We are going to take a close look at the vest king king book k100. Notebook, i just quickly want to point out that this company vastking sent me this product like a review copy, so to check it out, but it doesn’t influence my personal opinion about this product, but i want to focus on what are we going to get with this Product and what can we do with it so inside the box itself, we’re going to get not a lot of stuff so to begin with we’re going to get the power supply and quick start guide and warranty card and then webcam cover so that’s. It that’s the only thing that we’re going to get, but nevertheless i’m just really curious. What is a product like vast king king book k100? But what are we going to get in general like the quality, so we’re going to get a warranty extra year card? A quick guide, so if you have any questions, you can check that when you’re unboxing it a webcam cover and we’re going to get a power supply looks like a quality one, and this one is just basic 12 volt power supply with a barrel, jack connector. I must say that the fast king k100 is a really compact, 14 inch notebook and the design itself is really stylish. I personally really like it, but the question remains: how good is the build quality? And here i have some minor complaints about it, but let’s talk about the top cover the display itself.

This is made out of thin metal and gives a very nice quality sturdy feel to it. The bottom part is fully made of plastic, so this is what we’re going to call or how i’m going to call it a plastic fantastic, but the bottom part also includes a very big rubber strip, so it will not slide away on a smooth surface. So when it comes to the qwerty keyboard personally, i was not the biggest fan of it and the reason why is very simple: the layout itself is just your typical notepad or laptop, but the touch itself is what we’re going to get my personal complaint. It feels quite cheap. You can also hear that it sounds really cheap, so this is a little bit of a bummer. If you ask me what i really like about this notebook, is that we’re going to get a very big touchpad, but it’s, also combined with a numpad and the numpad, is something that i’m really love using on the regular keyboard, but the numpad. What i do like about it, having all the features like the normal versions in the area having left and right the mouse buttons, so you can tap it if you want to, but you can also use the both buttons in the left or right corner, but maybe It’S me, but they integrated the on off switch in the keyboard in the right top corner. Kinda unique. If you ask but let’s, take a closer look at the specifications or i love to call it the wicked nerdy time.

So it comes with a 14 inch full hd ips display. The cpu is an intel, celeron and 4020 that’s, basically a dual core that is clocking on 1.2 gigahertz that can be turbo clocked to 2.8 gigahertz. This gpu is an uhd 600 from intel ram. A gigabyte, 256 gigabytes, internal storage, software’s windows, 10, the s model when you’re booting up the system there’s a five thousand million battery that has around eight hours of standby time and some extra features, of course, like an hd camera. Dual speakers microphone and support for 5g wi fi throughout the website, we’re going to get in cf slot for extending the internal memory, then we’re having a headphone jack and an usb 2.0, and with extending the internal memory, you can basically use a cf card only up To 128 gigabytes so that’s, in my opinion, a little bit too less okay, so the left side we’re going to get a usb 3.0 port we’re going to input for the power supply, hdmi out and type c connection. But i was very curious about this notebook. Who is this for and not to forget? What are we going to get and when i booted it up, i was surprised to see that it already came in s mode. This means that you need to use the microsoft store. If you want to get yourself an application or you want to play a game, so there is a way to go around this, but if you just want to let’s, say use the laptop like this, you want to install chrome you’re not able to.

There is a way around it, so if you want to leave the s mode, that is possible. So basically you can use it like any other notebook device, but take consideration when you’re doing this. There is no way of turning back, but the first thing i wanted to do is just go to youtube and watch a 4k video. Full hd is no problem whatsoever on this laptop, but of course i want to push it to the limit with 4k. Just to see if the cpu is powerful enough to run it – and i can tell you 4k playback is no problem whatsoever. So if you want to use this thing for just office work – and you just really want to see some videos on youtube and 4k – that will not be a problem whatsoever. The monitor itself is in full hd beautiful ips panel, but you can see it still has some little bit of a glossy on the display. It is colorful, it’s beautiful and it got a very thin border around the display and i personally really love it. So the notebook also comes with a stereo speakers that i want to. Let you hear how it sounds. It sounds okay, Music, but okay. So that is the question: how is it with the gaming capabilities? It’S, not a powerful cpu and just a regular intel, 600 gpu. So i grabbed my xbox controller let’s plug in this bad boy and the first game i downloaded from the store was asphalt.

Airborne number eight. I was curious how this game is going to run because most decent tablets nowadays can run this game so that’s the question: how does it run on this notebook and is it worth getting if you want to play some casual games? So in this part of the video i just want to check out what kind of games can we play on a cheap, let’s say more like an office device like this? Sadly, asphalt 8 is not running that great, in my opinion, so that is a little bit of a bummer. If you want to play some games with this notebook, but how is it with the emulation part i’m ready to move on so i’m going to switch out of the s mode? So i can freaking finally install my chrome and not to forget the program that we’re needing for playing some retro games. First, up let’s try some redream on this notebook it’s running on native resolution, so no fancy full hd, but it seems to be running with some minor tips here and there like that. One battle one fight trying to play some psp with the pps spp emulator on just original resolution yeah. This is not going to work and it runs really horrible. So sega dreamcast is just pushing this device to the limits and better than this is not what we’re going to get and, of course, if you want to play some really old school stuff like meme, it will run just fine.

So i think in general this is more for home and office use. You can play some games, but it’s not really capable of running, of course, the high demanding games. I just wanted to check it out for you guys here in this video wan na.