This is a budget tablet offering from a manufacturer that is new to me vast king. This is their kingpad k10, with a 10.1 inch screen. Now it runs android 10. It has a octa core cpu on this one. The chipset is the unisock t610 paired up with three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage. Luckily, that storage is expandable with micro sd card support. It is a 6 000 milliamp hour battery. Within this type c. Wireless ac, fm radio, gps and i’ll be covering in depth just what we can expect performance wise from this particular budget tablet and exactly how the screen is the build quality battery life gaming performance – even i will be testing out, and even this, the optional keyboard type Cover case that you can get for this particular tablet, so in the box of the king pad k10, you will find our charger, so this one’s two prong us style, it’s 10 watts only so the charge time is rather slow, it’s just over three hours. There is a type c to usb cable. We have a little bit of paperwork as well included, so a quick start guide, there’s, a user manual and a card here. If you register, you can get a two year warranty and also a sim tray tool and moving on to our build quality. Now of this tablet, so it’s made out of an alloy the backing plate on it. It has a smooth finish to it.

With this matte paint job, which doesn’t tend to pick up, fingerprints there’s also a 13 megapixel camera on the rear, with a led flash and the thickness of it is not bad at all. Nine millimeters and it weighs just 530 grams, which is a normal standard kind of weight and with the screen here you can see. We don’t have slim bezels, with this particular model here front facing 5 megapixel camera, and this is what you can expect from the front facing 5 megapixel camera here, not amazing quality and weight listening to is the single mic just mono here as well. With this vast king tablet and down the bottom, we have these two downwards firing. Speakers, pogo, port, pin connector for the keyboard which i do have. This is an optional accessory that will cost you about 30 us dollars more, but here is a sample of those two speakers there at 100 – Music Applause volume, Music Applause – so, as you can hear from that, they’ve got a decent amount of volume to them, but really They are flat, they don’t have any base at all those speakers and then up the top here there is a little bit of plastic, so this is our where the antennas will be located inside within this, and we have 3.5 millimeter headphone jack quality is okay. There’S! No static or interference over it and then finally, on the left side, type c, port, of course, for charging here is our volume up and down button and the power button.

These are made out of metal now they don’t rattle around, but it does move a little bit. The volume button, as you can see, as i give that a bit of a wiggle and this little hole here is a reset button too up. The top is where you’ll find our micro sd card slot. Now it will actually take a sim card. You can put one in there nano sim, but it just simply will not work, because there is no modem hardware within this particular tablet and for an extra 30 us dollars. We have the cover case and keyboard combo, so the back of it it’s, made out of this fake leather type material actually feels quite good. We have this stiff hinge in the back. That will act as our kickstand and it sits in and clips into this hard case inside there you can see the keyboard layout. We have a small touchpad which is better than nothing but it’s, not really that good. This particular touchpad. The keyboard, though, however, is good. I do like typing on this one it’s flat, so there’s, no flex, there’s, no bounce or anything like that when using it – and you can see it – connects up with the hardware. Pogo port pin connectors right there, so i simply need to slot the tablet into place. Clip it in and it is secure, so you need to make sure that that end is in there first, so the pogo port pin connectors, make contact and once that has clipped into place, you’re all set ready to go.

So there are a few shortcuts on this too, that you can see so holding down function. I can control the screen brightness, just through the keyboard. The media controls there at the top, and here you can see our cursor there and the touchpad is better than nothing, but i just wish it was a little better. This one, it just seems a little bit unresponsive at times around the edges and to find a lighter movements, tends to jump around a little bit but it’s usable that’s, the main thing, so we have a non laminated display here with this particular tablet. The king pad k10 now there’s a gap of about one millimeter. When you look at it closely at an angle, you will notice that there is a gap between the digitizer glass and this ips panel below now. This ips panel has a maximum brightness of 270 nits. Almost that is measuring whites at 100, brightness that’s about 100 it’s more than the teclast m40, which had a very dull display. So this display is a little bit better than that one, blacks, don’t, look so deep, because it’s not fully laminated and being an ips panel. As well so the screen resolution is 1920 by 1200 and overall it’s, not a bad screen that they have gone with, and yes, the bezels they aren’t exactly the slimmest on this particular model, but they aren’t too bad here. This tablet does support our full screen gestures and i don’t have any problems triggering them at all.

The touch response and the accuracy does seem to be also quite good on this panel. So i just swipe down here our toggles and just bring up our settings for the display. We do have a lot of them in here. So we’ve got our colors. In our contrast, as you can see right here, you’re able to adjust the white balance, you can adjust the contrast there too, to your own preference. Now there is no ambient light sensor, so just swiping there from the side, you can see that’s the back for the full screen gestures, eye comfort. Is there too, as well a dark mode? You screen timeout and scaling options. Are there too, as well? So that is all pretty straightforward there and self explanatory, but you would be surprised to know that some manufacturers they do actually miss out on including those settings there like the white balance and things so that’s good. That it’s here with this particular tablet. Now the wrong performance in general, if you’re not running anything too heavy we’ve only got three gigabytes of ram with this and you get about 1.5 to you can see right now, 1.2 gigabytes, free and i find that it’s, not bad for swapping over different applications and Things as long as you don’t have something demanding in the background running, and then you will see with this particular chipset a tiny little bit. A slowdown will come through a little bit of lag because after all, it is well it’s, relatively low in the chipset that’s.

In this, which is that tiger t 610 from unisock that chip said it’s about the equivalent of a snapdragon 662.. So this tablet does have fm radio hardware tuner on there as well, but you do need to plug in a 3.5 millimeter headset that will act as the antenna and the aerial as well for that. So, when you get it, you’ve only got just over 21 gigabytes. Free with this and there’s not a lot of free space, so about 22 gigabytes, sorry they’re, just over because it’s only 32 gigabytes of included storage with this emmc storage, which i believe is 4.5 spec, and i have benchmarked that which you’ll see later on so with This rom, we don’t, really get any bloatware. This is one of the positives it’s, an android 10 stock, rom, no bloated launcher – and this is definitely favoring and helping the performance which we’re going to need the the best kind of performance you can possible. You want a light rom out of this low end particular chipset here, as mentioned it’s, the uni stock t610, and the 610 is not really that fast. You can see from this score here. The main weakness is the gpu. When you take a look at antutu, so you can see 24 000 points here, the cpu score of 64. memory and then the ui speeds aren’t too bad with an overall score of 178. 0008 is yes low end with this one. Now, the storage speed internal storage, not really that quick at all, you can see here we get a lower sequential read than we do: rights, random reads and random rights a little on the slow side there as well.

So yes, definitely a a budget tablet which this one is white vine level. Cert is level three you can see here. As expected, chinese tablets do not normally apply for this it’s, an added expense for them. So that means netflix. You can install it it’ll run but it’ll be in standard definition, amazon, prime video as well and disney plus. Sadly, so. Wireless speeds are here pretty much on power with the type of chipset here so low end, and you get a maximum speed of about 180 megabits per second connected up to our wi fi 5g network that i have here and the last point just getting over 113 Mega bits per second is okay and really for the spec of tablet. I wouldn’t really expect any faster there. Now gps works quite average. We don’t have a hardware compass. It takes a long time to get a lock and it sees a reasonable amount of satellites. Well, relatively low, actually for 2021, only 14 and it won’t use all of them. Accuracy will hover around four meters, unfortunately, so not so good for gps navigation and things like that, not really now battery life. This is my fourth cycle right here, so the originally i was only getting about six hours of battery life and we got a runtime here now: 7 hours and 45 minutes. So if you’re watching just light content, videos movies things like that, a bit of youtube, then yeah, probably about eight to nine hours, but ideally would love to see a little bit more than this and not an absolute battery champion here.

Other tablets are reviewed in the channel with six thousand milliamp hour. Batteries can get around eight hours as well, but a lot of them do have eight thousand milliamp hours, which would give us then about 10 hours of battery run time. So a little disappointing there, as mentioned the charge time, is somewhat over three hours, which is also on the slow side there and having a look here at our pdf file performance. So this is very good now, if you’re wondering what reader am i using? This is google play books, you upload your pdf files to it and it gives you that nice page effect there too, when you turn over. So this performance is decent at your normal reading pace and, of course, when you do double tap and zoom into text here, it looks good. It is sharp with this ips panel it’s bright, it’s, clear and that’s. What we want from these kind of basic tablets really is. This is what it’s good at and that’s just light tasks, so google chrome, pdfs and ebooks too, which i will test out now. So this looks good on the screen and, of course, it’s not going to cause any slowdown. Something light like an e book is ideal on this kind of spec of tablet. So we’ll take now a look at briefly some gaming performance, and can this tablet actually play a demanding game let’s find out so with the lower settings here with call of duty.

It is playable, it has the high frame rate and just the lowest possible visuals just to keep that frame rate up. You may occasionally see a little bit of slowdown. I’Ve noticed like if there’s smoke on screen or something like that, then that will happen and let’s see if i can just get a kill here. So it is enough to play these games, but definitely you want to keep it on the low settings with this particular chipset there’s, another enemy up there uh. He got away from me that one okay, so just to recap now that the screen is probably the best thing about this particular tablet that it is clear, it’s, sharp and reasonably bright, too it’s, not as dull as some of the ones. I have seen recently like the teclast m40, with only 170 nits of brightness. This one is 270 nits, so it’s, not the brightest out there, of course not, but it’s still a lot better and perfectly good for use indoors. Now the rom android 10 rom without any bloatware, not a bloated launcher that they are using as well so that keeps the performance up so general ui speeds and getting around in it and multitasking aren’t too bad. You will occasionally see a few little frame dips and lag, especially if you do a bit of heavy multitasking with this particular tablet. Gaming performance is very very average, as you saw from the antutu score, this chipset, not exactly a powerhouse it’s, not super powerful.

The gpu is the weakness in this one, so you can play games like call of duty, but you do need to use lowest settings there for those more demanding games. Otherwise, you will run into lag and issues with your frame rate, and i do like the keyboard cover case. This is another good thing about it. For an optional 30 us dollars, you have a great keyboard to type on at least the touchpad on. It is a little small and it’s not really that sensitive and responsive, but it’s good, at least to have that option there with it, and i do like the way it slots in clips into this, and it is not going to go anywhere once it’s in that It is very secure and it does offer quite a bit of protection. It reminds me of keyboard cases. We had a couple of years back from other manufacturers and the fact that you can sit any angle here and you can press on that and it’s not going to collapse under its own weight. The hinges stiff on the kickstand on this particular model here too, as well now, battery life is only about well we’re, looking around eight hours. So ideally, it should be a little bit more than that, but it is just a six thousand milliamp hour battery. That is within this one, so there’s, no hdmi output, we don’t don’t, have wide vine level, one as well, so the usual suspects with these particular tablets.

The cameras aren’t that great either. Nor are the speakers when you turn them up maximum volume. It is loud, but it’s a little bit flat there, so that is the king pad k10 here. Thank you so much for watching my review of it and i do hope to see you back in the channel.