Now Qualcomm they are pushing out updates for the Audrina 650 or will be to manufacturers. Charmy is one of the first I believe or the first to actually let us have and test out and install the driver update, but it's only on three devices. So far so we're talking about Chinese phones here that at least do come with English. So this is the read BK 30 Pro, which I have it to be holding rights here, the needs 10 and the me TM Pro now the meaty enemy team Pro have been released internationally. We'Ve got global versions at the time of publishing this video. Here there is no method or way to get it. You need to actually jump onto the me app store in China. I'Ll show you how to do that in this video, so it's, not actually that easy to find it. We need to put in a certain phrase, search term to bring that up. Of course, it's all in Chinese and I'll go through step by step to install that update and also show you the performance difference before and after we update the drivers, which apparently improves performance stability, Volken driver updates and OpenGL updates just to enhance gaming and the gaming Experience that is actually mentioned in the changelog now before we get into this. I want to point this out that this does not work on the global version of the meeting or the meeting Pro it doesn't work on other snapdragon 865 devices.

Yet you need to look to the manufacturer for those updates being published to their own stores, I think, or maybe later in Google Play. So this is the case 30 Pro that I'm going to install the driver on here, and you need to be on the Chinese ROM. So if you happen to have say the Chinese version of the phone that you flashed over say a different wrong. Show me EU ROM, then you're going to need the me store on here. The Chinese me store apk. If you can somehow sign load it or get that get that APK file, put it on your phone and I've jumped into it here so first up, I did run into a bit of a problem, and that was, I couldn't, find the app in here. If you type GPU, this search system in this thing is just ridiculous. You type GPU up here. It would come up with all these different applications, none of them the one that we actually wants. You need to find the one that looks like this GPU now here's a hint. This is how I found it. I spent actually a long time searching for it to jump into Google. Translate okay run it for driver update, get the text there for Chinese. So you just want to search it in Chinese copy and paste that jump back into the me store. Okay, then search that Chinese text search the Chinese, then you'll see it okay and when you get into it, the app that's going to tell us here, GPU up Dre, upgrade here for the audrina 630 K 30 Pro, and it supports the me 10 and the me 10 Pro there enhancing our GPU performance.

Now I have translated roughly the changelog. I use Google Translate to check it out and it's telling us that we have got fully releases the potential of the GPU to continuously improve gaming experience. Okay, this is the main functions optimize. The GPU driver to enhance performance and stability, game performance and stability and is to saying that, at only this long hair supports the me 10 enemy, 10 Pro and the K 30 Pro alright and it's. The OpenGL, optimization and volcn optimization published today the time of filming this video here April, the 30th, and it says a this – is the a 654 of course, the audrina 650. Alright, and installing it is so simple you just tap here, you tap the install. It would take a little while to do it – maybe three minutes so something like that and now install it. So that is it there is actually no apk file. Unfortunately, I searched all the folders inside the phone. I tried to find something for you guys that I could somehow get and share an apk file that everyone could install on their particular xiaomi snapdragon 865 phone. So even the black shark, which i have here, this is the black shark 3 pro gaming phone. With the same exact chipset it snapdragon 865. Both of these I searched nothing, so they don't have the GPU driver update, yet which is unfortunate. So I have also run here – and this is just a before – and after that I'm going to do ok.

So this is the before score for an to keep an eye on the GPU bench marks fear the synthetic benchmark, so the Terra Cotta one is Vulcan and also coastline is Vulcan, so keep an eye on those scores. There I'll take a screenshot of this as well. To show you once I run it again: refineries OpenGL so now I'm going to reboot the phone. This is important because we need those new drivers to take when it boots up: okay or those library files that went over there, the updated files, so the reboot is necessary so I'm going to reboot. Now I run antutu again and we'll see if it has improved that GPU performance, so it's just about to finish out 99 and we'll. Take a look at the difference. So hopefully this score has gone up significantly, but I don't Oh actually that's. Quite a nice increase. Isn'T it for nothing for just a driver, update so here's the old score again. This is before the GPU driver update and now after that, GPU driver update. So we gained 7206 points, which is 3.3 percent, more GPU performance here, hey that's, not bad from just a driver, update and that's kind of to be expected. Will you actually notice there's a difference, though? Absolutely not. When gaming, it is only going to be visible in synthetic benchmarks like this one here, alright, so there we go it's, not a significant update at all. You can see there, but you can do this if you haven't had the Chinese versions now.

I know a lot of people gon na. Ask me: hey Chris where's, the apk file. Why are you not sharing it with us? Why is no insuring it it's? The way that the me store is installing it then I'm not actually able to grab an apk file here. I'M, not seeing it it's just going through with those library driver update files, putting all that into the system there and there's no way for me to actually share this with you get, maybe some developer out. There knows how to do that, but that's something I haven't messed around with yet, of course, I don't even have the bootloader unlocked on the particular model. I have here the K 30 Pro, so sadly, nothing for the me 10 and the me TM Pro global versions, but I do expect that Xiaomi should be pushing that driver update in English once they've translated. It may be tested at first for the Chinese market into the global me app store there and maybe eventually into Google Play. Qualcomm will just do a general release, the tick that some has the snapdragon 865 and go hey driver update available push it through improved performance. There, so it is good to see that Qualcomm is doing this and Xiaomi, of course, jumping on and pushing this out to everyone out there. So if I do get hold of an apk file, I will put the link down in the description of this video I'm.

Currently, working on the review of the full review at this one right here, which is the red meat case 30 Pro. If you are interested in that and waiting, it should be very soon in the channel so check and look out for that, and thank you for watching this quick short GPU driver update video here.