, giving you around 270 nits of brightness. Now the display is good enough for watching your video movies and games screen is bright and sharp enough. Colors also look pretty good, although design wise i’m not liking. The extra bezels going around that display now for sounds. We have dual speakers bottom firing here is a taste of that sound. Now, the sound quality is okay, it’s, definitely not the best dual speakers i’ve heard on a tablet, but ultimately they do the job.

I suppose now this tablet is running android 10 it’s a stock like experience with no bloatware added to the mix, so the ui feels smooth and fast in operation. Um you’ve got the full version of the google play store and i am downloading call of duty uh. While we speak yeah a pretty decent software experience, nothing to complain about there. Now. This tablet is powered by the unisoc t610, which is a 12 nanometer optical chip clocked at 1.8, gigahertz and that’s, combined with the mali, g52 graphics, but you’re only getting three gigs of ram and 32 gigs of internal storage, so performance wise, you can play games like Cod mobile on the lowest graphical settings, and although this is an octa core chip, the performance is not that powerful. So if you try and play cod on higher settings, you will surely encounter lag and frame drops so good for watching movies and videos, but in gaming, you’re gon na have to switch to lower graphical settings. Now this tablet does have built in dual band: wi fi you’ve got bluetooth version 5, and this also has a dual satellite gps built in now. Let’S talk about the cameras. We have a 13 megapixel shooter on the back and a 5 megapixel on the front and the 13 megapixel rear camera is actually not bad at taking photos. Now these indoor snaps were taken pretty quick with no real expectation, and i was pleasantly surprised that the camera actually took some decent shots, but in contrast, the front five megapixel selfie camera is quite bad.

Now you do have a 6 000 milliamp hour battery, which will give you up to eight hours of battery life. So this tablet has a google widevine level, 3 certification. That means netflix and amazon. Prime video will only stream at a maximum resolution of 540p Music. However, youtube does stream at 1080p max and disney plus also streams perfectly fine in hd quality. So shame about the lack of netflix hd as you’ve got a decent display to enjoy it on, but of course the licensing is just not there. So there you have it guys. The vast king king pad k10 offers you some decent value for the price, but there are some drawbacks. There is no hdmi out no google widevine level, one and poor camera quality. But what i did like about this tablet is decent metal, build quality, full hd, display, good responsive touch, screen you’re, getting stock android 10 experience great for watching videos and movies battery life is also not bad. So, even with the mentioned shortcomings, this tablet is not bad for 199 us dollars with the keyboard case included at that price. Now, if you don’t want the keyboard case, you can save yourself 30 dollars and the tablet will cost you only 169 usd so for the price you’re. Getting a solid, build, 10 inch tablet ideal for your streaming needs and with that being said, links will be in the description box below. Thank you so much for watching, and i hope you all have a brilliant day.