But if youre a bit further away from the camera itself and the camera screen sizes being so small, and especially if you have the eyesight of a rhino thats right, look it up. Everything tends to get a bit too cramped. So having a larger monitor to look at can be so extremely useful, and that is why I use something like this now. My first thought was, of course, to just use the companion apps from the different brands, but those arent that great theyre great for photography, but there are a lot of issues when it comes to videography. For example, Sonys app Imaging Edge isnt available on older Android devices, Canons app Wallet is available, doesnt support video at all and the rest of them. If they do support video, they dont tend to support picture profiles so that doesnt work. So I needed something else. So the way to make this work is complicated, but not regardless it works. What you need to do this is an HDMI out cable for your camera, whatever it is, if, if its a mini, get a mini, if its a full on HDMI get a full on HDMI, and then you need an HDMI to USB small capture card. One of those Cheapo things that you can get on Amazon for, like twelve dollars, will work and then you need a USB to either USBC or micro, USB adapter, depending on the one that you have make sure that the adapter supports OTG and I Ill touch on The USBC thing a bit later and then, of course you need a tablet.

Any tablet will do as long as it supports usb OTG. If you dont know, if your tablet supports it, then just Google, your tablet model number and usb OTG, but if its even relatively modern, it usually does support it. Now, after you connect all of those different pieces, you need to go to the Play Store or your app store on iOS and download a usb OTG app. Now there arent too many of them and basically theyre all crap, but were going function way over form here and then well then youre done now. Your camera sees your tablet as a display, so it has an HDMI connection. Then you can vary the cable length to whatever need. You have keep in mind that longer cables might introduce problems, but if you need you can theoretically get a longer distance as well. So you can get your monitor closer or further away from you than you want. Now that you have a bigger screen, you can do things like spot things on your shirt that Ive been there the whole time, but now you can actually see that in your live feed now granted the quality isnt great, but in my case it will function. Well enough that I can use this as a temporary camera monitor until I can get an actual one, since I had all of these pieces at home, this cost me literally zero Euros or dollars. It cost me zero money now, of course, if you dont have a tablet, dont do this, because you can get a camera monitor for cheaper than a tablet.

But if you have an extra tablet – or you have a tablet in general – that you can use go for it, the cables themselves, dont cost that much so its a relatively cheap way to get a bigger monitor for this use, and it works wonders. Of course, it is some newer cameras, support, USBC connection like video through USBC, then just get a USBC to USBC cable that will work way better than this and cutting out all the extra parts in the middle is always better, but this is still a relatively good And cheap, possibly cheap way to get something that you might need, and for me this is an essential part of my setup right now, so I thought Id hope you help you guys out. If you need something like this heres, an idea, heres something you could try. Okay, but this if this video helps you out in any way, you can tell me by clicking that like button and leaving a comment or if you have any questions Ill, try to answer them, but this can get complicated. So I might not be able to help you, but since were back now consider subscribing to the channel for more videos regarding photography, content creation and all the stuff like that. Thats, all that I have for you.