Now i just received this. This is a review unit. Of course, the retail on this specific model is a little under 3 600 us dollars. You heard right: this is an expensive machine aimed at business users that are looking to travel light, but still have an incredibly powerful and competent laptop, really an ultrabook, and it does start the i5 version at roughly. I think a little under 2600 us, but right now, that’s only in the pre order phase. This, i believe you can actually get shipped and what makes this really unique is that it is the first 11th gen intel laptop i’ll be reviewing uh. That is a 35 watt cpu in addition to that, we’ve got uh. Of course, next gen nvme drive. So that means that if you’ve been waiting to see a laptop with native gen4, pcie nvme support you’re about to see one that means read and write speeds. Unlike anything, you’ve ever handled and i’m excited to share it with all of you, that’s generally been relegated to desktop performance. Now, in this build and i’ll take off the lid right now. The first thing we’re going to notice is the actual body of the laptop, the chassis which has been redone. So originally you know it was always carbon fiber, but this is the first time that sony has made a 3d carbon fiber body 3d uh in the sense that the entire body is carbon, fiber it’s, not patchwork, not that i’m knocking previous generations but that’s.

One of the hallmarks of this build – and i can already tell you it is very nice. This is the black color and essentially it’s a little over two pounds – 2.2 pounds. I believe uh it’s, not i o centric, like you, know other vaio models out there, but still a major player because of that 11th gen uh chip, which is 35 watts only four cores, but still impressive we’ve got a 65 watt charger right here, which is fairly Small, i don’t think anything else in the box. I’Ll tell you about specifications right now and really what this amounts to i’m just checking. If this power brick happens to come with an additional port which vaio often does, but it does an incredibly small power, brick, which i like and the beauty of this machine, is that, even though it only has a quad core, cpu intel still pushing the boundaries on Performance for single core, so if that is important to you, you’re probably going to like this machine now, it’s got one of their. Those ergo hinges. You can see it propped itself up. Matte 14 inch display on this model, the specs in general 14 inch. This is a uhd display, i’m going to see if the power button gives us anything out of the box. It looks like it does a little green light there on the power button, digging that and basically what you’re getting out of this as i’ve mentioned, either an i5 or an i7 11th gen chip.

This one in particular, is the i7. The 1137 5h i’ve already stated 35 watt 4 core cpu. Apparently this is looking to do a restart. Maybe it didn’t get refreshed before it was sent out to me, you can go with either 16 or 32 gigs of ram. I believe this model has 16 gigs of ram and, as i mentioned, the nvme you can either get a half terabyte single or two terabyte drive. This has a half terabyte drive and, as i stated, we are now working with generation. Four drives so read. Write should be somewhere around seven to you know four or five thousand we’ll see i’m gon na benchmark it uh. You know it can be upgraded. So if, like me, you’ve got one of these sitting around a severant rocket, four plus that’s, a perfect complement to a machine like this. If you’re looking to save money out of the box and by the way, saving money with this really isn’t part of the agenda, is it because this is a very expensive machine and for good reason again, if you’re not familiar with vayo, then you didn’t grow up With sony no longer directly owned by sony, however, sony does still have an interest as far as i you know last i checked in this company and they really just make some of the nicest laptops on the planet wish that they had a larger line. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things are.

We do have a windows, hello, ir camera. I believe this is a privacy switch right here. Yes, it is, and it also has the ability to sense whether or not you’re using the machine they’ve made their trackpad touchpad larger. So for those of you looking at this and saying well that doesn’t look that big trust me for avail, it is, and vayo essentially is the i would say father of ultrabooks, i mean when you go back to sony’s lineage. Excuse me, while i log into my network here and it’s, just insane how light this is. I know i mentioned it’s a little over two pounds, but it is bonkers. So i mean you pick it up. One handed and it’s it’s, nothing um! You know no real wobble in the display. I mean this is about build quality. This is uh made in japan at least they always have been i’m gon na actually check the bottom to see if they still are, but i don’t think that they would go any other route yep still made in japan and that’s. What i expected so as i was stating we’ve got that i7 11th gen intel cpu, which is 35 watts, which may sound a little bit wild, because you know the cpu in the asus g15. That i’ve been covering now, which is a gaming laptop, is a 35 watt cpu, but basically what this should amount to is great performance, maybe not as phenomenal battery life, but still a really nice machine at least that’s.

What i’m seeing so far the ergo hinge there. I mean a little bit of movement in this display, but the ergo hinge again. The whole premise is to give it the ability to breathe properly um, but you know that may take some time for you to get used to uh. For me, of course, the g15 i’m going to reference again is of similar design, but you know, vaio has been doing this for a while now so i’m, not surprised uh with the hinge design. But what is new with the hinge? Is this part right here? So this is part of this new design that was not on previous generations, so interesting again, incredibly lightweight let’s, see if i can skip this i’m going to do an offline account i’m, not really interested in syncing up with microsoft. Here, don’t need to, for the purposes of my experience, let’s just we’ll put e in there that’s all we need right and we don’t need a password. Now, from a security standpoint, the ir camera really does what it needs to and, like i said it even has the awareness capability that you walk away. It will lock the system. You come back. It’Ll recognize you unlock the system. This is something more and more. Manufacturers are doing now in terms of price. I believe this goes up to around five grand i’m going to just check. I don’t remember offhand, but i believe it actually does get that expensive.

Let’S see. I should have the information here: i’m, just going straight based on you, know: vios pre orders so 2400. I stand corrected for the core i5 with 16 gigs of ram and a half terabyte, and a full hd display now vios claiming 18 hours of battery life. Now, with the uhd model, that’s not going to be the case, nor do i believe, you’re going to get 18 hours that’s. You know, based on a very specific sort of video playback test 2800 for the i5, with a one terabyte nvme, still full hd matte display, like this at least but it’s, full hd, not uhd like this one. Now we hit my model that i’m reviewing 35.79 and that i’ve already given you the build half terabyte, of course, the i7 16 gigs of ram a 14 inch uhd display no touch screen, they’re, quoting 10 and a half hours of battery life. So realistically, if i end up seeing about eight hours out of this uh that’ll be very good, and then you can step up to 37.79. Well, i think yes, so almost 3 800 key difference there being that we’ve got the one terabyte nvme and then, if you want the two terabyte nvme that’s going to set you back ‘.79 and then 41.79 for 32 gigs of ram and a 2 terabyte nvme. So that’s, where things stop, but not 5 000 didn’t. You know not trying to blow anyone’s top off here, but that’s still a lot of money.

But again you will not really find too many machines on the market that are going to compare fairly well with this. I mean everything on this thing is next gen and then take into account this brand new chassis and you’ve got a completely different beast i’m, very interested in how long it’s going to take to actually charge this i’m. Now. Finally, getting a look at what the display looks like, i believe, we’ve got intel precision drivers here, as we always have with vayo let’s, see right now: it’s, estimating a little under five hours, four hours and 44 minutes with 75 remaining, so based on that it’s. Not looking like eight hours, but i haven’t played uh with settings that’s, looking more like six to seven but we’ll, see, of course, vaio has always been good with battery management and their own internal software. I mean vio really does have its own identity, which is something i think all manufacturers struggle to attain these days so i’m very curious to see what this ends up performing like and then, of course, i will probably be directly comparing it to lenovo’s nano as well As some other ultrabooks, but none of them in terms of specifications are going to measure up to this because again, this is the first 11th gen machine of any sort that i’ve gotten for review. As i mentioned at the top of the video, you do have iris xe graphics, which means that believe it or not.

This two pound ultrabook is going to be able to do a little bit of gaming. Now nothing, you know no triple a titles necessarily, but if you’re going for some legacy games, some some older titles you’re going to be able to game on it. Just like you would on any other ultrabook, of course, you’ll take it down to 1080p, but that’s. Still the beauty of iris xe is that, unlike previous, you know, integrated uh graphics from intel. Basically, the uhd series: you could not really game at anything beyond 720p, so gaming at 1080p is going to be very possible. The screen seems like it’s very bright. I mean i’m looking at my monitor, it seems pretty blown out that’s, a good sign. You know from what i read it’s somewhere between four and 500 nits. What i like to see vio, give us an oled. Of course, this is an ips panel, so we’re still not there, but eventually – and i love a touch screen option, but you know they have modernized this build now when it comes to io let’s talk about that i’m still can’t get over how light this thing is For a 14 inch machine, we’ve got an hdmi uh 2.1 port you’re. Not excuse me, 2.0 you’re not going to see 2.1 is what i meant to say without a dedicated gpu, at least to my knowledge, i don’t know if intel is supporting that, i don’t think they can with iris xe graphics.

But who knows, i stand to be corrected if i’m incorrect, some ventilation right here, thunderbolt port, totally clean on the back outside of you – know some ventilation and the hinge system. Again, you can see that it has that angled lip to the back of the display and that’s exactly how it lifts itself up when you open the machine and then we’ve got a kensington lock, accompanied by of course, another thunderbolt 4 port, more ventilation, headphone microphone, jack Combo and that’s it i mean nothing else on this machine other than the privacy switch, which is dead center there for the ir windows, hello, compatible camera, the back we’ve got some phillips screws all over the place and remember this is a sample a review unit. So this is not uh, you know typical of what the machine will look like i mean the chassis is, but the labeling you know there’s no serial number on this etc. So i mean i don’t even know how many i see. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Ten, eleven, twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen. Sixteen seventeen eighteen screws. It looks like holy moly that’s a lot of screws, but remember, as i stated, this was a proprietary process as far as i know, uh with the design, the creation of this carbon fiber chassis. Being that it was uh 3d, i guess printed is what i’m assuming a 3d design, but at any rate, i’ll elaborate on that more once i get to you, know, updating and a more in depth review of this, but overall just really impressed with the design really Nice looking machine, i think the only hurdle it has is that price point i mean historically, the vio z was always the epitome of sony’s computing and, of course, vio as a brand.

Still it remains that so i was not shocked that it was the most expensive machine that vayo has sold in quite some time. I am a little bit taken back still by the pricing because it is pretty wild, but you know i think that has a lot to do, and this is one thing i’m already noticing. If you haven’t noticed, is that every time i go to open it for all of you, people i’m, you know sidetracking from my point about the price but that’s, because it’s it’s happened yet again when you go to open this essentially i’m on a wooden desk here, If you do not hold the machine, when you go to open it up, it will slide a little bit. So you know i’m just noticing that i’m assuming that’s going to it’s going to be that way on the retail models. Even though this is a pre production unit, but we’ll find out i’m going to reach out and find out whether that has to do with just the way the ergo hinge here is set up or the rubber feet, it’s interesting that the rubber feet here are. You know you see that wrapped around it’s just a brand new design. I have no other way of putting it, but back to the price. As i was saying you know, this is a steep one. However, uh, when it comes to vio as a brand, nothing is inexpensive and historically i mean my first laptop was avail my picture book.

I think it was the second gen may have been the first gen picture book back in 1990. Oh, was that 98 99 somewhere around there i’ve done uh. You know in april fools about it. I would love to see them reboot the picture book but, more importantly, i’d love to see bio, bring back the canvas z, which was arguably one of my favorite machines that they ever made um i’m sure many of you that follow my channel back in 2015. Remember that tablet, hybrid, really ahead of its time, would love to see it happen now, especially now that we have much more efficient and really overall the technology to make beyond just efficient cpus. We have the platform that didn’t exist back in 2015 to really make an all in one tablet that can do everything, but this has to be high on your list. If you’re, looking for again the best ultrabook on the market so excited to test it out, we’ll see what performance is like and of course i will report back it’s been a long time since i’ve seen a vio, z and i’m glad to have one. Finally, back in hand, but i do have to find out about this whole opening up thing because it seems like, as i was saying, those of you who always ask: can you one hand it well? This looks like it’s, definitely a two hand, operation that’s for sure, but at any rate i will report back excited to try it out.

You see the back lighting there on the keyboard. Keys seem like they have a little more travel than previous generations, so it looks like modernization has come to the vaio line, but it’s still absolutely all about business. This is a machine meant to satisfy adults. What else can i say and adults that generally spend most of their time in the boardroom is what i would say at any rate, i will report back any questions or comments.