It definitely could have been better, but i appreciate everybody for stopping by let’s, get it matt games in the building and what’s going on youtube. Today we got another cyber power. Pc video and in this video i’m upgrading, my cpu, which is a ryzen, 7, 3800, x2 of 5800x and it’s supposed to do about 20 increase in performance. I see i definitely see a pretty big performance boost so yeah man. It might be worth it man, but yeah, be sure to like comment and subscribe. We dropping more bangs and i’ll be showing showcasing how certain games play with this new cpu. Yes, yeah we got the motherboard down. Well got the pc down. We also have our wrist wrap we’re, going to clamp that to the metal part of there to ground us couldn’t get the straps over made my own. Basically, some aluminum foil around the rubber band with i’ll get a clip connecting me to the pc metal part of the pc, so i can be grounded so i don’t short anything inside of the pc. Now let’s get this joint open, like i said, i’m grounded to the box plugged in we’re also off. Oh anybody short circuit in anything, so we have the liquid cooler right there. What i’m trying to get to is the cpu which is under the liquid cooler. So what we have to do is take the whole liquid cooler part off, so i probably have to take that off along with the fans, but hopefully i can just take that off.

We shall see, got the regular phillips screws Music and we have to get a disconnect. The fan, the lighting is good enough to see boom there. We go so disconnect the fan part right there, so we can get that off as well. Let’S get it here. What i have done hook that they show wrapped it around the liquid cooler let’s, get it off bro sheesh. They wrapped it around. The liquid cooler like a mud, get that down pay no attention to my course to the left. All of those came out of the pc, so yeah make sure you keep note of where you got these things from they wrap it around the pc anyway, let’s start unscrewing, like i said, i’m grounded to the box plugged in we’re, also off you, so anybody short Circuiting anything or messing up any pieces inside of the computer Music and the best thing to do would be to use the rubber they make it. They sell the ground, strap thingies, they make themselves, but i couldn’t find one. So i had to make it myself. We shall be okay. Well, basically, i got ta get all four of these screws out. Let me do that. Uh wires right here and finally get those off and the chip is stuck to the bottom of the cooler. So we got ta get that off as well. Yeah, okay, so took a while, because this cpu was actually well the 3700 that i’m replacing or 32 whatever it is and i’m replacing 3800 yeah, the 3800x i’m replacing was kind of stuck to the bottom of the cooler.

As you can see, but um yeah we took a while, but we had to pry it off we’re not really proud, but we had to do this to get it out now, we’re going to clean this off and clean that off, so we can apply some new Thermal paste and yeah put the new chip in yeah yeah hold on put a new chip, add get the brand new one out. Yes now, ideally, ideally, you want to take this completely off, but that wire – i don’t, know where it’s hooking to, but i cannot get it off. That’S wow there’s a wild statement but yeah i can’t, remove it so i’m gon na have to leave that on so let’s. Take this out of the wrapping you put it on there: Music, oh wow, that’s, wild that’s, wild don’t. Do what i just did, but you want to make sure there’s, no bent pins or anything mine, looks pretty good and, as you can see, that up top that’s an indicator there’s other videos that explain this way better. This is basically just me upgrading mine, but the indicator is top left. I don’t know if you guys can see that hold on the indicator is right there on this one. So with that in mind, we lift this. This is with that in mind. We lift that and basically drop this in wait arrow to arrow, sheesh i’m tweaking arrow to arrow boom drops right in once you get it dropped right in see that oh now clamp it down boom.

I heard the click pop. Yes, listen! All up. Now we got ta put some thermal paste yeah. Now we got our thermal paste. Jesus christ almost dropped. It got. Our thermal paste got this from best buy today, got the high performance like this one, a little thicker than the other one. I got i’m just gon na put a pea size drop on there wait hold on. We got ta clean off. The old paste from the cooler definitely got ta clean, the old paste off of the cooler all righty let’s do that first wow. Now that i’ve cleaned the food i’m gon na paste from that i’m gon na put a p size amount right in the middle you don’t want to put too much. You also don’t want to put too little. That should be good enough right. There i’ll be worried that all got enough, but that should be good don’t get that over there. Let me push that back down, get out of the way push this back down a lot of people like to spread it too. At this point, they’d be spreading. It myself so they can get a good joint in there. Oh yeah that’s, that’s good that’s, a good spread so that’s, pretty nice let’s spread it. Now we got to screw everything back on, so we finally got it in amd. Ryzen 7 5800 x 8 core processor, took longer than needed, which is 100 my fault. But yes, sir, we got that 5800 x hill.