The features number two, the pricing number three key examples of both platforms and, at the end, im going to tell you which one i would choose. Vloud is a platform where you can create online tv channels for your brand. You can do this with a linear fashion or on demand, so that just means linear. You can have it just like a tv show or a tv station where theres going to be different times throughout the day and theyre gon na have to wait. Your audience will have to wait to watch it based on what time it is. Video on demand is just like netflix or something like that. You can choose what episode youre gon na watch and when you screen is a platform made for video on demand and growing. Your streaming business now it allows you to use this on apple tv, roku, fire, tv, etc, and, depending on what plan you choose, you can even have an app for your streaming platform. Lets look at the features for vloud. There are quite a few different features, but i would really focus on what do you need for your brand? For example, some people are trying to use a streaming platform as a mvp, a minimal viable product to get funding or youre trying to create your own brand and have it on your website. What are you trying to do? Lets go through these features. Number one lets. Look at the video hosting youre going to be able to upload your videos to the cloud on vlog thats great.

You can brand the player. You can have it as white labeled, so youre not going to be seeing the v loud logo or anything like that again. For the linear tv channels, you can have it 24 7.. You can really build it out as a channel. You can also hook it up to a third party provider and show ads, so you can monetize that way as well. You can have a tv guide again if youre scheduling the different information and youre doing this in a linear fashion. You can have live streaming, you can import youtube, playlists, youll be able to have analytics and content tagging theres a lot of different things, and also this is important to note youre going to be able to have the m3 m3u8 links for your linear channels. What does that mean? Lets just break it down very easily if you want to have a roku channel youre able to send that information to roku channel to have it now at the moment, youre going to have to do this manually youre going to have to go through the roku sdk Developer kit and youre going to have to have that in the future on the roadmap. Vloud has that as an option under consideration, making it easier to have ott, which is over the top apps and youre, going to be able to create those apps and have distribution. All from one point thats under consideration, the community has voted on it quite a bit so im looking forward to that for that possibility.

But you can also just do this manually or you can go on on fiverr find someone to do this under a hundred dollars and by the way, yes, the going rate is a hundred dollars. We have already tested this in other videos, so some people have quoted this higher its possible. If you have a developer, that is charging their hourly rate and theyve decided to charge you 500 a thousand dollars. Yes, that could be, but you can also find very good developers being able to do this service for less than a hundred and theres links down below and again, you would have to go on fiverr talk to someone, but weve done it theres videos down below to Show that weve done this and created roku channels. You can do the same thing with vloud in just sending that link over for you screen. There are tons of other features that you can have with you screen, but i would really have you focus on what do you need this for, for example, if youre running a nutrition or fitness business and youre? Looking for a platform where you can also do your marketing have extensive upsell down cells have marketing analytics. You screen is really made for that. I really find that if you have, if youre just a solo entrepreneur or a small team, you could be running your entire streaming business on this platform, similar to, i would think of like shopify, if im trying to scale and build my online e commerce very easily Shopify is the platform i would use.

Uscreen would be on that same level. If im trying to do streaming and creating a brand online, i would be using you screen, because i dont have to think about any other third party integrations with marketing. It has the whole marketing toolkit right here with you screen. For example, it already has email, automations, gift cards, marketing integrations landing pages, upsells down cells, thats, something that really caught my eye with you screen and again. It allows you to scale your business and especially, if youre trying to do it with a streaming platform, you screens going to be it if you already have that audience and youre trying to scale next were going to be looking at pricing. This is always a fun topic, because vloud and youscreen are going to be for very different use cases. So keep that in mind. The pricing were going to break it down, but keep in mind. What are you using this for if we look at vloud for the pro version, its 29 a month if billed annually, the storage is, is 300 minutes stored? Okay, you can have five channels, and that just means you can have five different channels and have them on five different websites. If you want so, if im trying to brand and have like almost a network of different websites and all uh with one main conjunction here, i could go that way. I could do this easily with v loud five channels. I can have 200 video links.

I can have player customization so again, if its on the website theyre not going to see that its vlog, it can be branded the way that i want branded website and analytics for more information. You can always scroll over the different portions of what it includes, and then it gives a little bit more detail based on what youre looking for, for example, branded website, it says, create a customizable website with your own domain, the cname and include one or a list Of channels all right, thats, interesting and thats, new uh new to v loud so thats 29 dollars a month to 79 dollars, whats the main difference. What do i look at? The storage goes up to 900 minutes. The streaming number goes to 40 000 minutes viewed per month. Now this is important if youre trying to do a 24 hour channel or something like that, where you need to have an uptime for the streaming longer so thats, something to keep in mind instead of five channels, you get unlimited channels, you get unlimited video links and You have live streaming now enabled for 79 dollars a month for 199 dollars the premium plan thats when you get the m 3. U 8 link for the linear channel, so thats! If i want to be using it for roku or sending it out to fire tv, all of those things thats going to be starting at 199 a month, also too, you can be using ads monetization and priority support something to keep in mind.

So again, if youre trying to do something with roku fire tv, all of those things simultaneously thats going to be the basic package that youre going to need to accomplish that the storage goes up to 3000 minutes stored in 120k minutes for streaming per month. On the flip side, you screen has less packages but theyre very different for different reasons, for example the basic package they charge 49 per month and they charge you an additional 50 cents per subscriber per month. So again, its 49 starting plus 50 cents per subscriber. So theyre, looking at your subscriber count, v loud doesnt matter, theyre not going to be tracking that for you screen, they are going to be charging you additionally, based on how you scale now lets go into the full featured list to get a little bit more details On whats included and the stuff that we can, we can look at now. The video player youre gon na have resume watching captions and subtitles thats, great setup, trailers and previews again that allows you to have that mistake. Allow people to under uh get that preview before they buy or do those kind of things. If you want lets, look at usage limits for the basic package youre allowing unlimited video streaming and the video storage is up to 3000 minutes thats for the basic package. Unlimited admins unlimited roles, unlimited products, okay and thats – great, but no live streaming, so the basics that would be 49 and were looking at the video storage at 3, 000 minutes 3000 minutes were not even hitting 3000 minutes until the 199 package now lets.

Take a look at this now you cannot live stream until you go to the amplify thats 3.99, though so thats ‘9 dollars a month to do, live streaming on this platform as well. So keep that in mind for the live streaming for vloud live streaming starts at 79. Okay, so we have the two differences right. There thats a lot of information for pricing, because these platforms – i just really i want to stress these platforms, although they both do videos and its its for its for your brand, to build your streaming empire, theyre, very specific use cases. What is your use case? Let me know in the comment section down below lets: take a look at the use cases for both platforms for vloud. If we look at the different brands that use the platform its very very wide, for example, some are creating a tv station via their website. Some are previewing their festival and theyre using vloud. To do this. If i was going to summarize this, i would really look at vloud being used as a beta or an mvp version of a tv station or a network trying out to expand thats. What i see vloud being used for for you screen. On the other hand, this is perfect for personal brands in very specific branding if im looking at a mimi method or any of these platforms. What i notice, even though its a similar, look and feel its very concise.

It already has the marketing built in start seven day, free trial watching trailer its super clean and the templates already made for you in you screen. So i mean why not take advantage of it. Also. It reminds me of when youre in shopify theyre already giving you the best of templates that convert when im looking at you screen theyre doing the same thing for video streaming and video on demand. Im going to look at a popular site called ramwa thats. You know ranger motion workout of the day, so it has to do with crossfit and weightlifting and all those things, but when im looking at this website and whats happening and me converting as a user im looking at some of the examples in you screen very similar, The format is very, very spot on and i could be emulating that kind of style. So if im looking for almost a done for you website and everything already there, you screens got it already made for me and on top of that it has the marketing already built in so i dont have to hodgepodge it all together and to get it started. Its all there from the beginning to get started if im choosing between v loud and new screen. What would i choose? I would go with you screen and the reason i would do that im. Looking for a platform that is a one stop shop that allows me to control my brand, you screen allows me to have the marketing for me to upsell down, sell and have a great user experience.

In fact, there are different links down below weve built multiple brands within an hour using usgrain v loud does have its place, but i would be leaning towards that if i was trying to do an mvp or a beta version of a tv channel or im. Looking for vc funding its just a different way, if im looking for linear and video on demand and im trying to customize uh my my approach of streaming, i would go with v loud, but for the vast majority of people that are solo, entrepreneurs or a small Team and theyre looking to have a platform to make it easy for them to scale their business run ads. Do all those things i would go with you screen in the comment section down below.