Well, in these five boxes are the very essential accessories from Belkin to TRANSFORM your experience with your pretty and powerful machines. So why Belkin you may ask? Well let me tell you in my books, theyre, like the Gold Standards of accessory brands, not too cheap, not too pricey, but just the right price And the best part Theyre, built to last Seriously. Ive had their products for years and theyre still going strong, Plus lets not forget the ultimate seal of approval, as Belkin is one of the select brands. Youll find gracing. The shelves of official Apple stores worldwide in places like Thailand, Singapore and even in the US All right lets start with this BIG boy: the Belikin BoostCharge Pro 4 Port 108W GaN Charger. This charger has been such a blessing and its like a superhero of charges. Now, before even talking about the ports available, just this long 6.6ft power, cable itself is quite a lifesaver, Because you know how some hotels do not have a charging port next to the bed, but instead it is way across the hotel room instead. Well, this came in clutch, especially for those situations And thanks to the Intelligent Power Sharing, it gives you the most efficient charge for up to 4 devices at the same time. So this means I can get my iPhone. The Apple Watch Ultra my AirPods Pro and yes, even my MacBook Pro charging just next to me And yes, I know you might be wondering.

Why would I need my MacBook Pro next to me when I am sleeping well, I love listening to my music on my MacBook Pros speakers. Before sleeping Yeap, It is life changing. So here is a quick power distribution chart for you to understand how much of charging power that you can get based on 6 different scenarios so feel to pause the video to understand how each scenario is And when I am not travelling, it practically lives. On my desk to easily access the ports in front and these little rubber feet underneath were also perfect for ensuring that the charger does not move around the table easily. So … … nice thinking, Belkin Now speaking of which, if you are using the 16 inch MacBook Pro, you can charge the MacBook Pro from 0 50 in about 38 minutes, which is sweet And if you are charging your iPad Pro. Based on my personal test, you can get it charged from 0 50 in about 46 minutes Now, since you can charge up to 4 devices, how do you know which ports are used to charge? What then Well thats, why? I am here Now the first USB C port, which is marked at 96W. Max is for you to charge your laptop, then. The second port is where Id recommend for you to use to charge your tablet or smartphone, even though you can charge your laptop over here, but the maximum output of charge will be lesser than the first USB C port earlier Then, both the USB A ports can Be used to charge your power bank, your Apple Watch or your AirPods Pro Now this Belikin BoostCharge Pro 4 Port 108W GaN Charger comes with a retail price of RM449.

Now, keep in mind that in order to get the best possible charging performance because not all charging cables are created equal, which brings us to the next accessory, which is the Belkin BoostCharge, USB C to USB C 100W 6.6ft cable. Now this is the 6.6ft 2m length version, as the name clearly suggests this. One of a kind cable not only supports up to a MASSIVE 100W charging, so it is best used to charge your MacBook Pro and your iPad Pro, and one thing to note, is that this cable is tougher than Dwayne Johnsons biceps, With the double braided nylon exterior, Which is tested to survive over 30000 bends Plus with its 6.6 feet, length its perfect when the wall socket is too far away, and if you are using this with the previous GaN charger earlier, you are getting a total of 12 feet of length more than enough For you to cuddle up with your iPad Pro when you are sleeping And no, I do not need therapy Speaking of therapy, it is cheaper than most therapy sessions at only RM99 Moving on, believe it or not. One of the most common questions that I get asked is Hey Adam, which is the RIGHT Thunderbolt. 4 cable. Should I get And yes like those charging cables, not every Thunderbolt, cable, especially Thunderbolt 4 cables are created equal, my friend, So this Belkin Connect Thunderbolt, 4. Cable comes with a lower price than Apples, Thunderbolt, 4 cable with a price of RM599 compared to RM649, and it is even longer at 2 metres compared to just 1.

8 metres for the Apples version, And this Belkin Connect. Thunderbolt 4 cable is both USB4 and Thunderbolt certified. As well, it gives you up to 100W Power Delivery and, most importantly, if you are planning to connect your MacBook Pro or your iPad Pro to an external display up to an 8K display using this Thunderbolt cable as well. And if you have an external SSD that you would like to hook up with your MacBook Pro or your iPad Pro using this cable will transfer your data faster because of its superfast speeds up to 40Gbps. To avoid the frustration of a slow data transfer, Then the last cable Id recommend for your new MacBook Pro. Is this the Belkin Ultra HD High Speed Cable? Now I dont mean to sing the same tune about how not every cable is created equal, but once again, this is the case over here, Because now that Apple has upgraded the MacBook Pros, HDMI port to version 2.1. It means that you can output from your MacBook Pro to up to an 8K 60Hz monitor and even an 8K TV, And no, this is not an 8K TV, Hopefully Ill get one soon. And yes, if you love those amazing high refresh rate motion, while gaming, this cable will help you to get up to MASSIVE 240Hz. So you can enjoy your video content way better, whether or not you have an 8K monitor or even on a TV, and if you already have a 4K monitor or TV rest assured that you are getting the best and the highest quality video quality as possible.

With this RM199 6.6 feet, cable, as it is the ONLY HDMI cable available in Apple Stores, as it is also a great companion with the Apple TV 4K, which is also what I have been using with. Last but not least, this Belkin Connect USB C 7 in 1 Hub would be the perfect companion for your MacBook Pro or even more for your iPad Pro. As the name clearly mentions, there are 7 inputs available. There is a 100W USB C Power Delivery pass through charging An SD Card Slot and a microSD card slot below that which is perfect for those home cameras or other devices. Like your older smartphones that use microSD, Then there are two USB: A 3.2 Gen 2 ports. An HDMI 2.0 port, which would be very beneficial for the iPad Pro Then finally giving the extra benefit both on the MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro. Is this the 2.5Gb Ethernet Port? So yes, this tiny but powerful adapter transforms your iPad Pro and your MacBook Pro into an even better workstation And the whole setup that you have connected can be easily switched between your MacBook Pro and your iPad Pro as well. Hence you can switch between both devices. Super conveniently, instead of removing all of the connected peripherals and reconnecting them again, However, from an iPad Pros perspective, all of the 7 ports will be totally beneficial from connecting the iPad Pro to an external display of up to 4K 60Hz having a stable wired internet connection.

Through its Ethernet Port and having additional USB C and USB A ports to connect external SSDs and charge the iPad Pro while having this hub connected, Then from the MacBook Pros perspective, this would be super handy for a stable wired, Ethernet connection and, of course, while the World is fully transitioned to USB C. Some peripherals still use USB A, and, as mentioned, there are some security cameras or even entry level to midrange phones that still use microSD cards, so this would be perfect for those situations And coming with a price of RM529. This is indeed a no brainer for you to have as your upgraded accessories, both for your MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro as well. So yes, with these accessories from Belkin, it will make your devices feel like they just came back from a spa day. All fresh and ready to take on the world Now the extra good news is that Belkin has also agreed to give a 5 discount for these accessories as well, which I will leave a link and info down below And speaking of devices check out my best accessories.