I consider myself a draftsman, and i am a total procreate enthusiast. Its frame by frame animation is amazing, however, for 3d animation i choose blender, because it one is absolutely free and well. My main reason is because it’s it’s free the downsides are that it is a really really steep learning curve and it doesn’t have an ipad version. I did, however, find that this app called duet display will allow you to use blender on your ipad i’m, going to show you the full process and all of the problems that i went through so that you don’t have to stress about it. It was stressful. Hopefully i can just save you, this dress when you use duet display, you can use blender on your ipad and you can even use your apple pencil. I really hope this helps because if i would have had a walkthrough, it would have saved me days. Nothing i’m. Using is sponsored, i just wanted to try these things and i am paying for them myself. All right, let’s do this, so this is lollipop man he’s the person that inspired me to download duet display to use blender on my ipad. First, i went onto the app store and downloaded the duet app on my ipad for 10, now i’m downloading it onto my computer, remember to unlock at the bottom and you’ll need to put in your password Music allow access to the app Music enable screen capture. You’Ll. Have to restart your computer agree to the terms okay, so here’s.

The first problem i encountered after verifying my email. I realized there’s no way to plug in my ipad to my computer, so i have to use the air function. I have to use it through wi fi, so i emailed them to figure out how i could operate it through wi fi and found out that, unfortunately, you have to pay a separate membership in order to use the wi fi air services. I decided it was worth it and paid for the pro thirty dollars per year for all of the functions Music. Yes, it finally worked and that’s. When we hit problem number two, there was a huge lag and it felt like forever like. I would touch something and it would take about a minute for it to work, so that was definitely not working. I emailed them again and found out that if you downloaded it two times, then that can cause it to malfunction. So you have to make sure you only have one download of the application now here’s what really solved the lag problem make sure your frame rate and resolution are set to the lowest setting now you’ll be able to play around on your ipad time to have fun Thanks for watching, if you got value out of it like subscribe and share with a friend, it always helps. I really really appreciate you watching. Well, this has been fun mama’s out. Oh also, don’t see baby. Oh my gosh she’s, so cute, oh, my gosh, so cute.