100. This is a brand new budget friendly laptop from basking, and if you follow my channel at all, you’ll know that i’ve reviewed some of their tablets in the past, and i really like this company because they offer to send me their products for a honest review. There’S. No strings attached, they do not pay for anything, they aren’t given final review of anything. They just want honest feedback on their product, so they sent over this k. 100, laptop and i’ve been using it for almost a month now, and i just want to tell you what i like about it: what i’m not liking so much and my full review of it all right. First let’s talk about the design. This is a 14 inch laptop. I got the space gray version, which is essentially just a darker silver. Top has just one logo on it. Now they don’t say specifically, but i believe it’s made out of magnesium alloy kind of that lightweight metal. That’S just feels like kind of a really hard plastic. It does kind of have a hollow feeling to it, but overall it has a nice design, especially for a budget laptop on the bottom you’re looking at two feet in the front and then one long foot on the back some holes for ventilation. And then you have your screws that you can easily pop off the back there’s, quite a few ports on this laptop on one side, you have the usb 2.

0, a headphone jack and a micro sd card slot. On the other side, you have a usb type c, a full size, hdmi port, a dc power connector and a usb 3.0 port. Opening this laptop up, you’re met with this 14.1 inch, full hd display at a 16.9 aspect ratio which, if you follow my reviews at all i’m, not a huge fan of 16×9. I really like those 16 by 10 displays or even 4×3, with a little bit more vertical space, but again that’s. Just me pretty slim bezels on the sides here at six millimeters, the top one’s a little bit bigger to house the camera and the bottom bezel is huge again because of that 16 by 9 ratio. So in total you’re, looking at 82 screen to body ratio, the screen itself again, like i said it’s full hd 1920 by 1080, comes in at 141. Pixels per inch has a max brightness of around 250 nits, which is actually pretty dim, but using this inside should be no problem as long as you stay out of direct sunlight and it has an 801 contrast ratio. The camera up top here is a one megapixel hd webcam, and then you have your trackpad slash, number pad combo and i’ll get to more on this in just a bit, and then you have your standard size, keyboard, black keys with white lettering, very easy to see, And then a speaker above the keyboard, no backlight on this keyboard.

Unfortunately, for internals you have an intel gemini lake celeron, n4020 processor. It has the intel uhd, graphics, 600. Eight gigs of lp ddr4, ram 256 gigs of ssd has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and it comes with windows 10 s that you can easily switch out of to just regular windows. 10, if you want so that kind of covers the ins and outs of this laptop now, let’s cover the price. This k, 100 laptop retails for ‘9 dollars us and you can find it on the vast king website or on amazon and i’ll, put links to both in the description so best. King is kind of targeting that low to mid range user, someone that wants some decent specs, but doesn’t want to pay a premium price. Okay, so that kind of covers everything else. Now i just want to get into my experience my review with this laptop. When i review things, i don’t typically put them through things like geekbench scores, or things like that, because to me i want to review how i use it for my workflow, how i use it for real life tasks and see how it performs, but because i want To try to help others out, i try to put it through different types of tasks. I’Ll put it through really intensive tasks like video, editing, photo editing, gaming and those type of things, and then i’ll just use it for everyday tasks like web browsing and email checking and those type of things.

Okay, so, first, when it comes to the design of this laptop overall, i think it’s a really good design, especially when you consider the price again. It does kind of have a hollow feeling to it, but it is pretty lightweight, especially for the size of the screen. It comes in at exactly three pounds which, for a 14 inch screen, that’s, not bad at all, for carrying this around putting it into a backpack or a briefcase, bringing it with you on the go. I’M really liking. The port selection on this, especially coming from a macbook myself, to have all these ports available: multiple usb ports, usb type c ports, sd card slots, hdmi port, they’re, all very useful and overall, the design is really nice, it’s very clean, looking very minimalistic. Looking and it’s not too thick at only 0.7 inches again. This should fit into most briefcase and backpacks no problem so that’s. My take on the design now let’s talk about actually using the laptop first things. First, the screen itself. I do like that it’s, full hd everything does look really clear on this text is easy to read: colors, look pretty accurate. One thing that i’m, not thrilled about that i mentioned before, is that this is kind of a dim screen at 250 nits. If you’re using this by a window, it does get tough to see using this outdoors is almost impossible. So, overall, the screen is okay, in my opinion, if you’re using this in a medium to dimly lit room, i think it’s just perfectly fine when it comes to keyboards again, this is more of a preference thing.

The keyboard works just fine on this laptop. So no issues there, but in terms of preference, this isn’t, my favorite it’s, got a really hollow feeling and sound to it: there’s no backlight, which is kind of a disappointment. Because again the screen is very dimly lit. So you kind of have to use this in darker rooms, but then you don’t have a backlight for the keyboard, so it’s tougher to see the keyboard so that’s just something to keep in mind. But again it works just fine. It just it’s, not my favorite keyboard out there for the track pad everything works. Great gestures, work great! You can do two finger, scrolls three fingers to bring up your multitasking. They integrated this number pad on the track pad kind of gimmicky. If you ask me, i really don’t see many people using this. I think most people use the number buttons and, if you’re someone that does a lot of spreadsheets you’re, probably gon na get a laptop with a number pad anyway. So again, it seems a little gimmicky to me, but it is there if you want to use it. One thing i will mention is that the click is pretty loud and kind of hollow sounding, but the nice thing is that you can do the tap to click. So you don’t have to hear that loud noise every time for the speakers. You have two one watt speakers. They do get plenty loud in my opinion, but they don’t have much bass.

So if you’re planning on watching youtube, videos or tv shows it should work, no problem, if you’re wanting to listen to a lot of music or play a lot of games on this laptop it’s, not going to have the best audio for that Music, hello, everyone. This is your daily dose of internet. The camera again is a one megapixel hd camera it’s, fine it’s a little grainy it’s a little choppy, but for things like web conferencing, it does work, just fine, okay, let’s get into the performance and how this has been working. For me, over the last month and performance is kind of what you would expect in this price range, meaning that it does most daily tasks very well. And i can see this being great for kids for teenagers and college kids that need a laptop for email for doing schoolwork web browsing and researching. It really excels at that. The eight gigs of ram really help this multitask very well. So you can have a ton of tabs open in chrome and have other software open at the same time and go back and forth between the two. Maybe also do some lightweight gaming on this as well at those type of tasks. This does very well, if you’re looking to buy this, to do things like photo editing, video, editing, really graphically intensive gaming. This is not going to be the best option for you, because that intel celeron processor just cannot keep up with those tasks and i’ve personally tried.

This things like photoshop and video editing, they will open and you can start to use them. But once you start adding layers to your projects, you’re going to start to notice some freezing some stuttering and some crashing and the same thing with intensive gaming battery life has been decent. I wouldn’t call it great. I also wouldn’t call it bad if i’m doing a lot of multitasking on it throughout the day, i’ll normally get between six and seven hours of battery life. If i’m doing a little bit less on it, you can expect more like eight to nine hours. So all of that considered would i recommend this, and who would i recommend this to? I think, like i said before, for kids, teenagers, college students or people looking for a second laptop to do basic tasks on it. This could be an option for you. I don’t see this being many people’s full time working laptop just because of its limitations, but i don’t think basking is targeting those people with this computer and at this price point you’re gon na have some give and takes so you have to kind of decide whether The downfalls of this laptop is okay with you, considering that it is at a lower price point, so that’s my take on the vast king king book k100 laptop and, if you’re interested in it again, the links will be in the description below like in my previous Videos i’m gon na do a channel call out at the end here for youtube channels that i’m watching that do really great content that i think you should watch too on this video.

I want to call out tech odyssey.