I actually have both the tablet and also the keyboard. Folio let’s go ahead and jump into it. Music, first off major shout out to vastking for sending these two here to the studio for me to take a look and test and share with you all my genuine opinion. So this is my way of telling you that this is not a sponsored video. They simply sent me the tablet and also the keyboard here for me to test out and share with my viewers what i personally think of this all right: let’s go ahead and jump in, and for that i want to go ahead and do a quick highlight of This tablet, before i actually break it down this is said to be a two in one android tablet. So if you have the keyboard case like this one that i have here, you can have kind of a mini computer setup, it’s a 10.1 inch 1080p ips display, and the resolution here is 1920 by 1200. You also get three gigs of ram and the 32 gigs of internal storage expandable at up to 512 gigs using microsd card, of course, and it’s running android 10.. We have a 13 megapixel camera on the back here and a 5 megapixel camera on the front, and it also even has the face unlock, which is actually pretty cool. So now let’s go ahead and talk design of this tablet, but before we do so, let’s talk about what comes in the box, so let’s go ahead and fly through this part.

Here we have the actual tablet sitting at the top inside the box here and looking at the tablet here, you can see the uniform bezel around the face. There. Definitely a nice look a little bit on the thicker side, but still kind of a nice look there. On the back here you have a pretty smooth metallic finish. It feels pretty nice to the touch. Then we get the manual the additional paperwork, along with the sim ejector tool. You get this usb wall adapter or the charging brick. If you want to call it that, and then we have a usb type c cable here for charging purposes, it does have this keyboard here compatible with the king pad k10. It can be purchased separately here, but i have it here so we’re just going to go over that as well. Just like we did with the tablet we’re just going to fly through the unboxing part here and after taking it out of the wrapper. We can see that it is essentially a book cover and keyboard case. The material they use here is pretty nice actually almost feels like something you would get from a samsung. Now, with that being said, i’m not sure that it’s as durable as what you would be getting from samsung, but definitely nice. The keyboard feels okay and the keys have a decent amount of travel to do so, it’s a little bit tactile. Another thing to note here is that it doesn’t have any backlight but then again like i said it feels pretty nice and it feels kind of well built.

So once you snap the tablet in there, you can carry it around with no issues. Now there is no magnet holding it together, though there’s no magnet on the tablet. That would allow for you to go ahead and stick that to the case. But once you go ahead and sit that on a table or on a desk, it actually fills and it looks like a mini laptop, so you have that mini laptop setup now going over the tablet itself. So what you have at the bottom here is the dual speaker. You also have a headphone jack on the side here very nice to have a headphone jack. Always you get a usb type c port, the mic, the micro sd card slot for your option to go ahead and expand that storage and a few more features that you would expect on any other tablet. Now this thing is running stock, android, so it’s, pretty simple and straightforward, and during my testing performance was actually pretty decent anywhere from the first clicks and browsing and scrolling. I didn’t encounter any issue at all and the gui is kind of your typical. You know standard stock, android and the overall performance is actually okay. You know you could do some decent level of multitasking that don’t go too heavy. If you go too heavy, you might start encountering some lag when you go super heavy, otherwise light to moderate multitasking on here. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how well it was handling multi tasking.

Now i do believe there’s a pro version of this guy here. So this is supposed to be either budget or mid range. It does have a dual core: 875 cpu at 1.8 gigahertz. This is, of course, a 60hz refresh rate and, like i said, this is actually pretty nice for day to day tasks right, so browsing the internet. Accessing your emails, you know watching movies and things like that. Even gaming is actually not bad at all. So far, as i mentioned earlier, i was pleasantly surprised to see how well it’s able to handle all of these things. The typing experience has been impressive. The keyboard, with the somewhat soft touches of the keys, make it pretty comfortable. I like it the battery actually wasn’t bad, either it’s loaded with a 6 000 milliamp hour battery and it’s been finishing the day with light to moderate use. So if you were to do heavy usage, the one time i did have usage, i ended up having to charge that kind of early in the evening. So light to moderate usage, you’ll be fine heavy usage. You might need to charge that before the end of the day, you can play a large majority of games here but, like you would expect from a budget tablet when it comes to graphic intensive gaming that’s, where you might, you know, run into some issues, but that’s Definitely expected from a bunch of tablet, otherwise all games or most games played pretty well on here.

As far as the camera quality is kind of what you would get from amazon fire, maybe actually slightly better than an amazon fire. So still on the budget side. As far as camera goes and, if you remember the specs, it was 5 megapixels for the front and 13 megapixels for the rear. You will have some noises when shooting in low light settings so keep that in mind. With all of that being said, this is actually a pretty decent tablet. I’M, not gon na lie and, like i said quality, it feels you know, i’m, not gon na tell you that this is a premium tablet, but i’m really surprised, especially this case. It really makes it feel like it has some premium blend to it as far as the durability that’s, just my only question, and this thing the keyboard actually reminds me a lot of the surface pro keyboard i’m, not saying it’s the same thing, but just the looks And kind of the smoothness just reminds me of that. The tablet has a nice build to it. It has decent budget specs. Like i highlighted earlier, it has some nice features, especially with that face unlock the ability to add a keyboard and also the ability to wake up the tablet just by tapping or by picking it up. So my take is, if you have 160 bucks and you’re looking for a budget tablet, this would be one to consider. You know, even if you just want to take a look and test it out and see if you like it before buying not bad at all.

Anyways, that was my review of the vast king kingpad k10. I don’t know that it’s out, yet i got it before it was supposed to be out it’s supposed to be out either at the end of this month. You should you should be able to check on amazon if it’s out on amazon already i’m make sure that i have the link in the description just in case. You want to go ahead and pick this up anyways. I hope you enjoyed this video. Of course. Don’T.