Therefore, in this video i would introduce you type c adapter, so that you could connect your adapter using a c type cable to your macbook pro, for example, or any other devices that has c type connection and then expand your connection to usb hdmi, ethernet, cable. So let’s get started by unboxing. First, it has got a pretty simple box: just push it to open it inside we got a user manual, a quick snapshot of the first page and the second page. You can look in more detail by pausing this video, so let’s get the usb adapter out. As you can see, it got a cable with a c type connection. So this is the connection that you need to insert into your device. It is around 11.5 centimeters long by four centimeters wide and around 1.5 centimeters thick. It has got two usb version 3, which can support a transfer speed of up to five gigabit per second, and it has got one usb version: two which can support a speed of up to 480 megabits per second i’ll, go ahead and connect it to my phone. So after connecting it to your phone, you might get this message saying: choose an app for the usb device, but for now we can ignore that now i will go ahead and connect a usb drive to this hub, just simply insert it to one of the ports And now we are ready to use it now. If you go to your phone and scroll down the notification panel, you will see that kingston usb drive is added.

So if you touch explore, we can see what’s inside i’ve already put a video there. So if i was selected and select an app to open, i would select album okay and now you can see i’m playing a video through the usb drive that i’ve just inserted through this usb hub and it plays smoothly without any problems. So in this way you could connect three usb drives and watch big films if you’re traveling, for example – and you don’t have enough space on your phone. This is a good idea to transfer your photos from your phone to your usb drive or from usb drive watch films on your phone. You could also access this usb by going to your files app and then selecting the usb from your files panel and again, you can open it from there and play the same video. You could also use its led indicator to make sure your usb hub is connected to your device. It also has got one sd card port, Music and one micro sd card port, which can also support a speed of up to 104 megabytes per second. On the other side, we got an hdmi port which supports 4k at 30, hertz or full hd, which is 1080p at 60 hertz. If you don’t have a reliable, wi fi signal near your laptop, then it also has got ethernet port that supports up to 1000 megabits per second.