This is one that just came out a few weeks ago. Id never even heard about it before, but a bunch of videos, for it have been popping up on my YouTube. Algorithm thing, and so I thought I might as well check it out, so this is what it looks like. This is a clean, install of vanilla OS. This is based off Ubuntu 22.10. I believe, and uh yeah right off. The bat lets take a look at what it comes with not that much. This is a pretty clean, gnome installation uh. It does set up quite a bit of stuff for you quite a bit of repositories. It gets you a flat pack and app image. Support right out of the box by default, which is pretty good, so Ill, show you in a second theres, a ton of stuff in the software studio. For this, but in terms of default applications there were options to install office. I chose not to. There was a couple more predefined things that I could have installed, but I just went with the plain basic just to see what everything was all about now in terms of web browser. It even gives you gnome web, which is like the worst web browser. Well, its not the worst, but its, not great in my opinion, but it works. I mean maybe its gotten better, since I last use it um most distributions seem to come with Firefox and uh. This one doesnt, which is fine Firefox, has not been all that great.

Lately, anyway and uh, you get gnome photos which is trash, but a lot of the other known programs are good. Files is basically a decent file manager. You got a nice clean, looking terminal, uh lets see if we right click on our desktop and we go to our change background. You can see it comes with a ton of wallpaper options, just right off the bat and dark Modes easy to switch to other than that. Your settings menu is uh, pretty basic your standard gnome settings menu and, as you can see, this is vanilla, OS, 22.10. Okay. So now were going to go ahead and hop over to the software Studio and show you it all. You can easily install out of the box because I think this is pretty much a distribution made for absolute beginners, because right out of the box, you dont have to do anything. You can just open software hit search. If you want Chrome there, it is right there right from flathe. If you want steam trust me, itll show up thats one thing about gnome software, a lot of times when youre in the middle of installing something you cant search. But here we have, we have steam. We can go ahead and put that on there we even have um for those of you who, like Minecraft, yeah, Minecraft, Bedrock launcher. So you can play Bedrock Edition right there on a Linux, its pretty cool gnome software, though kind of annoying some will come up.

Itll go away. I wonder flu choices on here. Ive had people on my channel theres looters. Ask me about um trying to get Roblox working on Chrome, OS Flex go ahead and issue there 404 well look into that later. But if you do want to Roblox or a bunch of other games, install this lutras and thatll get you that so all thats installing lets go ahead and see if our Google Chrome worked and there you go. You got Chrome pretty easily Im sure our steam worked. Theres Steam, of course, Im gon na have to log in to actually show it so Im not going to go through all that right now, but um yeah. Basically, I love that this comes with flat Hub pre configured. I think Fedora does now too, because a flat Hub, you get pretty easy installation of pretty much anything you want to do on Linux. I even see right here on the main page. You got a Playstation 2 emulator PS1 emulator, a Nintendo switch emulator, even thats, pretty cool. We got Discord so anyway. Most things you want youre going to be able to find in the software Center. Other than that, though, this is. This is a pretty clean Linux, insulation um. I definitely like it better than stock Ubuntu, so its an upgrade from that the installation process was super easy. I think its something an absolute beginner could go through without problems, so I dont know this is uh.

In my opinion, a good clean Linux, distribution and um Id say its a good competitor with uh zorin for the one I recommend for a beginner. I can see our lootress has installed um, so you guys can. Let me know what you think uh. This is vanilla. Os if youve tried it if youve been using for a while, let me know in the comments what you think about it: Ive only been putting with it for about 30 minutes here and to me this is this is what I like to see in a Linux Distribution just nice clean, the themes are not too flashy. It doesnt come with a bunch of bloat and uh easy to set up and fast. So this is vanilla OS you just search for it. On Google, vanilla, OS itll come right up, you install it the same way you install any Linux. Distribution works, good um and it might be a good alternative for those of you out there using a Chrome, OS, flex and kind of wanting more and who are kind of disappointed. With the Linux support on Flex. You might give this a try, so uh yeah there. It is, if you have any questions anything you want me to try on vanilla, Os or anything. You want me to show you. Let me know other than that thanks for watching. I hope you all have a good day.