Had this a while and i’ve done several videos on it, but i wanted to do a video with this hdmi capture device because it is, it is an amazing device. I did a video on this. The other day running on my m1 mac using a raspberry pi 4., but i thought today i would try my raspberry pi 400, because it’s got a keyboard already integrated into it. I thought i would plug that into my chromebook, using this hdmi adapter and i’m. Just going to switch over to screen capture to show you the chromebook a little bit more okay, so i bought this chromebook back in april 2019 and uh. It was 135 pounds so really reasonable at the time from cex, so secondhand but uh. It came with a two year guarantee and i’ve been really pleased with it. I i bought a chromebook because they were adding the android apps and i figured i i really just wanted to try out uh chrome os because i’d never owned a chromebook i’d use them before, but never own one and actually for the money they are very decent. So let’s click on the chrome browser and show you that i’ve done several videos on it. Adding games controllers i’ve, tried seven different games controllers, i’ve done roblox i’ve even set up the raspberry pi 4 with a chromebook and also i’ve done a video on loads of emulators as well. One video i haven’t done is linux on it.

I was going to do it ages ago and i just never got around to it, but i’ll just very quickly show because it runs linux. It was something that you can enable in the settings. I’Ve got a folder with various things that i just tried to install as you would on a raspberry, pi, 4. uh, so x, moto mednaf, which is a multi emulator, supertux2, extreme tux racing and there’s terminal. So something like xmoto just to show it quickly. So you can see at the bottom it’s launching linux within chrome os, but you can switch in between the system. So when it’s launched, you can still multitask with it, and you can see that it opens up in a window. And so, if i click on levels and just open anything here we go so, as you can see, works nicely very responsive, no issue with that and let’s go for extreme tux racer. Maybe something that looks a bit better there you go and you can see that uh it looks pretty decent, really it runs nice and smoothly and it was unexpected for me because it’s uh it’s running linux from within chrome os and you can still run the android Apps beside it as well, so let’s quit out that and just quickly show the terminal and all i did a while back was. I was just uh doing what i would normally do. In fact, oh there you go so sudo apt installed.

Elena atcha, i was trying all sorts of things on there x moto, i don’t know if neo fetch works on this let’s have a look and see, if that, oh so so, it’s already on there. So i must have installed that already there you go, and so it shows you a bit about it anyway. Let’S get on with the screen capture bit, but i figured i wanted to do that and i didn’t i didn’t think i would do it in the whole. Video, but i wanted to show it running: linux, apps and, and various things have been working on it and i was really impressed with it. Okay, so let’s get back to the screen capture bit uh. So this is the hdmi video capture. I’Ve not got anything plugged into this at the moment, so it’s running on battery power, so i can plug that usb adapter in and it’s weird, because i was googling this because i i was going to try and use the android side of it to get this To work and uh, i googled it and i found a load of forum posts. That said, oh no, it doesn’t work or anything like that. So i just plugged it in and thought. Oh i’ll have a go so i typed in camera and clicked on the camera, and you can obviously see my ceiling there uh. If i click on this one, this switches cameras that’s it that’s all. You have to do and i’ll go over the screen capture to show a bit more of the setup but uh.

It literally is just switching to the secondary camera. No drivers, no setup. I i’ve literally plugged it in press that switch cameras, button and that’s it. It is ready to go so we need to power the pi, but we also need a bit of hdmi. I probably wouldn’t plug this in with it in there normally, but for the video it probably works better. So let’s get my pi 400 and let’s plug the hdmi. In there you go so you can see that’s plugged in now. I’Ve also got this cable, which is a usb a to micro, usb with the usbc adapter on the end, as well so let’s plug that into another usb socket and plug this into the usbc on the pi 400, and it should start to boot up i’ve not Put an sd card in, i found more success if you don’t initially start with an sd card in, but then pop it in afterwards, now i’m – probably going to switch to screen capture for this bit because there’s a few things i need to do on the chromebook Display so let’s plug in an hdmi cable. Well, this is a bit tricky it’s, not quite it’s, a super short cable for convenience. For my pi is that going to switch itself on yeah, so you can see it’s come up on the monitor behind it. Now so let’s switch over to screen capture, okay, so the things i need to change on the screen are, you can see on the left here: uh there’s a mirroring button.

So if i click that you can see everything’s the right way around now, the reason it’s mirroring is with webcams. They always show a mirror image of you because it’s quite disconcerting, if you’re not looking at a mirror image of yourself, but obviously, if i’m, using an operating system through it. I want to be able to read it and i want it to respond exactly as it does. This just puts a grid on it. I don’t need that, and i can’t remember what this one is: oh it’s, a timer to take a photo of a c, so that is all we need to do really now. I have changed this because the device will go to 1920×1080, but because this is a 768 display, it doesn’t look as good as that and i’ve also resized the operating system on the pie to run at 720, because that obviously matches closer to the screen and i’ve Found that it works pretty well so let’s click there to get rid of that and i’m going to switch cameras again. This is getting really confusing. So, just before i put the sd card in just to reiterate how it’s set up so it’s, the chromebook acer, r11 it’s running on battery power, i’ve plugged, the usb adapter into the acer, so it’s taking its power from the acer, but also the pi 400, is Also being powered by the acer laptop on battery power, you can use this on mains if you want as well, but i just wanted to show it as a portable solution.

Now, if i plug in the sd card – and there is a better way of doing this as a setup because we don’t need the keyboard on the chromebook, so i can use the the tent mode, but i’ll show that in a minute, so you can see that It’S starting up now, i’ve put the sd card in and it will boot raspberry pi os, but any system works because really this is just taking an hdmi output from the pi. There you go so that started up. So if i grab my mouse for the pi, you can see that it’s actually pretty responsive. I was, i was a pr impressed as to how well this runs and it looks reasonably sharp. I mean it’s not the best display because of going through the capture card and everything like that, but i’m pretty impressed overall now i’m going to switch over to the pi 400 on native screen capture. To show this bit because i wanted to show a few things that i changed on the pi 400, just to make this system run a bit better, okay, so the two things i changed were the resolution of the screen, so i went into screen configuration and clicked On configure screens hdmi one resolution and i dropped it down to 720 to more closely match the acer chromebook resolution, but i also have undervolted and underclocked this operating system. So if i go into terminal and go to the config.

txt you’ll see here, the settings i’ve added over underscore voltage equals 4, so it’s using less power, but also arm frequency is a thousand, so it doesn’t go over a thousand now i haven’t really played around with This um to see whether i needed to do that. I i figure it probably would still work but i’m wondering if it would uh if i’m overclocking or running at standard clock, speed, it’s going to take more power from the acer chromebook and that might lead to there being problems. But you could play around with this. If you’re using it and see how you get on so, if i click on the bottom here, you can see it’s at 600 at the moment, but if i was to launch the chrome browser and then hover over here, you see it goes up to a thousand. But it won’t go any higher than that now. This is video running at a thousand megahertz maximum on 720 resolution and actually well it’s, even toggled itself, down to 700 and it’s still coping with that. I was surprised at how well that worked anyway. Let’S have a look at the acer on the camera and show a bit of gaming on it. So definitely the more convenient way to set this up will be in tent mode because of the keyboard. So if i flip this around, you can see that it sits. Like that and then, if i bring in the pi 400, you can see that’s much more convenient.

I don’t know if my cable is going to reach so let’s have a look, so the power cable, so that’s plugged in the usbc or it’s a bit tight. Obviously, you can use a longer cable for this and then the usb plugs in all the way around, and is this going to be? Oh it’s going to be short, i suppose that makes it neater there you go so you can see. The setup can be like that and then we’ve got our mouse. We’Ve got our keyboard and everything’s going to work on that let’s. Just oh it’s, just oh, the cable is, is launching the touchscreen yeah i’m gon na have to go with i’m gon na have to go with longer cables for this, so let’s pull up from the bottom and we can launch. We need the camera app, but it will give us the on screen keyboard camera app now, okay, so the cables were too short. So what i’ve done is just got a normal usb. A to usb c cable and i’ve also got a micro hdmi to hdmi socket and a long hdmi cable, which goes all the way around here and then goes back in so let’s have a look at how well it runs games let’s pop the sd card in And for games i’m going to need to use my xbox controller, this is a wireless xbox, 360 controller it’s, an unofficial one i’ll put a link in the description, but it comes with a dongle and the good thing about that is it’s.

Just the xbox 360 controllers are really compatible with the raspberry pi, so raspberry, pi 4 raspberry pi 400. They just pretty much. Every game works with it and it’s very, very straightforward, no messing about and it pairs straight away when the operating system’s up and running so i’m going to leave it out at this distance for the moment. But i’ll go in a bit closer to the screen. In a minute, so if i launch some games so i’ve got on here, i’ve got ppsspp emulator and also super mario 64.. Both of them came through pikas and if you don’t know about pikus it’s definitely worth looking at. If i want sound, i would need to use uh a bluetooth speaker, because the pi 400 doesn’t have any sound output at all uh. It can output through the hdmi, but with this camera method, it’s not capturing the sound. So if i just paired the pi to a bluetooth, speaker or bluetooth headphones, then that would work fine, so let’s just skip through these menus, because the menus start a while. Well, if i move around, you can see how responsive, actually that shows it really quite nicely. How responsive it is, but i’ll play a bit of the game as well. Okay, so let’s just show you it moving around, so we go left and right and jump that’s, a big jump on it left right. Oh, i didn’t know that uh so jump and watch the slide on that one.

Oh, i only seen the building, so you can see that it feels pretty responsive. I was playing this a bit yesterday and uh. I was actually surprised at how well it felt and uh. I wasn’t that conscious of input lag, there must be some there, but i wasn’t that conscious of it i’m more conscious when i’m in the operating system and i’m using the mouse, so let’s quit out. That and launch ppsspp, so games ppsspp. You can see that it’s not lagging too badly, because i wouldn’t be able to select the game as as quickly as i did so motocross versus atv, which is quite a nice game to play. Can i get this full screen? Might not run as well again. This is running a thousand megahertz, so this is the restricted power and restricted processor. But when i tried this yesterday it felt lovely and smooth i’m standing off to a bit of an angle, so it’s a bit odd to to play and let’s move it in a bit. So you can see just the screen. You don’t really need to see the controller for this bit. Actually let’s power sound it’s, going to be nicer. If i have some sound pad to it so i’m, going to i’m going to turn on my bows speaker and pair that let’s get a bluetooth, add device and let’s select the audio down here. Bose connect links, video desktop and we’re up and running. Okay, so let’s get rid of all the music and accept that nice start yeah, that’s playable.

I would oh nice uh. It does seem to be reasonably responsive. I don’t. I think i think, with anything like that. If you get a bit of input lag, i mean it’s not as ideal as having on a on a genuine monitor, but if you get a bit of input lag, what you tend to do is just start to adjust to that input lag um i mean it’s, Not not as good on really competitive games – and i wouldn’t suggest this mainly for gaming, but if this is your only option, then uh it’s, better than nothing nice landing, let’s just see if we can take these guys on this corner. Oh a bit tight anyway, let’s uh, let’s quit out that and uh let’s go back into the video a bit and show it showing on the screen, because i got quite a lot of tearing on video on my macbook. But then that was running probably at a much higher resolution. Certainly the screen was running at a much higher resolution, but let’s go into youtube and show a bit of my hdr video, so lee psp, video, hdr let’s click on that yeah that’s. Looking pretty smooth let’s go full screen, yeah i’m, happy with that that’s uh that’s, pretty good okay, so i thought i’d better, show it running also with the pi 4. So here’s my pi 4 i’m running the hdmi cable goes all the way around here and into the adapter but it’s all again being powered from the acer, chromebook and then i’ve got the output here.

Going from usb a to usbc into the pi. I’Ve got a keyboard dongle because i’m, using my logitech keyboard and just to show you if i do, control, alt and delete that comes up. If i do control alt t to open a terminal and put in neo fetch, because i don’t know which pi this is yeah, so this is a pi, 4 4 gig model. If i go in a bit closer you’ll, be able to see anyway. I hope all this helps thanks very much for watching.