I know a lot of you already know: samsung decks, but my last ache of this instead of samsung dex used around instead of my main laptop and in this video make sure you stick around to the very end, because i have a lot to share with you. Guys so without any further ado, let’s get started so first things: first, what is exactly samsung deck, samsung, dex, hair, so samsung dexa features. If you have an external monitor display or even your laptop now right now, i think it could flagships making available as i’m single. Like the s lineup or note lineup or could samsung tabs may be available, an external monitor your tv or laptop samsung is gon na start. Okay, so now that we know what samsung dex is the next question is: how does it work? So merely your coffee, simple, because they have a usb c monitor. So i can just connect my usbc monitor to my phone through a usbc cable. So once you are there, samsung takes up now boot up, monitor bay and i’m, not fully operationalized. So within seconds mapura. Pc like experienced lasik town, which is all powered by this tiny little phone now agar apko dedicated mouse samsung, actually also gives you an option to use your phone screen as a track pad, which i think is really cool but may still recommend guru, maharaja dedicated mouse Or a dedicated keyboard record to have that whole pc like experience while using samsung decks now to make it look and feel like a pc, samsung, samsung, dex and then and then you can also access your quick settings toggle from the bottom right as well, and then On the bottom left is where your all apps are buried into, so you can access all your apps, which are actually installed on your phones.

Samsung dex will be a piece of cake, so there are a couple of things that you will immediately notice once you start using samsung decks number one is, although samsung decks aims to give you a pc like experience, you have to remember that. Yes, sarah phones, the power, so most of the apps on your phone are better optimized for phone. So what happens is if you open up an app first time it opens up just like it will open up in your phone, but samsung decks app will actually option there. There can for full screen mode. Now, i would say, by default, most of the samsung apps google, apps and also microsoft. Apps are better optimized for samsung decks, but other koi app has like amazon prime video. Your netflix full screen mode samsung also gives you an option to force resize such as full screen now this brings us to the next segment of this video. Now all this sounds cool right, but agarose the point of it right. So what all works? Well, i would say everything, basically anything that has nothing to do with an exclusive windows app on an exclusive mac, os app. So, for example, i can just open up prime video and watch my favorite series or movie in full screen, or i can just go to. Google docs and write down some notes. In fact, this video is then also i can go to gmail and reply to some emails and get some job done.

Then i can go to microsoft excel and edit some worksheets as well, and it works just like it would work on a windows or a mac os laptop. So it is really nice, and also if that is not enough, you can just go to any of the browsers and use internet like you would do on any of your windows laptop or any of the other browsers. A pro tip here is kia samsung internet browser. He used kana because whoa best optimizer, samsung, dex kelly and also i realize it takes a little less battery when compared to especially chrome and other browsers as well. But there is one more thing: i never expected that it will work on samsung deck, but it does and that so i’m actually playing asphalt, 9 right now and, although i’m not good at it. But, as you can see, i can enjoy the game as i would play it on a windows or a mac os laptop. So this actually changes the game a whole lot, because my sari games are full screen enjoy because it down now what? If i told you that this is not even the best feature of samsung, so samsung takes the first time, but this is where things starts to get a little problematic right, because you have a usbc monitor phone, actually usb c cable charger. But a lot of you might not have that. So, first of all, usb c to hdmi dongle enough and also you’ll have to make sure dongle may usb a ports, external mouse or keyboard be used and also you’ll have to make sure that you also get a wireless charger, because apko phone charge, new yogas and Samsung decks are the battery lifter wireless charger, and i think this is where it there was the biggest limitation for samsung decks, and this is why people didn’t use samsung decks a lot, but, starting with note, 20 series last year, samsung or feature nicola, which is called Wireless samsung decks joe up samsung desk, a pura experience, wirelessly secure.

If you have a tv that supports miracast, or you can also use it on your laptop by just installing a simple application called samsung decks for your laptop now. This, i think, changes the game completely because mojo, like not everyone out, there would be willing to spend that extra money to get that dog or dongle or everything else, and not everyone will have a usbc monitor like i have right now here, but a lot of You i’m, assuming a lot of you already, would have a smart tv at home that supports mira cars, and this, i think, will make things a lot a lot easier. So this brings us to our final segment of this video now that we have wireless samsung decks and a lot of people can use it, who will actually end up using it and also, let me add, up a follow up question can samsung dex actually replace your Daily laptop let’s break it down now modulate experience today, like you have to edit presentations or work on excel sheets on the go samsung index is a very useful feature for you or make samsung. Dex will again be very, very helpful now to answer the question where i say: can samsung dex actually replace your daily laptop? Well, i would say for a lot of you out there. It can because up up now, samsung expected, like casual browsing microsoft office, become your netflix user and all that stuff. I would actually recommend you to go and use samsung dex if you already have one of the samsung flagships at your home.

So yes guys this was it for this video. Let me know in the comment section below: how did you like it yeah? I got upgrade video coffee, helpful, lucky so make sure you hit that like button and also share it with your friends who actually have a samsung flagship, but yet they don’t know about this feature called samsung pix.