So this is something that i utilize when i first quit my job now. I know i just made a tick tock of this and if you are here from tick tock welcome, please leave a like and subscribe because you are going to be wanting to come back to these videos and, like i mentioned in that you know, one of my Bosses texts me saying if you don’t work harder, you’re going to be jobless, and i remember thinking of the time you know i want to text him back, go for yourself. Of course i didn’t – or maybe i did edit that part out, and it was just one of those things you know i wasn’t happy i wasn’t making that great of money. I was making decent money um, but it’s just one of those things. I cannot stand being told what to do and then, on top of that being disrespected, and on top of that just being unhappy with my job altogether, i knew i was going to quit. Eventually, it was just a matter of time and unfortunately it was that time when he texted me that so yeah this isn’t a sign for you to quit your job. However, if you are struggling with money, if you’re thinking about taking that leap at least try, this make sure you’re going to like it to see if it’s something you want to utilize to make that transition, so disclaimer not going to make you rich results may vary.

Please don’t take my video down youtube, but let’s continue here. Let me move this out of the way. Okay, so you’re going to head to here, you’re going to want to click sign up at their main page i’m, not going to go through all that with you. I know you guys are big boys and girls, so you guys will be able to do that. No problem, once you get signed in or signed up, you’re going to have to take a beginner test and they’re going to pay you for that. I believe it’s three dollars it’s nothing special, however it’s just for them to accept you into the platform. It’S, probably going to ask you some generic question like what are your thoughts on llamas or something there’s, no right or wrong answer with these. So keep that in mind. Okay, they really just want your honest, authentic thoughts, it’s completely free to take these tests. You just need a computer or your phone and a microphone. Your phone has a microphone built in so otherwise you just need a computer and a phone. You can literally pick up a microphone if you don’t have a good one on your laptop or computer. Something like this. I think this was like a few dollars on amazon. Maybe 10 bucks i’m not really sure, but it wasn’t anything special okay, so continuing on here, as you can see here on this main page, there are going to be 30 tests.

These typically take 30 minutes they’re going to be 10 tests. These typically take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes and as you scroll down here, there is some 60 ones as well. This one looks like it’s a live conversation. Now all of these are going to vary. Okay, you’re not going to be doing the same thing. Every single day hating your life they’re, going to ask you stuff like this. What is the year of your most recent vehicle purchase and mine would actually be this one here. So i’d click that click next and see if this test is something they want me to talk about the people. Putting these tests here most likely want to ask you questions regarding your vehicle and they want you to fit into that test. Now it could be for, like a specific 2015 model truck or something and there’s going to be those specific tests. There are a lot of other tests as well that you can take that aren’t so specific they just want your generic opinion. I know i just saw one oh here it is here. This is just going to ask you covert 19 related questions in your workplace, okay and you’re. Just going to talk through that, like i mentioned no right or wrong answers for this, they just want your honest opinion now before you say: well, there’s, not enough tests for everyone. Currently, if you can see in the top left of my screen, there’s 272 tests that need to be done.

Okay, so if you are working at mcdonald’s and you’re, making 10 bucks an hour, if you just do two 10 tests, that’ll take you about 20 to 30 minutes. You can double your money. Okay, if you worked eight hours let’s just say you want to work four hours. Okay, if you really grind your ass off with this, you can make some money: okay, disclaimer, again, i’m, not gon na get rich results may vary, but um. I think i answered most of the questions here: um yeah it’s free to use there’s plenty of work, you’re gon na go through just talk through some stuff, like i mentioned 10 to 15 minutes for 10 bucks. Is this going to get you rich overnight? No, if you’re in need of money – and this is a pretty quick way to get it – yes, oh uh they’ll typically pay you, i believe, like um i’m, not for sure it’s been a while since i’ve taken the test on here but um. I would, i would say, anywhere from three to seven days and it’s on a per test basis: they’re not gon na. Send you a fat check. If you do eight ten dollar tests in four to seven days from then you’re gon na see ten dollars ten dollars. Ten dollars ten dollars, ten dollars paid out. Okay, so keep that in mind, yeah it’s a great way to make some money, especially if you’re struggling. You need money fairly quickly.

However, this isn’t something that’s sustainable in the long term, unless you’re looking to just make bare minimum money for a long time. If you want to check out something that i personally do i’m going to leave that down below, i use affiliate marketing, which inevitably your income, will skyrocket upwards, opposed to something like this. Where it’s going to stay pretty steady – and you know we don’t – want to do that with this channel we’re here, to release your time and make some more money, so let’s shoot for 10 hour work weeks and make 10 000 that’s the goal here: i’m, going to Teach you how to do it as i learn because i’m not there yet, but when i do get there i’m, giving all this advice on the way so make sure to hit that subscribe. Button like the video. If this was of any value to you, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to put them down below. I will answer them as fast as i can otherwise. Thank you. So much for the support.