This is an android tablet that also has a keyboard let’s go to check it out now in today’s video we’re, taking a look at a really flexible android tablet that you can use for school from home from work from home. Whatever situation, you may have it’s from vast king and it’s, the king pat k10, and the cool thing about this is that it also includes a docking case or keyboard. Now, for those of you who are interested in the specs let’s flip this around. So we can see what we’re talking about here. So this is the k10 it’s going to be a silver gray. It is running. Android 10 has an octa core cpu, a 1080p display a 10.1 ips touchscreen 3 gig of ram right with 32 on the base. It basically has a 13 megapixel camera with the 5 megapixel front facing camera, wi fi 2.4 and 5 gigahertz, and it comes with all these accessories. It also has this keyboard, which we’re going to check out, so this is going to really extend it to feel more. Like it was a laptop or even a chromebook, but again it’s running full android, so let’s go ahead and check it out now inside the box, you’re going to receive the actual tablet itself, and you can see it right here. You have a usbc charging cable with a power brick and then, as we take a look at the keyboard itself, the keyboard has kind of like a satin finish to it.

You can see that it’s kind of like a slate gray and as you open it, you see that the keyboard, the actual tablet, will rest in this area, and here you have kind of like the little pins that are going to enable it. It does have a track pad, it has a keyboard and actually it’s a really nice feeling keyboard. So it looks really good. I don’t really see any charging ports anywhere right and it looks like this is how you can post it up, or at least uh put it up in an angle, so nothing on the keyboard, it’s solely powered by the tablet and that’s all there is to it. Now, as we look at the tablet, you’ll see that the tablet itself has a sim injector tray here or you know, memory card, a headphone jack. Has your power button volume, rocker mic usb c has your pins and it looks like two bottom shooting speakers. The back you’ll notice. Has your your camera looks really. Nice feels good feels nice in the hand, let’s go ahead and connect to the keyboard and see what it looks like now. Connecting the tablet to the keyboard is literally a snap. All you have to do is snap. It into place. Make sure that, right here at the very bottom, that the contact points are connected to the key to the tablet and the keyboard to make sure that everything is synced and then what you’ll hear is an audible, chime, you’re gon na actually hear something uh.

So what i’m gon na do now is you’ll notice as i’m moving the mouse pad uh or rubbing my finger on the mouse pad. You see that there’s a little pointer that comes up so we’re, going to go ahead and go into youtube right and what we’re going to do is we’re, going to search for our channel right so i’m, going to type in ebpman and i’ll say that the keyboard Is responsive? You see how well it’s working the one thing. I will say that i wish it had, but i don’t really see many key boards like. That is that i wish it was illuminated. I think that would be a really nice ad now we’re going to do is i’m going to choose this video. This is a video that anil and i just released. We did a comparison on some therapy guns and we’re going to do is going to click on it just to see how well it performs now there’s – probably going to be some commercials here. Well, this is great. Nothing came up, so what i’m going to do is i’m just going to raise the volume a little bit. So you can hear how well this sounds sounds really good and then from a performance perspective i’m going to go ahead and increase the size of the screen, and you notice that there is really no stutter whatsoever it’s continuing to play without any problems. Uh streaming is pretty good on this, and obviously this is going to be determined by the network that you have but overall performance resolution, and then the responsiveness of the keyboard is really good.

Now, as we take a look at the keyboard, let’s just swipe out of that for a second uh and we’ll close, this up go ahead and close that you have a full functioning keyboard here. So you have the ability to increase and decrease the volume. Let’S hit escape right here, really quick. So you have again multimedia keys right here, where you’re going to be able to increase the actual brightness of the screen and also decrease the brightness of the screen. And again you have these combination here. So you have the function keys that allow you to do that. So you can see how it comes up. You also have, if you’re playing any kind of media multimedia controls, so you can hit the function key and then play pause. All those things would take place. You also have the ability to increase or decrease the volume. So i can decrease or increase the volume until it goes into mute. However, you’d like to do it, you then also, then, have again just all those functions here that are traditional in a specific laptop. So you have the only thing that you’re missing on this keyboard, but you don’t, really find in many laptop, like keyboards, is a number pad on the side. But obviously you have your number controls right here. So you know you have your home function and let’s press home it’s going to take you to home, and you have pretty much all the comforts that you would expect from an android tablet.

Now, for those of you are interested in the version of android that we’re running right, so let me go ahead and choose the about the tablet, and then this is going to give us all of the details. Um. You know that that are about this tablet. It’S going to give us again the device name it’s going to give us hardware information, it’s, going to also give us the ram, and you can see the android version now once again. This is a fully uh google supported tablet, so you have no limitations when it comes to the type of apps that you can stall and as they continue to upgrade or certify the google versions. This will be updated as well. Now one other neat function that i just wanted to highlight is that this actually has a radio built in and yeah. You heard that right, so it has an fm tuner, so notice, right here that i have fm radio and when i tap on it, you’ll notice that it comes here into this app now. In order for this to work, all you have to do is have some headphones plugged in traditional headphones plugged in and once you do it and you turn it on you’ll be able to listen to fm radio again free uh without uh, literally no streaming. So no streaming required it’s really gon na capture from the from the airwaves and you’ll notice, right here, just to start listening plugged in headphones to use as an antenna, i’ve tested this out, it works really well and it’s, something that you really don’t see in many Tablets now, if you’re interested in using this tablet for more than just uh content, let’s, say you’re searching the web, and you want to use this almost like.

If it was a chromebook, you definitely can so. What i’m going to do is i’m going to go into chrome. Just to give you a sense of what this experience is going to be like and again i’m going to look for our channel i’m going to do ebayman tech reviews and then what you can see is here on all our content right. So you can see our amazon store, you can see our facebook and again this is uh standard. Pinterest right. You can basically pull up all the content so like, for example, go to this reddit post. I don’t know what they’re saying about our review, but hey we’ll. Go here and hit continue, we’ll go ahead and allow that – and here you see one of our reviews – oh that’s, nice. So our review is showing up here on on on reddit and again it’s what you would expect from just a android tablet. So again, full functional features streaming. You could also use the google google dual because you have the little camera here. So, if you’re looking to use this as a zoom device as you’re listening looking to use this as a webex device, you can do that as well. So uh pretty functional and again i love the fact that it comes with the keyboard now before we wrap things up on this review. I wanted to highlight just the overall keyboard functions, because i thought that the keyboard is a pretty durable keyboard.

So here i have the tablet inserted into it. I just wanted to show you how much protection there is all the way around protecting your tablet and then also well. That was pretty loud uh. You also, then, have this kickstand right here, built in kickstand that’s, going to allow you have a lot of different viewing angles and that’s. How, when i have this open, you know what i did is i had this open just like this right, so you can look at all the viewing angles that you can get so i’m going to lower it all right, so that’s a little bit too low. So we’re going to give it one small bend so that’s the lowest, you can have it and then what as i’ll move forward, you can see from that point forward, you’re seeing all these viewing angles. These are each one of the viewing angles that you can have. You can have it all the way up to here right so that’s, pretty cool let’s go ahead and log into that again and let’s. Do that one more time, because i want you to see the actual viewing angles of the screen itself, so the screen is very usable, so even at this angle, so we’re going to put it in the smallest angle. At this smallest angle, i can actually see this well and type and then, as i bring this up, the one thing i would say that you will see, depending on the angle, is glare right: it’s, not a matte screen, but probably when you get up to this Level right here there is no glare present and then i’ll continue to put it and that’s the uh, i would say that’s, probably the steepest of all the angles right there, so pretty sweet so guys.