It’S a cloud space for you to use for uploading, viewing and managing your projects in order to share all types of project content with your colleagues or to simply have all your files. With you available, you can structure the project with 2d 3d models, information data and integrated documents, it’s a bim collaboration software, allowing you to participate in online chat sessions with advanced sim working functions. To also organize online meetings and conference. Calls with your business partners view all 2d files in real time, together with 3d models and work with your colleagues on projects, cost estimates and reports. Online. Additional services can always be activated by purchasing them directly from the asbim store. The online store with the largest number of services and tools related to bim in the world. We can collaborate dynamically and directly on the construction documentation using a simple web browser. You can manage complex technical documents thanks to the power of an integrated cloud service, a complete solution, because it is equipped with integrated tools and functionalities to manage your projects in every phase and according to every need and in any scenario, let’s see a video accessing with A username and password we can see all the folders created in my document. We can save all the documentation that was useful for our project in the bim objects, library, folder, and we can share all of these contents. With our collaborators too. We can manage the accounts too by loading, a profile image and also manage the languages.

We can create a new folder upload our documents and also manage versioning in relation to naming. This allows us to obtain an automatic file versioning system, so we can easily restore all the version of the document. If we access a folder, we can see the types of formats that we can view directly in as bim as dxf dwg pdfs and many other file formats, both probatory and open file formats. For each folder we can immediately define an authorization level for each collaborator and also send out notifications. We can also create, and edit new documents directly in usb Music, now let’s see how to manage the bim model online. We can manage our ifc models by adding hyperlinks to documents and information to the model, with extra data that can easily be browsed online. We can organically navigate the project and browse through the entire set documentation attached as a dwg, dxf pdf file and all the related documentation to the construction we can add and organize model data and metadata through bimashtags. We can manage complex models, federates large models generated with different software to further enrich with information and data to create the bim model. Without beam federation, you can browse manage every single model as they were produced by the original bim authoring. Software load multiple ifc files at the same time, even if they are very large models and create a merge of various models to achieve an integration of the digital bim model in its full extension, you get a single result that integrates the different design aspects: architectural structural Plant engineering, we simply log in and view the architectural model in the ifc format, we can browse through it freely and we can also merge one or more models.

In this case we are federating an architectural model and a structural model to view the models together. We can manage the transparencies too, attach information to ifc objects with a simple drag and drop of technical data sheets documents and so on. For example, on the structural model, we can attach a reinforcement schedule to the column object or for the slab. We can attach the floor. Carpentry framing reinforcements can be connected directly to the ifc model entity. Such documents can be dynamically linked with bimodal let’s, see how to structure bimash tags to navigate the model easily. What are we doing now? We’Re, adding information in the form of a label, a characteristic that allows you to do quick data searches to find specific identity, information from the bim model and to search for information related to the bim model. This is a more complex model. The naples railway station, where you can see we have federated 50 ifc models on each of these models. You can see we have attached a series of information that we can view directly with asbim browser now let’s see what has been point cloud is. This solution allows us to view point cloud clusters and texturize meshes for integrated digital survey methodologies in the bim process. We can superimpose this way and b model and manage the visibility, transparencies and color mapping. We can compare a de facto survey situation with a design situation. This helps us a lot in surveying sites, archaeological and historical buildings.

We can integrate information by creating links and adding data and information. This is the subway of an archaeological site, it’s the liternum site, near naples that was scanned and allowed us to produce a point cloud that we could upload to our asbim cloud integrated system and view it with the husband browser service notice that we can view it And superimpose it on the bim model representing its reconstruction. This is an example regarding a much larger context at a territorial scale. We have located the point cloud of the model of a railway station now let’s see how to work as a team with as bim chat and has been meet. We can create chats and discussion groups on specific projects and activities and interact directly. We can organize online meetings as well as conference calls and all without leaving the web space. We can share and download files in the cloud directly in the chat environment for coordinating work in the best possible way. So we’ll log into asbim chart and send a message to a colleague of ours to arrange a meeting. We’Ll create the link and start a video conference session, but not only that i can also work on a document and share the draft instantly in the chat session and ask my colleague to review the document then directly in chat. I can copy the link and provide it for viewing now let’s see how we can check our online documents with us bim bcf.

This allows us to manage the file directly in the bcf format and simplify collaboration and resolution of project issues. We can exchange information, messages, comments and links in one place without using email, anymore images or spreadsheets, as bin pcf tracks, all revisions generated with clash, detection software thanks to a log of comments, notes and images. We can therefore revise identify and resolve critical issues in real time before, moving on to the construction phase, we are inside as bin clash the clash, detection software. Once all the various parameters have been set up, we can identify collisions and interferences between model objects. We also get a report of all collisions and we can also add notes and comments. All this information can be exported in the bcf format and once the document is shared in usbeam, we can cooperate with colleagues involved on that specific problem. Who can then, in turn, share information with us and add their comments and then update the document at this point, we can both view the document edit it and we can even edit the vcf from other applications. Now let’s see how to add the text directly in our cloud space as bimwriter allows us to create reports and other documents in the cloud using all the main features for formatting. If we own a microsoft, 365 license, we can view and also edit microsoft documents too. These include documents such as excel word and powerpoint, so let’s create a new text document insert the title and the name of the file and then proceed with the editing of a text.

We can also import the template. We can continue working on our draft together with one of our collaborators who can make some changes live. We can add it with all the tools that are available and, above all, we can also print directly from our cloud space creating pdfs once consolidated. The document will then become the final version. As you can see, we can also access microsoft, office documents create or edit them this without ever leaving our cloud space now let’s see how asbim reality can help us in our work. This tool allows us to take a virtual tour of our models using a simple browser to view our bim model in various formats with access to our model. We can also view all the data and information attached to the model too. This can be useful for us to do a visual code checking so for one immediate verification of the effectiveness of the project and any errors during the planning phases. We can also do all this with immersive virtual reality. This is the model of the akka software headquarters. As you can see, we are inside the model and we are browsing through it. We can access all the design data that we have associated with model entities such as dxf, dwg pdfs, then consult all the construction project documentation. We can move from one space to another in a simple way. This can be useful to get an idea of the entire model with a true perception of spaces.

We can also browse federated models, then access, for example, the plan model and access all data linked to the entities and objects of the model now let’s see as bim jis. It allows us to create edit and share these files very easily directly in the cloud. So there’s no need for you to install any specific software for the management of these files. We can simply create a new document inside your own folder and select asbimg’s map that provides a series of functionalities and export documents in the open, json format. We can then access the folder and create a new document that brings us back to a territorial map. While we have identified with different shapes lines, a series of objects to which we have associated documentation produced over time, such as photos, reports details.