This is a drawing tablet. Artists use it to create digital art. It consists of two components: a pen and a tablet, and artists use the pen to draw in the tablet, as opposed to using a mouse now it’s. Needless to say that this isn’t meant for gaming. But who said we couldn’t? Try it so in this video we’re going to be using a drawing tablet for bedwards and we’re going to see how far we can get. This is probably not going to be a good idea at all, but it’ll be fun to try. Nonetheless, there are a few things that i want to mention before. I start this video and the first thing is that i’m going to be streaming on twitch pretty soon everything’s not completely set up yet i’ll make an announcement when everything is. But if you guys want to follow me in the meantime, then i’ll leave it down in the description and as usual. If you guys want to support me and my content, then you can consider buying my lunar client merch down in the description but anyways with that. Being said, let’s get right into the video all right. We are on our first game here with the drawing tablet. This is on the map. Crypt, honestly, it feels like forever since i’ve played this map, i remember when they took it out of the rotation. I was so sad, but luckily it is back – and i am happy but anyways.

Our first order of business here is to take out our first rush, which is going to be easier said than done i’m going to attempt to speed bridge here. This is actually already sort of working out. Maybe this is a good omen. Uh gray is backing off let’s go ahead. Oh my god. My aim is so shaky it’s so hard to like keep the pen still while you’re like bridging um let’s, go ahead and try to take out this guy’s bed. Oh we’re gon na have to fight him uh whoa the w tap the combos. We got him get his bed right here: okay, yo! This is actually working out way too well. Okay, let’s see, if i can take him out a second time and we are sending him out of the lobby. How do you get destroyed by someone using a drawing tablet? If that happened to me dude, i would be so ashamed. I would not be able to look my parents in the eye ever again, so some of you guys may be curious insult. Why do you have a drawing tablet in the first place, and that is because uh well it’s, not because i’m, an artist for one? I could not draw a stick figure properly to save my life, but the answer to that question is actually because i play a lot of osu and in osu you can use a drawing tablet and it’s actually a lot better than a mouse.

If you get used to it, i’m actually getting pretty used to speed bridging here, which is a good thing, but because i’ve played so much osu with this tablet, i am already a little bit used to aiming with it already, obviously not like aiming with it in Minecraft, but it does help me out a little bit okay, so far, this game is going really smooth. We still have half the lobby remaining let’s see if we can take more people out with the drawing tablet. Here we go: yellow um, i don’t think he’s. Looking out for me, he’s afk yo, you can’t afk in the game like that that guy was so clueless dude. He didn’t even know he was playing minecraft. Okay, keep the momentum going let’s go over for green over here uh also. I know a lot of people are gon na ask this in the comments uh. The drawing tablet that i have is the cth 480 by wacom, okay, uh green let’s go ahead and fight you again. Oh, we sent him into the void. Okay, wait. This is crazy. Can i get the bed please please, please, let me get it there. We go play some blocks right there. He can’t get me uh. This is working out pretty well for me so far and go back to the lobby, sir how’s, this working out, i’m literally using a drawing tablet like dude, come on and i can’t believe, like i’m, actually somewhat decent with this.

This is actually. This is crazy. We have only read it left remaining let’s go ahead, fireball his bed defense here, uh, take him out. Hopefully, oh wait. I’M lagging okay, wait got it heal up, come on he’ll, he’ll, he’ll heal. I don’t know if i’m gon na be able to take him out here. Yep i can’t, okay, it’s, just him and he’s a final. I don’t think he sees me breeding over yo. You think we can fist him i’ll. Never we can’t, we can’t he’s, just too laggy we got ta, kill him. Okay, we won our first game with the drawing tablet. I was not expecting this. This actually went so much better than i anticipated. Okay. We are on our second map here. This is orchestra, so this could go one of two ways: either we destroy everyone by rushing them or people rush us and we all die. Orchestra is a very interesting map because you honestly barely need to bridge on this map. So we will see how this goes. Okay, gray, doesn’t even know that i’m going for him. This is good, is good that he’s sort of a bot we can have a first uh free first rush over here. Go ahead. Take his bed, let’s go let’s, go okay, he’s seizing me now, let’s see. If i can take him out right here, hey what’s up dude! Here we go here. We go, stop stop! Oh and we got him i’m.

Sorry, if you guys couldn’t tell i’m having way too much fun with this. Oh, i probably should have cleared this up earlier. So some of you guys may be a little bit confused on the controls and how i’m actually using this to like uh, aim and click uh. First of all, my left click happens. Every time i tap my pen nib against the tablet. You can see that it. It registers a little click there and then for my right click. There is a button i don’t know if you can see it through my hand, cam, but there’s a button on the side of the pen that allows me to right click, it’s, really hard to right. Click um and left click at the same time, so i can’t really block it. Okay, we have white over here. He once again does not see us let’s go ahead and just take his bed there we go turn behind you dude. Is he just gon na go straight for me, nope he’s, running away, you have nowhere to run dude, you have to fight me. Oh there we go we’re getting combos. I can actually get like pretty decent cps like i, i can sort of like jitter, my pen against, like tablet like. If you can see my aim is so shaky when i, when i do this, but you can see i’m getting like up to 12 cps. Okay, here we go let’s get yellow’s bass, uh, i don’t know where he is.

He must be nearby, though. Okay, here we go uh i’m getting so many double hits right now wait. This is actually insane there. We go second game two for two that was such a fast game. Three kills only and the game ended, but uh that’s what you get when you play orchestra, it’s, a very fast map and moving on to pernicious this is everyone’s fan favorite. I think people were the most excited about this map being brought back into the bed, wars, rotation and honestly, i do agree. I like this map very much, but it is going to be sort of problematic because, unlike the other maps, i don’t need to bridge like eight blocks, to get to my first rush, i actually have to bridge a little more than that and with this pen, that Is not an easy thing to do. You guys have no idea how painfully still i have to keep my hand right now for my crosshair to just not fly everywhere. It is so difficult. Okay, there we go bridge out of the way uh, hey buddy. You want to go into the void for me. Uh, please just fall into the void. Ah, thank you very much. Can i get his bed? Okay, nice there we go. This guy actually built me a bridge over here to get the diamonds. Thank you, mr blue. So a few other stuff that i wanted to discuss. What do you guys think of the new face? Cam angle, so i actually re uh rearranged a lot of my lighting and my camera, and i think this angle works a lot better.

I also have some more lighting, so my lighting is more evenly distributed across my face. Uh dude. Can you like do something pretty please uh, okay, just jump into the void for me that works. I guess that was sort of creepy. He, like sort of like knew what i was gon na, say: okay, we have yellow here as well: i’m gon na see what’s gon na happen. Yellow’S gon na take the bed they’re gon na start fighting and what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na. Take the green vinyl there we go and i’m gon na clean, yellow right here. There we go man. This is moving all too perfectly according to plan. I like this, but i decided to do a lot more stuff with my face cam, because i am going to get into twitch streaming pretty soon so be on the lookout for that uh i’ll leave my twitch in the description. If you want to follow me, i’m not going to get into it just yet, because i don’t really have much set up like overlays, wise um, okay, let’s go ahead and snag that bed uh! Oh, we got armor that isn’t gon na help you, when you’re dead wow they keep on making these bridges. For me how nice of them? Thank you very much, yellow for your contribution to me winning my game with a drawing tablet, but yeah. As i was saying, i do play a lot of osu and i’ve actually been getting a lot better at it recently.

I do upload a lot of my osu clips onto my second channel. If you guys are interested in what the what was that fireball that dude blew up his own bed defense, i think uh to fireball me away, which is an interesting strategy. I guess okay, my bed is gone, which is rather unfortunate. Hopefully i can take this guy out pretty easily here there we go nice. Let me go ahead and get his bed as well. Uh. Please tell me that i have enough time i don’t. I have to fight him again, but this is working out pretty well. So far, i think i have enough health to tank. Another fight. I don’t want him to buy any equipment yeah. Here we go. Oh gd. I am popping off right now: uh it’s, just me and one other dude left, but uh. He doesn’t have a bed as well i’m sort of nervous, though, if he’s like at least a little bit competent in pvp, then he will destroy me. Okay, i see him yo, hey what’s up dude. Okay, wait, wait! Wait! I didn’t mean to throw that out. Give me it back um. He has more fireballs he’s, just gon na spam me. It appears i want so high up there, um that was sort of sketch. No did i lose no way i shouldn’t have fireball jumped gg. I don’t really feel like ending this video off with a lasso i’m gon na go ahead and play one last game here and hopefully we’re gon na win.

This okay. Is this guy gon na come down? For me, please don’t, just like look at me: okay, yeah, he’s, actually gon na fight me come on dude, oh get out of here. Let’S go ahead and take his bed. Okay. There we go um, oh my god, it’s so hard to aim it’s. All right, though, we got his bed in the process, which is what we wanted so anyways i’m curious to know how’s life. How are you guys up to for me myself, i’m, not doing too bad? Oh no wow! I really just gave this guy like way more gear than he deserves. Hopefully i can take him out either way. Yeah there we go nice. I didn’t like the fact that i gave him two diamonds and gave him free pratts. I was gon na be pretty annoyed if i lost that fight again but anyways. What are you guys up to i’m curious to know uh for me personally, uh i’ve been watching a lot of anime recently. Actually i just got into attack on titan season. Four and dude it is insane it’s, so good. Oh this guy’s, a final okay. I think i can take care of him uh there we go get that double hit: nice nice. We have green and red right off right on top of me but like why? What are you doing? Why is he potting up? Okay, oh he’s, gone uh let’s, go ahead and take out red as well.

Oh my we are just comboing everyone in this lobby. You guys are getting destroyed by a pen. How does that make you feel a literal pen? You use this stuff to write. Okay, let’s see if i can take this guy out one more time: nice. There we go, get the bed – okay, okay, all going according to plan. Okay, this lobby is looking beautiful. So far, okay, can i win this last fight uh? Yes, i can now, oh that combo. What is that one skill that that people can have it’s called like photography or something where, like you, you just like write, really fancy? You know maybe that’s like uh. If i just do this enough times, i’ll just be like uh, i can write cursive really well or something like that. Okay, dude, why are you got it? Bridging i have a drawing tablet. You should not be trying this hard. He keeps on trying to do it. I’M gon na lose this fight no i’m, not okay, uh. I need to this sucks. I’M really weak. This guy is like somewhat competent um, which is scary because uh anyone who’s like decent at pvp can easily slaughter me. I can just regen health honestly like why not get a little more health back wait. Is he just giving up there’s no way? Why is he just letting me have his bed? Okay, come on at least fight me again, respawn, please. He said you’re so annoying idiot dude.

What okay there we go. I don’t know why that guy was so mad. He he literally just voided himself for no reason well, gg. I guess and that’s gon na be just about it. So i want to say thank you guys so much for watching this video, if you guys have any other, weird or interesting items that you guys want me to use in pvp, then let me know in the comments, because i’m not gon na lie. I had a lot of fun recording this video. It was really fun using the drawing tablet for pvp because it actually turned out to be somewhat viable. If you guys want to help support me, you can consider buying my lunar client, cosmetics, i’ll, leave them down in the description if you’re interested in copying them. But with that being said, thank you guys.