This video is, of course, not sponsored by any brand. I just wanted to share with you what I learned in this process, so the first useful modification I made for my XP pen, 24 Pro was to change the default overlay. The default felt too smooth to me too glossy and started to get too many scratches. I noticed that, even on the first week when I made my video review of the XP pen artist 24 Pro, I made my final choice on a overlay sold at It was after watching a video review of an artist, Roberta marzullo, if I pronounce it well, and it was a very good recommendation. So thank you, Robert about this. I will put the video in the corner of the screen photodone as a model for the XP pen, and I selected their mxh overlay type, its an overlay with a subtle texture and its not super glossy. So I dont regret my choice. I wouldnt say it was easy to install, but it was really doable alone. I was super anxious about the bubble of air and the dust that could get trapped under the overlay, but I did all the modification in the kitchen and with a range fan set to the highest level and yes, it was sufficient to take all the dust out Of the air – and I could get a a very good condition to make this modification the result turned out great and the surface doesnt have any scratches anymore after many artworks.

Also, the glossiness reduce it slightly, and that was a really big bonus. My other issue with this tablet was about its ergonomics. I wanted to get access to my keyboard on the top to type my keyboard shortcuts, and only one company does this and its the scene tweak company. Unfortunately, for me, they had only models for the vacuum cintiq. So I decided to write them an email with photo and measurement of my XP pen tablet and fortunately they reply it and to the end, my requests. So they gave me extra measurement for my DIY adaptation and a lot of other information that wasnt available on their website. Then I boot their model, the cintiq x24 pro that was the closest of my XP pen, and they sent me extra felt bad and even a little graphic to help me how to position them, and that was just perfect. The modification was perfectly stable and I used the tablet like this on the production of my webcomic. Recently syntwick came back to me and proposed me to try their new Universal size and model. I received this one a week ago and its very cool you can adjust all the settings of this thing. The thickness of the tablet, the distance to the edge of the screen, and, in result, the keyboard tray, is even more stable and robust than the previous one. I also love the concept, one single keyboard tray that has the possibility to adapt to all the Future model of display tablet I own and for all the brands thats a good investment.

So thank you thin twig for the good Hardware. Unfortunately, after the success of the scene, twig and the photodone overlay bugs happen, and on my XP pen artist, Pro 24, I had one morning a real life bug woofing their way under the glass of the screen to make the situation even worse. This tiny red spider got trapped between the glass and the pixels and he decided to die in the middle of the screen. Oh no, I have no idea how it is possible that XP pen hasnt protected this area in a better way. So I decided to tear down the tablet and believe me: it was very complex. I wouldnt give this artware a very good repairability score, because I couldnt access infinite to the glasses and clean it manually. That was very frustrating and then I minted back the device, and I was so depressed to draw every day with this corpse of bugs click on the screen like this. On my face every day, I had to wait two weeks of usage before the heat of the device dry, yet the insect to not stick anymore to the inner part of the glass. You can believe me that I tried various method to shake the glass and remove it. I tried the toothbrush vibrating and everything, but the best result I had was with an adhesive rubber band and tapping the screen like that. Unfortunately, a little sticky part remain on the glass until this day.

Now so about this, not thank you XP pen. I wish your screen had a better protection to to avoid this type of situation. In September 2022, Wacom contacted me to send me a gift. They were thankful for my creative comments, illustration from my blog all this year and asked me what tablet I wanted in their catalog. I decided to try their intuos Pro large and since I received it, I only used this tablet now, but one thing I disliked about this device was the device had too much grain for my taste and it was the overlay surface of the tablet. So I had to change the nib of the Steelers every four days at first. That was totally nightmare because you can imagine flattening the nib in only four days, its something unbelievable, but the surface became finally smooth. After a month of daily usage, it took probably 8 to 10 nib. Until reaching this point, I had to buy another pack of nib on the way to reach this situation with a smooth overlay. But now I have the same nib on the tip of my Steelers. Since the last, probably two months, if and yeah it doesnt hit so much nibs anymore, so I wanted to let you know about this effect. Be patient with this type of tablet and the nib situation will get better. In conclusion, I still regret the XP pen 24. Pro Precision for drawing, but my workspace size is too limited to get and the vacuum interos Pro and the XP pen 24 Pro together on the same desk uh so to the day.

Im writing this line Im still trying to figure how I could get the advantage of both connected to a single PC, but I dont have a lot of Illusion, because I have a very limited space around me so thats. Why Im favoring the intros prologue right now and Im really happy about this tablet, but when I do a longer drawing? Ah, I still have Nostalgia for the time I spent on the XP pen 24 Pro so I dont know. Maybe I will continue to do some DIY to find a way to get the two tablets around me Ill. Keep you informed about it.