This was actually the main story. This was the main big thing on my twitter feed. Today i saw a lot of people posting about this uh look, it’s kind of like a nintendo switch. Let’S, be honest. As far as the appearance is concerned, the difference here is we’re, seeing two touch pads, one on each side. Obviously, playing steam games pc games, you’re going to require a little more versatility as far as inputs and mapping for your controls, but otherwise it looks like a pretty typical game controller with a nice big screen in it. It has an amd apu containing a quad core zen 2 cpu with eight threads and eight compute units worth of amd, rdna, 2 graphics, alongside 16 gigs of lpddr5 ram, three different storage, tiers from 64 gigs, all the way up to 512, and actually the storage type Changes from the base model, it goes from emmc storage, all the way up to nvme ssd storage, that’s, really important to note. If you want fast storage, you’re gon na have to pay more and you’re, not gon na be able to get away with that ‘9 start price. Although i did really like that 3.99 start price, yeah very competitive to uh the switch there you go, it’s also got high speed micro sd card storage. If you need um an extra place to store stuff the steam deck has a huge number of control options, yeah. So obviously, there’s thumb sticks, there’s, uh, there’s, shoulder buttons, there’s buttons.

I don’t even know what to call the buttons on the back of the handle yeah where the pinky and the uh they’re like scuff buttons, i think, that’s. What they’re called on a console controller. Typically uh the front of the steam deck also has abx y buttons d pad, and the screen is seven inches 1280 by 800 it’s a touch screen and 720p for gameplay, so not any type of crazy resolution, but it is only seven inches. So it’s not quite the biggest deal. This is a nice diagram showing you everything, you’re working with there, where the speakers are located and also a microphone on there. So you can input your voice as well that’s kind of cool very, very switch like it. Obviously, the control units don’t come off of it it’s a singular portable unit and the idea here is that you can take your library of steam games right. You can take it to the couch. Yes, you can move around. You can find a more comfortable position. You can go to bed and continue playing your game, connect it to a tv or a monitor and uh. You can play there as well. Listen man! If my, if my twitter feed, is any indication of the potential popularity of this device, it seems like people want this thing and it seems like people were desperate for an alternative to nintendo’s product. As far as a portable is concerned, i guess you used to have sony kicking around with the ps vita and i don’t know, for whatever reason they jumped out of that space.

People already have comprehensive steam library, libraries full of games, it makes sense kind of cool portable gaming stuff. Now i don’t know how much you read about this, but what i’m trying to figure out is. Are you the games? Are the games get installed locally, or can you stream them that’s? What i’m trying to figure out as well? Okay, um, it does work with remote play. So if you have a pc, it could stream it through wi fi and then you’re using the gpu on your pc, but presumably with the hardware that i referenced earlier. If you head back to the verge article because i’m sure that they’re going to state it let’s let’s let’s, actually go a little bit lower here. Okay, the battery’s a 40 watt hour battery. You should be able to play games 30 fps five to six hours. Uh. You can also web browse on there and stream games yeah for lighter use cases like game streaming, smaller 2d games or web browsing. Then you can get seven to eight hours, so you are going to be able to do your streaming as well on the steam deck which is making me continue to think about the stream deck, which is the thing you’re tapping away on right now, man. This is all uh, and what is the threshold for you to do remote play like streaming from pc to installing a game and playing it? There there’s, obviously like some sort of graphical performance.

Of course, difference valve will also sell a dock that you can use to prop up the steam deck and plug it into external displays. Like a tv, you won’t need a dock to plug it into a tv, though, because it will plug in just via cables directly from the output. If you choose, the dock is just i guess there for convenience, it has usbc that contains hdmi inside of it. There’S. Also, bluetooth audio over there wow all right, that’s even more exciting. Then, if i like the versatility of it, that there’s a couple different ways to interface with it, i like that you can uh, you can use the remote play, valve’s remote play if you want, but you can also, it seems like you – can also play locally on It it’s a it’s running linux as well full fledged computer, and it can also do your entertainment. Presumably it has your apps. I mean it has a web browser. You can do anything on it. Yeah there was a cool little demo. I can’t find it on the website, but um you basically tap on the touchpad and you can actually um aim where you want to aim like just holding it, because it has a gyroscope right right right just to get that precise variety of sensors in there. So it’s very cool: when is the release? Did they mention that uh? Oh reservations for all the versions open on friday and it will be released, reservation fee december, okay, so christmas time, united states, canada, european union and the united kingdom? And then everything else comes in 2022.

wow. Oh ign got a hands on that’s one heck of an exclusive that’s cool, so they got to play an early model uh. Obviously they got to work on the software evidence stuff if they’re not launching until december, but this is this – gives you a nice little look at how it’s going to feel the holding used. It’S, a chunky boy, chunky, chunky or switchy yeah chunkier than the switch cool they’re going to sell a bunch of those yeah. The switch has been popular.