Today we got a little something different in case you guys didn’t know all the music you hear on my channel, whether it be instrumentals with vocals over. All of that i make myself and i use a program called fl studio and what they fail to tell you what fl studio is. It runs even better when you have a powerful pc. So what we’re gon na do today is i’m gon. Na put this joint through the ultimate stress test, like anybody that uses fl studio, know the plug ins that takes this to another level and just kills it like murders, murders it. So what you see that 88 megabytes at right there? It stresses that to the top and what we finna do is starting off right now. So right now i would say yeah i’m kind of making a beat but i’m also stressing the cpu at the same time, i’m also recording, which you guys know what recording does, while i’m doing this so yeah we have omni sphere open and let’s really kill it. Let’S, open keyscape within omnisphere and get a grand piano let’s wait for this to load up granite. It ain’t gon na load up much faster, but you know it well. Yes, it does it’ll load up much faster. Then let’s say if you got this on a laptop. You already see that 88 has changed. It has changed, oh god, it’s going up right now. I hope i’m. Not, i hope i’m, not um what’s it going audio sentence, yeah yeah i’m.

Not doing none! Of that. We good we good. We good. Can i show the mouse cursor let’s, see properties uh, whatever i’m, trying to show the mouse cursor, but i can’t whatever now let’s find a midi and i’m gon na try to get one with a lot of chords. So we can really stress this right now. We really trying to stress it right now: uh well, first let’s get the tempo going. Bro what’s your fault. We want. We want some that’s good that’s, decent that’s, decent right there that’s decent right there. We go work with that. Okay, we can rock with that one right there, okay, it’s loaded, i have the grand piano let’s get some chords, um let’s, do a little let’s let’s see sharp minor. You know man get a little grass, you uvm minor progression. Let’S stress it Music. Now you know for a fact: if you on a laptop right now running omnisphere with this many chords, you will be redlining and it will be buffering staticky and you would need to record this and bounce it out. So you could use this, but no it’s, not it’s, not right. Now, not only are we going to have one omni sphere. I’Ll add another one. I add another one on top of that and i throw contact on top of that. Why not let’s use chernobyl? He got some really nice sounds. He got a nice bell in here like um. It has a really nice bail here.

I think it’s, this one it’s real, smooth, yeah it’s real smooth. If my audio cuts out – or this overshadows me – i’m. Sorry, like i don’t know if you’ve been hearing me or not, but if it cuts out anything i’m sorry, but this is really just to showcase how the plugin works and yeah basically how it acts while i’m making beats yeah Music, um Music. We got the chords up like this ain’t no beat making video ain’t. You know what i’m saying Music two uh take it up, take them too: Music, okay, Music, oh let’s, see how it sounds now, um. You know what i’m arpeggiated. I guess i guess i could just arpeggiate it well. No i won’t hold on. I don’t know what we doing um. I haven’t even used a lot of this stuff right now. I ain’t even gon na hold you a lot of this stuff. I have never used, but you know, as a producer like, instead of mastering what you already have you like to just get new things: it’s crazy, but it’s, just wow, okay hold on let’s, get contacting here, Music don’t crash on me hold on it might have just. I didn’t save beforehand, hey you, we know, we all know. We all know it didn’t grasp, though it’s good. It would have white screened on me, but we all know you have to constantly be saving with fl studio. I don’t like that. It doesn’t just have a base, i don’t say like after a certain minute or something i be zoning out hold on.

Somebody attacks me, but i low key be zoning out when i do these, so i got a lead in there. Okay, throw a lead in there. Music, okay, Music. They mess with my spectrum. Oh, i got ta reinstall that’s, why i say that okay, okay, cool cool cool, whatever um let’s, put the valve halo on there: Music, oh yeah, yeah, hey, hey, hey that’s that and you see it’s still, not overdoing it right now. I want to add, i think, i’m going to add arpeggiator right now. Uh with omnisphere i’ma, just throw another omnisphere on there. Okay, so all especially um Music let’s see how this joint hit it with it that’s crazy. Oh, they got arpeggiators let’s go all spectronics arpeggiators. Whatever, oh, my god, okay um, jesus christ, oh oh i’m, just for a library, i guess let’s just throw these on there. All right, let’s see how we rocking what the hell i like that, throw it up Music and we threw it up. I octave oh yeah. We rocking now Music, um i’ll, put the rebar bar now Music it’s a lot going on in the background. Let’S get it take the base out of this. So i can really knock the base right, quick, Music, Music. Okay, there we go now we rocking now we Music, rocking, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, i like that one i like how that one knocks all right, and then you got the bass. Note! Oh i’m, acting like i’m doing a tutorial.

Let’S go pick it up. One hold on oh yeah, that’s, knocking that’s, not i can cut it. Oh still, kicking now, ah, and you still i’m, not real i’m still gucci right now we got two omni spheres, going heavily they’re being really. You know i’m saying Music, Music let’s do a clap on there bro to really get the vibe going bro. I don’t know how long this video is. I wondered off something it don’t. Take me long to make these beats. Okay. Excuse me for blanking out bro, but this this a vibe like this a vibe right here. Do i put a clap yeah. I could do that one now: Music, Music. I like that Music – oh my god, Music, so Music, Music, Music, okay and then, if i want to take that out, then if i want to take that out – and it just be the first part i’ll just it – uh i’ll also probably take those Music Music. Do. Okay, so right there that’s a little quick video i’m. Pretty sure i’m gon na push this down and it’s craziness, but it probably only be like 10 minutes or something like that. But if you want to see more, if y’all got, if you guys want to see any more videos like this, i do have a music channel macmusic63. That i’ve been very neglecting because i’ve been neglecting that channel some great. This honestly should have went there, but i’ve seen a few people ask about this pc and making music on it in fl studio.

So i decided to make this video about it. So yeah and anybody that knows music production knows how taxing on your cpu that fl studio is in in particular omnisphere is. I ran two of them with a lot of notes in them. Didn’T do nothing, no rendering none of that no overruns. None of that it runs perfectly so this is how that run. It it’s so smooth like and it’s. Really my monitor. I wish i had my. I could show my mouse pointer uh figure that out how to put that there i’d be tweaking sometimes but it’s.