The easiest way to do it tap here and then through windows. You connect to a wireless display and thats what its doing right now. So i have my laptop, which is very close by its got wi fi six, its pretty much the fastest kind of card you can get ax 200 and one its its a good decent card. It is an msi ge, 66, 11 uh. You can see right there, okay, thats it connected up. So what is the latency like? I know. A lot of people have been asking me about this and the mouse cursor right here. As i move my mouse its a little bit laggy now theres two options: you can set it on to the game or for pin so for stylus performance thats. What ive set it to so the highest performance – and you can see here – the frame rate is actually only around 15 frames per second, so thats, why it looks a little bit choppy now. Can you use touch with it? No, i dont know if you can, if you install the app on windows, but i dont think its possible. So scrolling here looks a little choppy and a little slow to load in. So just ignore this other things here. So the 120 thats 120 hertz refresh rate of the screen its the whole time, its constant, its not dynamic, or anything like that. So if you move this about, especially when i go to, if i can find my mouse cursor again here, it is okay to minimize this its a little difficult to actually see this all right minimize it just here.

You see that yes, its windows desktop theyre running in the background. Okay and moving that around you can see how choppy that is, and it drops down to about 12 frames per second just then and see what often happens this. So it gets like these artifacts all over it and it starts to break down the image a little bit, which is not that pleasant. So if i minimize that its gone again and ill just right click, so you can see im definitely here in windows, its being streamed so ill test out the other mode now, and that is to connect it up. But using the video mode, which is supposed to be high resolution higher quality, but it wont be as fast i mean. The latency right now is pretty bad, but for static kind of images and spreadsheets and things it will still be perfect for that kind of use. But definitely not gaming and i dont think even fast enough for a stylus alright. So this is even worse like when i move the cursor now to the left and ill move it down to the right. There is a big delay there like a noticeable huge delay and the quality of it, perhaps a little bit sharper and the frame rate is looking better but its just that that delay there. The input lag and my mouse pointers doubled up for some reason. But again, just for like spreadsheets static web pages, and things like that.

I think its going to be fine, but i wouldnt use it for i dont know about video. Well lets have a look. What is it gon na be like for video see if i can move my mouse pointers jammed? Oh no, there we go its back again, but it seems to be doubling up for some reason. I dont dont know whats going on there. So click on my channel here and just play that latest video of mine see actually, if its going to be right for video all dropping frames, its breaking up and the audio is actually in time with my mouth here so yeah. I think oh im a little choppy then and starting to get compression artifacts again but yeah. I think video static websites and things like it will be okay. This is what it looks like on your pc, so you hit windows, key k and youll see it will come up now. It just didnt want to connect for some reason. I dont know what thats about its probably just windows problems right. So if i tap on this youll see connecting and there we go when it does that it has connected – and these are the options you get so youve got change projection mode. So this is standard when you run a second display in windows, 11 youre, going to have these options here, set up a second screen, only extended duplicate and then disconnect it all right.

So there you go thats how you set up the second screen mode, which is a wireless screen using the tab, s8 ultra as a secondary panel for you, so its only really good to me for static images, uh spreadsheets websites, maybe some video content thanks a lot For watching do check out the other videos i have on the tab.