This has a slightly larger screen in it. So it's up from thirteen point three to fourteen now with slimmer side, bezels, new CPU configuration as well so they're, going with a slightly faster Core, i5 80 to 65, with a maximum turbo of 3.9, all the core i7 85 65. This configuration that I have that I'm reviewing today has 8 gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabytes of storage. Now they all run Windows 10 Pro by the way, and you can get up to one terabyte of storage too, with these and even a 4k display this one that I have is 1080p other changes include now it has a type C port, and it also is Even lighter so the S model was light at about one point: is there are six kilos? It is now about one kilo or one point zero one. So it is super light with a premium built and by the way it is still made in Japan, which is great for SX. 14 is very thin, as you can see seventeen point six millimeters. Not only is it thin, but look at how light it is it's. Just over a kilo so about one point: zero one kilos and if you add the power supply with its cable, that just brings up your total travel weight, then to one point: two: eight kilos, which is super light till it's made mostly out of metal this little Strip along the top, that is plastic that's for a wireless reception.

If I press down on the lid here, there's a tiny little bit of flex, but I don't believe the screen is going to be pressing on the keyboard and damaging it on the rear. We'Ve got plenty of screws there to downwards firing speakers a nice, rubber front foot and in two rear rubber feet. The screen can be pushed back at a decent angle. I feel this is going to be suitable for most people now the strip along the top. Here. This is our intake: there's no intake vent on the bottom, as you saw so it can be used on a lap without blocking it in causing overheating. On the left side, a laptop you'll find DC in there for charging now the charge time is very quick it's about one hour and thirty minutes status LED our exit vent there that's, where all the heats going to come out when the fan does come on. King Xing Tanakh slot and 2 USB 3 type, a ports and our 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which does support microphones and then on the right. This is what I really love about. This laptop. We have a PCIe SD card reader, the card sitting, flush, a USB 3 port and then type c USB 3.1. This is power, data and video out up to 4k 30 Hertz HDMI 1.4, a which, I believe, is an error. This should be HDMI 2.0 a so we can at least get 4k 60 Hertz and then we've got Gigabit LAN and finally VGA.

They kept this, which is really good. This is so handy to have, because how many times have you been in a meeting room in a boardroom and the projector is still using vga standard on all models? Is a eland fingerprint reader. This works very well in conjunction with Windows, hello, so you touch this and it only takes a second to login, which is much faster, of course, than typing a password, so the touchpad – yes, it is small, especially for 2019 standard set. Is a Windows, precision touchpad! It has a nice smooth surface to it. We have Hardware left and right mouse buttons, so it's, not just the gestures and speaking of gestures. Of course it supports all of your Windows. 10 desta's, yes it's small, but it is actually quite a good touchpad, very accurate. The finer movements and I haven't really had too much of a problem using it. I did find it a little small in the beginning coming from some other laptops, but you do get used to it and overall, I feel it is a decent touchpad. This X 14 has a great keyboard. This really has not changed much from the previous generation. Perhaps it does have a little bit more of key treble so it's about 1.5 millimeters, the key treble. If I press down really hard here in the middle, there is hardly any flicks. It is very rigid, a great really typing experience due to the spacing of it, and the fact that when you do open up the lid, of course, that led design then lifts the keyboard up.

Giving us a very good typing angle, and it just makes it a little bit more comfortable. There. We'Ve got shortcuts page up and down while brightness and screen controls up here and the power key is separated away from the keyboard. The webcam up top is flanked by dual array: microphones, it does have a status LED in there to let you know that is on. So you see from this sample that the quality of the webcam is not bad at all. I feel for 720p runs at 30 frames per second and the microphones either side do a very good job. The quality is again they're very good. Now the charger, the cable is long enough, so it will reach up from a desk into the PowerPoint and, as you can see, there is a USB port on here now the output of this is quite weak. It has only 5 volts one amp. Now you can charge it with external battery packs. This one here supports power delivery to up to 20 volts 2.25 amps and it's, currently charging at around 23 watts, which is about 7 watts slower, then using the power adapter, so baton. Key change with this laptop is they've managed to squeeze a 14 inch panel into this. Really. What is a 13.3 inch laptop, because the previous model, previous generation of the vos, was, of course, a 13.3 inch one, and we got the slimmer bezels on the side. So the top and bottom bezels they haven't changed too much they're slightly smaller, very decent screen on this.

So it has a matte anti glare coating. The maximum brightness is around 219 it's and images, as you can see here, look very good now. These are very saturated images very bright, because this was a very bright red and the real word of matures here. When you look at them, they look quite good. Now you don't get any pulse width. Modulation flicker with this screen that I can detect that I can see at lower brightnesses and the brightness does lower down very low. Now you will see some flicking now and that is only on camera, so that's, the lowest brightness sitting there, which is a run about 20 to 15 it's, only which is very good for dark environments, perhaps you're on a plane doing a bit of work. The out of the box calibration isn't too bad it's, just a little off now switch to the calibrated view. So I've got to calibrate it now, with my spider, 5 Pro and then uncalibrated again, it just seemed to have a little bit of a green kind of tint to it. If you look at this image here, but overall it's not too bad, the displays gamut is quite good to have got a 99 of srgb coverage and the Adobe RGB coverage is 78. So this is really good. So, all of the Essex 14s they shipped with Windows – 10 Pro it's, a business focused laptops that's. Why it's always going to come with pro here? It'S running version 1809.

So it is a more recent build of Windows, which is great there, and this configuration it has 8 gigabytes of RAM, which is running in dual channel here now the RAM speed is actually running at 1866 megahertz. I thought it'd be a little bit high thought. It might be 21 33, but it doesn't seem to affect the performance, as I will show you soon with a couple of benchmarks. So when we look under the device manager you go under the CPU here, you can see it's a more recent one. So a lot of the last gen laptops. Well, the older model – I should say they had the i5 8250 you. This now has the 82 65 you, which is slightly faster, the maximum turbo 3.9 gigahertz here and our wireless card. This is a qualcomm atheros, and this adapter is not as fast as those Intel gigabit wireless ones. Now the maximum speeds and throughput I've been able to get FTP transfer I've been able to get around about 400 megabits per second out of that, and just an example of download speeds. Here I have a 300 megabit fiber line here and I'm. Quite some distance from the wireless router and I'm still able to get a peak of 35 megabytes per second transfer that's a download speed there, which is close to my fiber speed there. So very good Wireless, no problems with the range, no dropped connections or anything like that. It is very reliable there, which is great.

Now, the internal storage. We have a very fast samsung PM. 9. 81. I look at these speeds here. These are really good. No problems here, no bottlenecks very fast from random 4k read and writes it's a really good speeds with that and I've take a look at a few benchmarks. I'Ve run a couple that I typically go through, so I first wanted to point out that this is the S 14, when we've got it plugged into the wall very good score here with Geekbench. For now, when you have it on the battery, no matter what you do know what a no matter, what setting you have it set to in the performance mode, it seems to be limited and about 30 to 40 slower when you're running just off the battery. Now this is probably for battery saving. Now you do have what's called the vo control center, and this is where you're able to change a few things here, even with the set under the battery having it set on performance, you still cannot get the kind of scores and power that you get with it Plugged in there's a few other settings and here's, he can change the things with the touchpad to turn that on or off and to do with a backlight on the keyboard as well their hardware and network just a few things. So this is a two ports on a USB 3 port on the right hand, side, but for those ports they can charge devices but it's only at 1.

5 amps it's, the maximum output. You can do there with that. Another good thing to note here is the SD card. Slot is not crippled and limited to only USB 2 speeds, and this one is an ultra high speed SD card reader, as you can see from my speed so that I got out of a Samsung, Evo micro sd card in an adapter in the SD card slot. So that is very good to see this a lot of manufacturers are only using USB 2 and I really wish that everyone would just use the fastest bit. Of course now here is our past mark reading. So this is not a bad score at all. Considering the chipset, the spec, of course, we've got a very fast. Is this down here that so that's helping? This is slightly faster than last year's model. The same goes for our PC. Mark 10 score again is going to be a little bit faster here. So your typical office work spreadsheets PowerPoint presentations that you're editing a little bit of Photoshop. Everything like that is going to run perfectly find this as an 8th, gen CPU. It just handles everything, really fine, fast loading times on applications and everything it's, a very quick machine that just loads up with ease so there's no real need for me to go into too much detail with that. Now your HEV C files will play natively with the GPU and vp9 codecs and no problem.

The heading video let's just test out now in YouTube wanting own stream some 4k and how it's going to handle that. But it will not have any problem with it whatsoever and everything loads in fine. You can see that popped up very quick and just go here. 4K demo we'll see how it handles that, since the straight one here just going to mute it and will enable these sets, of course, and set it to 4k. You can see everything here is just super quick, so no drop frames to drop frames just go into full screen where that doesn't or ml see how that's keeping up fine. Now, for my chrome, quick, multi tab load test so I'm, just going to type in anything random. Here that comes with the top of my head. Okay, cars go through and open up as mini pay, as I can just quickly, including videos. So I open all these ones up and see how fast it loads and everything the performance of the system with the HGN cpu there it's just really quick. I mean look at how well it's handling this you're gon na have no slowdown with this and then swapping between the tabs to so I think, I've opened up enough we'll go through them, real quick. You can see that they are loading up and just help lazing fast. This system is that there's no slowdown here. It performs excellent, really well so for business use.

This definitely gives you enough power more than enough, and yes, while it is a business laptop in between meetings, you can play a few like games like counter strike. League of Legends and dota 2 will run fine on this in 1080p. So what about the audio performance? Now the 3.5 millimeter jack it does have port headphones, like most modern laptops do, but the speaker's themselves they're lacking a little bass. I would ideally like to have more volume they're, not particularly loud. Are they going to be loud enough for a boardroom environment? If you don't have any speakers on a projector only just I feel most people gon na be able to hear it in the room. It'S got that loudness for voice, but I'll give you a sample of it. So fair noise is good, but once you start to really push the machine and you do have it set on the performance you will hear the fan. Is it enough to annoy your work? Colleagues? Well, if they're sitting in the cubicle next to you, perhaps they will hear it I'll give you a sample of it now, but when you're just doing a light, normal task, you don't hear the fan and it does actually turn off but here's that sample. Now we get on to the thermals, but I just wanted to point out first that if you have a look at the CPU, they are running a 25 watt power limit, which is great.

This is going to boost our performance. Now this is a 15 watt CPU, but here they have it configured on the higher TDP the power limit. But, as a result, we are getting some thermal throttling, so I've been keeping an eye on this and when you're doing something really demanding. So you do like a bit of video editing or even just very taxing work over long periods. I feel the fan profile is probably to blame here, it's very slow to ramp up when it does start to get hot, so the peak temperatures. If I look back over the hour that I've been using this for more than an hour, it will pick up to about 95 degrees when you are really pushing this now. I do have HW info open right here, so I mean monitoring things for the last. Almost three hours really pushing this, so you can see 95 degrees was our peak temperature and, of course, that did trigger thermal throttling. Thermal throttling seems to kick in about 90 degrees. External temperatures are good, so it will get warm just above the keyboard. You can see here about 35 degrees on the bottom of the laptop it's about the same 35 degrees and it doesn't get any hotter, so it's not gon na burn you if I move it down now to where the keyboard is. The keyboard is just warm around 30, so it doesn't get hot to the touch. I look now at the internal, so it's well laid out, and what does surprise me is the amount of free space they have.

Yet the engineers did not take advantage of adding a larger battery, so this is 35 watt hours the same as the previous generation and to me, they've got room to put perhaps up to 40, maybe even slightly over 40 watt hours. Would you give us, of course, more battery life as it stands, we're getting around 6 to 7 hours of battery life? Out of this, which I feel is falling a little bit short, you can see right here. I'Ll fan the single copper transfer, heat pipes and AM shielding so the chipset. The RAM is below this Ram is not upgradable on these models. It is part of the motherboard. So if you need 16 gigabytes all the i7 as well, the CPU is not upgradable. You need to, despite the configuration that you need now you can upgrade the atheros wireless card if you're not happy at the SSD is Wells, upgradable and right here we do have a PCIe slot, which looks to be about 42 millimeters in length that is free, it's, Labeled as miscellaneous, so I think like previous models, this could be for an LTE modem on perhaps a future release that might be coming all right. So if you are in the IT department you're in charge of purchasing, I would definitely get one of these to test out and look for, for example, your sales team. It is a solid laptop. The build quality is excellent made in Japan. It is premium the finish and it is very light, so they changed some of the materials they reduced or in fact, I think, and removed the magnesium alloy that they were using in this and they've now gone with some carbon fiber to get it even lighter, but Not sacrificing on the strength of that keyboard is great to type on touchpad.

Yes, it is a little small, but you do get used to it and it does work well fingerprint reader as well from elands working great great to see a PCIe fast SD card reader. Not crippled with USB 2 speeds top see put on there as well up to 4k 30 Hertz charging, which is good. This is a great addition to have on there and they retained the VGA port, which is very handy to have as well now my complaints, minimum they're not really huge deal breakers, but I would love to see hdmi 2.0 on this. I believe with a 2019 laptop. It should be HDMI to spec that way we can get monitors to run or TVs at 4k in a smooth 60 Hertz, which I could not get from the type C port. Unfortunately, webcam is great. The speakers need to be a little bit louder. I feel, for example, for Skype, calls a conference call or in your in a meeting room more people around you that some people might struggle to hear it. It'S just needs to be louder, I feel if they can boost the loudness of that. That would be great. The other is the fan profiles. So, if you do some really demanding work, the fan takes a little while to ramp up to the maximum speed and what happens. It will peak about 95 to 90 degrees, just for a few seconds and once you continue, for example, encoding a video and then it will just sit there at about 80 degrees.

So the thermals are actually good it's, just not great seeing it peek up to about 90 degrees and thermal throttle, so hopefully the engineers the guys behind their bias, the software they can adjust the fan profiles just to get it to come on a little quicker. It would be really good battery life as well. I find to be slightly disappointing not that it's an issue to take the charger with you, it's, very small, but seven hours, that's, really taking it easier to mix kind of office. Work with the brightness at 30 really needs to be a little bit better than that. I feel they could have put a larger battery. There is room for it and I'm sure most people wouldn't mind having an extra 100 150 grams to have a larger battery. In this, but overall, an all around very good business, focused machine here, lovely screen on it.