It says that it captures uh well, basically yeah 1080p, with a normal refresh rate and we’re just gon na unbox it and then i’ll try to test it and i’m gon na tell you the results of it. So this is how it actually comes with this sealed box, which says qc pass, which stands for quality control, there’s a part number and feature list covered by this tape, and i hope to get it inside as well. Let’S see all right and then what’s in here in here we have uh in here we have the user manual all right introduction, and this should be usb 3.0. That was important for me to get the one yeah with faster version, features hdmi 2.0 hdmi 3.0. It should be usb 3.0 and i don’t see anything about usb 3.0 uh, okay, okay, okay, yeah, this doesn’t say anything about the usb 3.0, which will be pretty bad. I mean the usb 3.0. Was there the deciding criteria for me, whether i get it or not? And instead it says hdmi 3.0 no that’s, uh it’s, not okay, hdmi video capture card. It says input output, which is good made in china. Has a nice, solid, uh touch and feel which means you can disassemble it uh. This should be quite okay. I mean the only thing i have to do is to test it. Well, this is blue, usually that’s the usb 3.0 color, so i will test it and i’ll.

Let you know how it actually works. So here are the test results of the cheap hd capture card. So i’ve tried to connect it to the iphone it didn’t really work now i’m trying to use it with nintendo switch. So, in order to do that, you have to first of all power on nintendo switch, adapter that’s, this cable, and then you have the hdmi cable. That goes all the way into the hd capture card, and then you simply insert nintendo switch in in the slot, and then this adapter will convert the hdmi or the usbc output of the nintendo switch to the hdmi we’ll stream. It through the video capture card and we’ll display it on your screen, and this is what you will get. How does it look for you guys? This is fantastic. Everything is getting reverted, it’s, a mirror signal kind of look at that. This is fantastic, so they’ve messed up something with the polarity of this particular unit, and it gives you the reverse reverted signal. Uh, you know all the characters are from there. They are kind of flipped around. So this is a no go for now. I’Ll try to get in touch with the company and see what they respond to that, but this is not okay, all right, thanks for watching this hit the thumbs up. If this helped you and you know, saved you from from the troubles of getting here. This is how it uh actually looked.

I’Ll i’ll leave the link in the description, so you for now don’t buy it and they they advertise two models: hdmi to zero and hdmi three zero. It should be usb two and three uh, but yeah. Something is not okay. With electronics, maybe they’ll test and and send me the proper one, maybe i’ll get refunded, maybe i’ll get nothing we’ll see, and the cost of this was, i think, around 15 20 bucks or something, and it gives you the perfectly reverted signal good. Thank you so much. If this was helpful to you guys, i’ll leave the description to the uh to this particular item in the links down below yeah.