This is different. This promises to be for the retro handheld community, what the steam deck is to the pc community thats big shoes to fill, lets, take a look at the box and see if they uh, okay, theres, nothing, really, they didnt even tick any of the boxes for what We have i dont know if weve got a light, a base or a pro model. There are three models, lets just get into the box and calm ourselves down for you. I have this screen protector and if you will not calm down, i will break it. Tempered glass actually yeah a pretty good screen protector all right, so we got the unit itself in a little baggie. What else we got here? Oh nice little fabric, we got a usb type type, a to c, but its purple. Why yeah that looks like 2.0 to me, theres only four contacts in there youre entering the system right. This runs android. We have three cpu options: got the snapdragon 845 and the cryo gold and cryo silver, which im not sure the big and little cores is that what that is four or eight gigs of ram a full hd ips display 6 inches well 5.98. Inches close enough with touch 369 ppi, nice dragon trail glass. Oh no, i feel even worse about that screen protector wireless up to ac, so not wireless 6 or anything like that. Usb 3.1 type c on it with mini hdmi, 3.

5 millimeter audio jack android 10.. The retroid, i think, only ever goes up to android, 7 or 9. Maybe if you update it like it comes with five, the amber neck just runs emulation station in a i think, a linux distro of some kind. This runs android 10. So that means it can actually run some fairly recent applications. If you want to so, you could actually use it for mobile gaming in the traditional sense. All right lets get it out of the packaging here. First, i need to talk to you about our sponsor. You green thanks to you green for sponsoring todays video. You green is here to take your charging to the next level, with their new nexode 100 watt charger, its a four in one charger that has three usb c ports and a usb a port that supplies up to 100 watts of power. With that much power, you can easily charge your phone tablet and laptop the same time. Maybe even one of these guys itll charge the iphone 13 to 60 in 30 minutes or fully charge a 16 inch macbook pro in just an hour and a half and with its foldable prongs, the charger is still travel friendly and fits in the palm of your Hand get your ugreen nexo, 100 watt charger at the link below this feels really nice, like the plastic, is like almost like a soft touch. It feels yeah satiny, the oh, its got triggers and they feel good and they have a little detent at the end, too.

Theres like when you get down to the end theres a little bit of extra tension required to get it down to the actual end of the travel. Actually, thatd be pretty good for gamecube emulation, because gamecube has that extra detent thats, pretty cool its got paddles on the back here, im, not sure what youd use those for. Probably, i guess just map it to whatever you want. It does have a cooling fan, or at least i think, thats a fan in there so yeah. These are the speakers here. The stereo theyll fire down into your palms, which actually might be good for audio quality because, like theyre, not firing directly in just so to be muffled but theyre firing in such a way that, when youre holding the device, the sound will come down into your palm And then reflect up the shoulder buttons feel very nice. These are really thin. Theyre reassuringly clicky, honestly, really shocking im, not a huge fan of the clickiness of the d pad its got tactile switches instead of rubber domes, which i mean some people like that it is faster than a rubber dome, and you know you know when youve actually pressed It but if youre used to rubber domes its a little bit annoying also the d pad is pretty small. Like my finger covers the whole thing, i mean, if youre playing a fighting game – youre – probably not going to want to use the d pad.

These analog sticks feel a lot like the nintendo switch and i think they may actually be nintendo switch. Analog sticks from the joy cons. The face buttons themselves are rubber. Dome, though so that is a good feeling for me, and they they got a pretty good snap to them. They feel good. What is this a little door for our oh, its got a micro hdmi as well as a trans flash card slot in microsd. This size like this is this is fairly pocketable heres, my iphone right next to it like its basically my iphone, but with controllers it feels identical. Possibly you might get drift issues. I id have to take this apart to see if its the same, like actual mechanism and just the cap thats different and its only very slightly different. The motion feels identical. It is smaller than the regular switch. It is a little bit thicker, though its only because theyve got these grips, whereas the switch is just completely flat on the back. So this has that contoured grip, which, honestly again, it feels really nice in the hand its nice to hold its similar to the way. The steam deck feels with those uh, this ones kind of taken apart a little bit but yeah its got that molding on the back. That you know makes it thicker and a little bit more unwieldy, but at the same time it makes it much easier to hold, and it kind of reminds me of a smaller steam deck its like if the steam deck and a switch had a baby.

Look at that lets see how heavy this thing is in comparison to the competition it doesnt have its screws, there is a can missing and it doesnt have its ssd. So this is a steam deck thats been lightened up a little bit. Uh 650 grams yeah 1.4 pounds switch oled. This is a little bit heavier than a standard switch almost a pound. I think yeah 9.95 pounds or 0.96 pounds this guy 366 grams, its like a yeah, 0.8 pounds and thats, not even the only thing we got here like the steam deck. This thing has a dock: okay, the steam next docks not available. Yet this one is. This is eins super dock lets, get it out of the packaging here, because its already kind of exploded so thats why it felt flimsy this thing has a little window for you to slide your uh, your iron odin into so you basically just do this whole thing. I guess yeah, it just fits right in there just like a switch and oh well yeah. Now it has a screen protector. Just take this with you, wherever you go and oh also im noticing something pretty cursed. This is the button layout for an xbox controller. You got a green, a button red b button, a blue x button and a yellow y button. Remember that pattern, yellow b button red a button, green y button and blue x button. They are in completely different locations with completely different colors.

They kind of copied nintendo more here in terms of the whole layout right so, like i dont know why they couldnt have just kept the colors, oh, so this is what makes it a super dock. These are nintendo 64 controller ports, so you can use an n64 controller on your on odin with the super dock, and these are gamecube controller ports. So you dont even need an adapter or like a third party controller or anything like that in order to get authentic controls for these games and thats the problem for most handhelds or even consoles, because these controllers were so strange in their layout. Its actually kind of difficult to map them to any kind of legible, modern controller, try playing an n64 game with an xbox controller. There are two hdmis on here: okay, well, the type c is obviously for power ethernet. I i get that you get. The three usbs seems a little overkill, because you also have two usbs up here, which i mean: how many things are you going to hang off of this with usb? If youve already got ethernet, the hdmi output on the side is for 1080p specifically, and the hdmi output on the back is for 4k, specifically ive. Never seen that before. I have no idea why they couldnt have just made the 4k one do 1080p as well. Oh theres, more to this doc were not done yet. This really just puts this dock over into.

Why doesnt everything have this territory omega dark there we go check that out. That is a serial ata port. You can slide a two and a half inch hard drive or ssd into this thing and itll automatically connect once you dock the odin. You can have a huge game library on this and then carry like. I dont know your super nintendo and nes games on this, because theyre small, its like the best of both worlds. This has all the i o, like every every doc should have this. The steam deck dock should have this valve. Please, the uspc port is there and its got like a little collar very awkward to get in there from here but yeah. You know it makes it so that only when this is fully aligned will it get down there. So youre not going to scratch up your console its like the perfect dock. Sorry i know i just said that i was going to get it back together, but, as im doing it im reminded the one thing that i would strongly hope to have fixed in a future revision. Theres no way to get this up after youve taken the screws out without like sticking a screwdriver in here and like kind of prying, it so theres no way in, like its yeah thats thats, something id like to see fixed for a future revision other than that. The docs great see look its its begging for repeal its got these little bubbles here, just kind of just got ta, pull it right off there, uh ive had better nice boot up animation.

It doesnt look theres any proprietary. Anything in here. As far as software goes google server – oh here here we go so odin settings its got an ambient led joystick. Ah the joysticks light up, i think its just blue and the side leds. Oh, its got some uh, some of that side, lighting action, so you have to choose, and you have to restart it between selecting this, whether you want displayport over type c, which is 4k 60 compatible or hdmi, which is 1080p compatible. So this version of it can in fact run with this here little port and the 1080p port on the side here or it can run with displayport on the bottom performance seems solid. I need to turn up the chunks count because it seems like its a solid 60. yeah. Supposedly this thing can do like dreamcast games and like a bunch of like really high end emulators, but its also useful for things like well mobile games, minecraft, uh, gentian impacts. What else do the the kids play these days? Jono cod mobile yeah, so it slowed down a little bit while it was loading those chunks, but it is now back up to basically a solid 60. Maybe a couple drops down in the 50s or 40s, depending on what im looking at this is base. This is pretty much cranked at this point. This is 1080p now granted minecraft isnt the most graphically intensive application out there, but it is one of the most unoptimized applications out there, okay, so its starting to chug a little bit.

When i look out this way, so there must be a whole bunch of stuff in that particular direction, so its like dropping down like 30 ish, i think yeah, maybe maybe dont play on maximum chunks. But i mean this is a snapdragon 845 soc. So you can basically expect pretty much top tier performance, but i was thats what i was going to say, but is this fan thing just not not a thing. Is that just not is that not a fan, i dont think thats a fan. What are you 287 us dollars for for the extra 50 bucks you get a better battery wait. What else do you have more ram and more storage? Obviously, you go for the base of the pro right. 67 us dollars for this theres, not a whole lot of stuff in here, like theres, a usb hub, obviously and an ethernet controller, and i guess a displayport to hdmi – or i guess, thats done on board im, not entirely sure it does have the controller, ports and Stuff, like a controller converter for this many controllers, would be probably more than that yeah get get the dock and get this. It costs you. What like 350 bucks, total and youve got pretty much the perfect hybrid portable device that you can you can get for for like retro gaming yeah, you can stream stream pc games with um. I think steamed steam link or moonlight if youve got an nvidia card or amd link.

I was going to just leave it there, but jono so rudely interrupted my attempts to close this video out by saying, hey. You should go and put on some crab rave its a little distorted max volume highs are good, though, having your hands there does change, is very Music similar thats, not bad, like its, not amazing, Music, very different, sound signature with your hands away from it. The stereo imaging sounds pretty good. The top end sounds pretty tight. The bass is heavier than i would expect. It does get a little bit distorted up at the max volume, but overall clarity is really good. Let me just quickly: do my phone Music, very strong, very strong performance, i would say that it actually probably sounds better than my phone because of the stereo separation. I would have expected speakers, especially on a device that costs this little to be a weak point, because they always are its always either the screen or the speakers or the controls, but none of it feels bad and none of it is bad, its all very solid. Obviously, the chipset is going to be the limiting factor, its not like the top and snapdragon, but its an 845, which is not a slouch, especially for the price. Would i buy this uh probably like if i were in the market, for something like this? I mean i got a steam deck reservation in so im not currently, but at the same time like the steam deck is huge by comparison so like.

If i, if i had to commute every day, this would be my go to probably not the steam deck thats, just the bottom line, thanks for watching this episode of short circuit guys, this is uh not entirely retro flavored, but pretty retro.