We always seem to get the same stock. Android tabs don’t get me wrong, they’re, not awful. In fact, the huawei tablet’s, my favorite tablet that i’ve ever owned. What i’m talking about is the seemingly universal decision by third party companies to make the most bland thing they can and call it good and in a way i have an example of that today. This is the 10 inch vast king kingpad sa 10. This tablet is running stock. Android 10 with no bloatware pre installed. Spec wise. This thing is painfully standard. Insider is a 1.6 gigahertz processor, 3 gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of internal storage, with the ability to expand the storage up to 256 gigabytes, a 13 megapixel rear camera, which is not very great and an even worse, 5 megapixel front facing camera. Honestly, there’s no reason to put cameras on these kinds of tablets anymore. It makes sense for first party tablets may be ipads and samsung tablets because they actually have pretty good cameras and built in software to play with the photos you take. But for something like this you’re just wasting time, nobody who cares about taking photos is going to use their tablet instead of their phone or especially, a real camera. This is just me, but in my opinion, these third party companies don’t, need to keep throwing lackluster cameras in their products anymore back to the specs. The screen resolution on this tablet is 1900 by 1200, which is a pretty clean resolution, but for the size of the tablet, the resolution is actually a bit too low and you’ll definitely notice this around the outline of words on the screen or some outlines of apps.

Now performance wise, i also wasn’t all that impressed with this tablet and i feel a bit badly for having to be so honest about that. I’Ve had this tablet for about a month and i’ve been so busy with other projects that i haven’t gotten around to reviewing it. The company started worrying that i wasn’t gon na cover it, and now that i am, i got ta say that i’m just not very impressed, and i have to be honest about that. When i initially picked up this tablet, i noticed that it was thin and lightweight, which is nice, but when i turned it on, i noticed right away that this tablet is slow. The initial boot up took about 38 seconds and when doing the most simple things like scrolling through the main screen, you can really see that this tablet does not keep up. Responsiveness is one of the most important parts of any tablet for me and a tablet that lags behind is just not appealing going into the settings. I found that there’s no auto brightness sensor, so this device cannot dim or brighten in the late evenings or during the day time, due this tablet’s inability to dim itself, the screen is difficult to view often and you’ve got to adjust the brightness yourself. This is fine, but the tablet’s, also not the brightest, so it’s quite difficult to view in direct sunlight glare. Is this tablet’s mortal enemy? Moving on to the audio quality, the sound is loud, but the audio quality is something to be desired.

When reaching peak volumes it gets choppy and distorts. It almost sounds like you have your mid ranges and that’s. It no highs and no lows because of this dramatic distortion. I wouldn’t be able to use this tablet for watching videos or listening to music, because the sound quality is just garbage not to mention it only has one speaker at the bottom of the tablet. So if you did want to watch a movie on this thing, you wouldn’t get the audio from the left and right side of the tablet, it’s kind of one of those things that you get a tablet for, as for watching movies, it’s easier to just pull out Your cell phone or bluetooth speaker definitely a factor to consider when deciding on a tablet to purchase now, comparing this tablet’s performance to other tablets around the same price i got ta say this is the part that bothered me the most. This kingpad is slow. It slows down in games it stutters, watching movies, even scrolling through the home screen and looking for apps made it lag behind sometimes and responsiveness has got to be one of the most important aspects of any tablet. For me, as for the feel of this tablet, it’s actually the thing i really like, i, like my tech to be a little weighty, and this tablet feels really nice at 1.28 pounds comfortability wise this tablet’s a bit boxy and sharp. I let some friends use the tablet and they all told me that, after a while, the tablet starts to hurt their hands a bit.

This would be an easy fix with a cheap case, but something to note for vast king in the future. The battery life on this thing is pretty all right as well. With a six thousand milliamp battery, you get around six to ten hours of screen on time before it dies, and it takes about two hours to charge it from zero percent. Definitely not bad and depending on what you’re using this, for you can get a lot more time out of it. Gaming, though drains this battery, so keep that in mind. Now i mentioned before that this tablet is running a stock, android 10 operating system and i’m. Getting a bit annoyed at these third parties see huawei’s another third party brand, but when they built their media pad pro tablets, they customized android 9 to give it a more unique huawei. Look. I appreciate this a lot and whenever i see a stock android tablet, it just kind of feels basic to me not to say this is always the case, but in this case it certainly is one great thing about stock. Android, though, is that it never comes with any bloatware which i can always get behind. Now i tried to run basic games such as asphalt 9, which even the kindle fire runs smoothly, but i couldn’t get through a single race without this tablet lagging behind. When i ran a 3dmark test, i instantly realized how slow this tablet’s gaming processor was, which means, if you do game on your tablets, you may want to be a candy crush gamer to enjoy this one in all the quality of the vast king king pad for The price point honestly isn’t, terrible if it were gifted to a child or a grandparent.

It feels sturdy and high quality, and i really like how it’s built, but actually using this thing is a whole nother story and requires a lot of patience. The battery life is alright, depending on what you’re using the tablet for the processing is slow and the sound quality is low. This tablet cannot keep up with basic gaming. The display is clear and bright it’s, just unfortunate that it doesn’t have any brightness sensor. As for the size and space capacity, i think the tablet’s great it’s perfect for streaming videos on low volumes and ideally indoors for the best visibility. I also want to say sorry to vast king i’ve had this tablet for far too long. I made you guys, wait a long time before getting the review out and it’s likely. Not what you wanted to hear. But i have to be honest: if you’re going to use high quality metal, spend the time designing a tablet for the general consumer and even getting all the legalities out of the way so that you can use google’s play store. Why not actually make something worth the cost of the materials it kind of feels like a waste, but reviews like mine are how you improve. I hope you don’t hate me for it until next time.