So if you happen to be like me, you travel with both a laptop and a tablet. This is something handy to have without having to bring along one of those portable external monitors so to get up and running first we're going to need to download the PC program to mon se so head over to easy and light comm. You can see the address right there in the top download the PC program at the time of this video. There doesn't seem to be any Apple support here at the moment and then later on. I will install the app so get this downloaded it's about. So you can see 138 two megabytes install it, and then you need to connect up the tablet you're going to use via USB and then, of course you are also going to need the application on your tablet, so here I'm using an Android tablet. So I need to get the Android version it's going to cost nine euros, forty, nine or ten US dollars. Now, if you look down in the taskbar here, you will see we've got two Mon SC they're running in the background. So when you connect up a tablet, it will automatically to tick that and start duplicating the display over or set it up as an extended display. If you right click, it you've got different settings here, which are very important, so you can control the resolution you're going to see on your tablet this gaming mode and the performance mode.

Now I find it's best to set the performance mode on to high performance. That will give you the best lettin see. So this is one of the ways you could use it of course. So if I happen to be traveling with my me paired 4, then I can use it as an extended display or a duplicate display. Now I believe that most people would use it as an extended one. You could duplicate it if you wanted to, but most use case scenarios, I would say, would be like this so I'm. Looking at some content right here on my main screen of the laptop you can see, I've got my website open and right here I could be looking at one of my favorite tick YouTube channels and you can see that works just fine. Now the audio is coming through right now on the laptop here, and the touch support is working. So all the brightness and everything that's controlled on the tablet still goes through the tablet, of course, with Android in this case, as you can see here. So if I swipe down from the top because remember this is actually just an Android application running showing the image that's on here and by the way USB debugging, you make sure you have this on. Otherwise I don't think it is going to work. So I can go along here and I can tweak the brightness of the screen, as you normally would and the touch response.

I just wanted to demonstrate that, so it is very good. I didn't expect the latency to be as good as it currently is right now, because I will just click here on one of my videos, for example, just bring up this one right here: okay, that's, my internet loading that and then, but you can see that it Is actually really quite good? I thought that it would have quite a bit of delay. I guess because I'm so used to using things like miracast and I've noticed that when it's on the normal mode, you then get a little bit of choppiness to the display, as I'll demonstrate. As you can see, now see how that has a little bit of delay. There, I think, it's more the refresh rate that that it is because the input seems to be fine. It just doesn't seem now to be refreshing as fast and, if I put it on to low power, you can't see me doing this on my PC because of the camera, but now on to low power. You see it flash their notes that change, and you can see now that that well, you can see it is a lot choppier, so that's trying to save power on my tablet actually with the amplification so it's, not using so much. I will flip it over to full power again so high performance, so it flashes and now look you can see that to me is good that's groaning now there's, this very smooth, so just go out of this actually just hit the back there.

The accuracy would touch. Here'S is the same as the touch digitizer here on my tablet too, as well as you can see, as mentioned I'm running it as an external display at the moment. So I could take my website here or Excel spreadsheet whatever and move that over onto the tablet. You can see that that is very quickly. Just did that move it right back here now and put it back onto my main laptop. So if I wanted to run it just as a duplicate display, then some to Windows – 10 settings as you can see – I'm doing click this and keep the changes. And now you can see there, it is duplicating the display. So let's take a look again at the input lag, so I move this around. You can see there's a milliseconds delay there between my laptop and then the display itself, but it really is good, alright. So, overall, I think this is handy to have this application for those of you that don't want to lug around a secondary portable monitor, which can be a lot bigger, and you might be always traveling with your tablet. Anyway, for example, you've got an iPad pro. The twelve point – nine inch version so a large screen – you always travel with you happen to have a Windows laptop. That is because, on Apple there's, no support at the time of this video at the moment. I hope that is going to change in the future.

Then you can use it as a touch secondary, monitor, which is very handy. As I've shown you, the latency turned out to be much better than I expected. I expected it to be a little bit. Laggy now there's only leggy on the low sitting and the normal setting is a little bit as well, but especially on the low now low, of course, is to save your tablet's battery, because you're plugged in with USB and if you're on a high screen brightness on The high performance you slowly and eventually you are losing battery power, so that's one thing: you really want to start out with your tablet fully charged. If you can – and you can still use it and as I showed still control the screen brightness and use it as a normal tablet – let's just launch the app plug it in as long as you've got it installed, and then it works, which is great. So, like me, I always travel with the tablet. Normally I can now use it as a secondary monitor.