. So please enjoy this footage. While i shamelessly tell you something else, i use and enjoy microsofts onedrive. My end game is to someday migrate over to nexcloud for all of my syncing needs, but right now, onedrive does the job, and does it pretty well for my own personal needs, especially since i use multiple operating systems and mobile devices, but my daily driver is linux, Which is why im thrilled to show you an easy, straightforward way to sync up your onedrive files to your linux, pc in todays video? Yes, we are taking a quick break from gaming and were talking about a great little app called onedriver lets dig in Music before we do get started. I want to thank tuxedo computers for making this video and all of this content possible. They have invested in linux. For everyone with a long term partnership that allows me to focus on this channel more and more – and i am super grateful better. Yet it is an open partnership and what that means is youll still get hardware coverage from other linux, pc companies like juno computers. I just received two of juno computers, laptops in for review so hit subscribe. If you want to see those upcoming videos, you can also watch my recent coverage of tuxedos infinity book pro 14 laptop with its incredible display or head over to tuxedo computers.com, to check out their entire range of linux, laptops and desktops. So one driver is really cool, at least based on the few days ive spent with it.

I should mention up front that onedriver isnt, really a sync client, its more of a network file system for linux. That gives you access to your onedrive data. Here is what sets it apart. It supports multiple onedrive accounts. I only have one account but its nice to have that extra option. If i ever need it, one driver has bi directional sync. So when you make a change inside of onedrive, that change will show up on your local pc, not always immediately, but typically within just a few seconds. And if you make a change inside of the local folder that youve designated for onedrive. That gets reflected on your onedrive account, but the feature i most appreciate, especially being here at the c this summer with limited bandwidth, is that files are only downloaded when you want to use them. It would be a nightmare for me to have all of my bandwidth clogged up by a client instantly downloading gigabytes of data. My music folder alone is more than 100 gigs and microsofts whole selective, sync setup. It always bothered me just show me everything and let me access it when i need it. So here are both of those features in action. Uh, the new radeon 6600xt graphics card, its on its way in for review, so im revisiting some data from earlier rx, 6000 releases and prepping, my spreadsheets, so im just going to access that file and onedriver quickly downloads it and opens it im going to make a Quick change to this field, save it and theres that edit, when i open it up directly from my onedrive account now earlier, i mentioned that pair of linux, laptops from juno computers that ill be reviewing soon well, i took some photos of the neptune 15 on my Phone and i wanted to have them on my linux rig for editing or for tweeting whatever, so i tested sharing those photos to my onedrive account from my phone and voila there.

They are on my kubuntu 21.04 system as far as installing onedrive, its really simple. So im not going to explicitly cover it in this video, but rest assured there are easy installation options for fedora and ubuntu based systems. Oh, if youre, using an ubuntu based 21.04 system, just choose the deb package, as the ppa doesnt have a release for 2104. Yet, and of course, one driver is available in the aur for you, arch users, if youd rather build it from the source, thats an option and the developers overall documentation is excellent. He also explains how to use onedriver from the command line, if thats more your style. As always, i will have all the links that you need in the description of this video right above a bunch of ways to connect with the awesome linux for everyone community on telegram, matrix and discord. So that is onedriver an elegant, open source solution for interfacing with proprietary software, hey, we use the tools that are right for us, thats it for this video uh thanks a ton for watching – and let me know if onedriver works for you down in that comment section Until we chat again, you take care and take care of each other.