3.5. Now there are a few different ways to go about: jailbreaking your device all dependent on the system, Hardware of the device, iOS version, your host operating system in this video Im going to be using Windows 10. But this method should apply to all the different variations 7 and up if youre, on a Mac or Linux OS, you have a few different methods of side loading, the jailbreaking app onto your device. I may cover those methods in another video start the jailbreak. You will want to go ahead and download the web version of iTunes to cover any missing dependencies that allow your iPad Mini to talk with your Windows machine to do that well, go ahead and search iTunes on your preferred search engine. So here well just go ahead and search up iTunes and well. Click on the first link make sure that you are on the right website and instead of getting it from the Microsoft store like they want to YouTube or going to get the desktop or web version, and to do that, youre going to want to scroll down and Find this looking for other versions section and well go ahead and click on the Windows section. It will bring us to a new page where we can download the latest version for Windows and for most people, youre going to have a 64 bit machine. But if you know that your machine is running 32 bit, go ahead and download that once your download is finished well, go ahead and install icons onto your computer, youll want to go through.

Personally, I dont really use iTunes for every for anything. So I disable all the optional extensions and I will leave the destination folder the same so well go ahead and allow and continue with the process of installing iTunes. Now that iTunes is open, we can go ahead and open iTunes, heres iTunes, you dont, have to do anything else with iTunes. You just want to have it installed. Just in case your iPad has trouble talking with your computer. There may be additional pop ups that appear asking if you want to download iCloud and the app that were going to be using to side load. The ipas onto our device recommends that you should have iCloud installed, but you can go ahead and install iCloud, but when it prompts you to now that we have iTunes installed well, go ahead and get the side loading App, which can be done from side, loadley dot. Io and all these links will be in the description below once youre on side loadly, you will scroll down and find the side load. The download link for your operating systems. Architecture, like I said before, Im using a 64 bit Windows OS, so Im going to go ahead and download that now that the download has finished well go ahead and install that and you can like before you can change the destination folder. I keep it all defaults, but now that we have side globally installed, we can uncheck the desktop and well run side loadly in a bit after we get the jailbreaking IPA, so once thats installed.

The next step is to get the IPA for jailbreaking. Now for 9.3.5. There are two main ipas that are used for jailbreaking, one of them is phoenixpone.com or the Phoenix app and the other is Polaris. The Phoenix app is a closed sourced, jailbreaking app, but its been used for a very long time and a lot of people have had success with it. In my other videos, Ive also used Phoenix jailbreak, but there is a open source version of a jailbreaking app made by this developer SPV its kind of a pick, your flavor, both of them should achieve the same result and its just kind of up to your choice, Who youd rather support Im going to go ahead and download the Phoenix app? The IPA Im also going to download the Polaris IPA just to show you if theres any differences between them so well go ahead and try to download the Phoenix app IPA and Ill just save it. To my downloads folder now, a problem that you guys might fall into is that Windows, Defender or Windows security will flag this file as and exploit, or a Trojan or a virus and thats, because theres a lot of exploits within the IPA that windows will see and Trigger a flag and will sandbox the IPA to make sure it doesnt infect your system, but the jailbreaking app has all these exploits for the iPhone system, to enable jailbreaking an example of why it would flag it.

We can go to this site called virus total .com, and we can upload the IPA that we have to it, and it will do a scan and see what it comes back with here. We see that there are a few flags that it comes up with and at first that might scare you away. But if you take a little bit closer, look youll see that they are labeled as Trojans, but theyre exploits for iOS for jailbreaking, and these are all saying that theyre, just jailbreaking exploits and thats a big reason why Windows Defender will flag it right here. You see that Windows Defender did end up flagging it, and here we can see that it found a Trojan, so well go ahead and allow it on our device and well see if the Windows Defender did sandbox it, so it didnt, because we were able to oh There we go, it got sandbox, so we should be able to download it again, save it and Windows Defender shouldnt complain as it should have the same hash. Okay, so it keeps on just sandboxing it, even though we allowed it. So if you do run in that Pro into that problem, where the defender will just keep on sandboxing the IPA or your download file, you can go ahead and click on your home menu, search up Defender or Windows security and navigate to the virus and threat protection. Section and down here at the virus and thread protection settings can manage settings and we can turn off the real time.

Protection so well turn that off itll prompt you for an application. So we see that now its both uh I do have Malwarebytes and the Windows Defender and Malwarebytes are both turned off for our current use case. That is fine right now Id highly recommend turning it back on after youve successfully download the app and side loaded the app onto your device, but for now well keep it off. Now, with our Windows Defender off, we are at a slight security risk and to help mitigate that were going to check the shaw 256 of the IPA just to make sure its the correct IPA and that the download file hasnt been modified. To do that. Well, go ahead and open up your windows search type in Powershell once were in Powershell. We will change directory with Advanced CD into the directory containing the IPA. For me, that is the downloads folder and you can start typing. Download and pressing tab will auto complete if it finds the correct directory. So with that we will click enter, and now we can see that Im in the downloads folder now from here we will type in get file hash. Thank you and then the IPA in question, which is the Phoenix there again I auto completed with pressing tab and well click enter, and it will come back and provide us a hash that we can then verify. It is the same one. Now that weve verified that the Phoenix IPA is the correct and legit version were gon na go ahead and install the app using side loadley through onto our iPad lets, do that well go ahead and plug in our iPad into our device now foreign Music.

So your iTunes might pop up. You dont really have to do anything with it. You just cancel it and now that we have our iPhone connected or sorry our iPad Mini connected, we will go ahead and open up our side load the app. So we can go down, we can even search up beside loadly, go ahead and open it up, and here we see that the idevice field has been filled filled in and its it was able to find my iPad. The Next Step youll want to do is click on the IP icon or you can drag in the IPA and well navigate over to our downloads folder, where we download the IPA go ahead and open that up and youll see the Phoenix icon and for the Apple Id you are going to want to input your Apple ID now heres a disclaimer. You are highly recommended to create a new Apple ID just for jailbreaking, as personally I dont know what size loadley does and on their website. They say that they are only transmitting your IP address, your operating system and the side. Loadley version now thats all fine, if that is what they actually do, but since it is closed Source, we dont actually know what theyre doing what theyre logging they do require. Your Apple ID and password to be sent to the Apple servers, and if you havent already been doing this and you use the same password for all your accounts.

This is a big reason why you would want to one have different passwords for every account that you have using a password manager to help make it faster and two. You dont want to have your password and iPhone ID being stored or logged on side load. These servers, just in case they do have nefarious motives, so you can go ahead and make a new Apple ID its really simple. If you dont have another phone number, you can use a service like Google Voice to get a free, VoIP number and apple will use that to create your account, and here we have the Apple ID that I created and well go ahead and click Start. You can take a look at the advanced options. I didnt even bother to mess around with it, but Ill go ahead and click Start after inputting the app ID, and it will ask you for your password, so you can go ahead and input that whenever it pops up so here it didnt ask me to authenticate My Apple ID, which is actually very confusing, as I had to do that earlier, we can see that the Phoenix app should be installed onto your iPad and well go over there and take a look now that we have the Phoenix or the Polaris app side. Loaded onto our iPad, we can go ahead and open up either or Im going to go ahead and open up the Phoenix app. And here you should get a message saying that the developer is an untrusted one and to remedy that we can click, cancel scroll over onto your settings and go to General and we should go all the way down.

And you should see this device management section and well go ahead and click on that and youll click on your Apple ID and youll trust the your self as the developer. So we can go ahead and Trust once its trusted go back to our home screen back to the Phoenix app and now we can see that my iPad was not jailbroken so to remedy that. Well, just click prepare for jailbreak, well, accept the terms and conditions we will dismiss any ads and if you see down here, there is a proceed with jailbreak well, go ahead and click that and well click install to start the insidium and because our device is supported Through Phoenix, we will just go ahead and use provided offsets with that done. We will click done just to make sure its the storage. Might the storage fold might pop up, but we can just click. Ok with that and continue on, and your iPad should automatically reboot by itself now that the iPad is fully booted back up, we go ahead and unlock the device, and, if we scroll over, we should be able to see the Cydia app. So if you want to go ahead and open it up, this is where you will find all the tweaks and modifications that a jailbroken Vice allows you to do now on the first load. It will sometimes give you an error like here where it as its trying to fetch through all the repos.

It will give you an error and to fix these errors, you can go ahead and click on return to Cydia. We can go ahead and ignore this update. For now and well go over to the sources section here were going to want to edit and remove this repo 666 Ultra snow, as I believe its defunct now so well, go ahead and delete that and we can click done and we can actually go ahead and Click, this refresh button to check through all the sources, and we should not get any pop ups for any errors. So one thing of note is that this jailbreak is a semi untethered jailbreak, which essentially means if your iPad turns off or runs out of battery, the device will no longer be jailbroken. So in this example, Ive already powered off my iPad and if we try to open up the Cydia app itll just keep on crashing now the nice thing about a semi, untethered jailbreak. Is that because you still have your jailbreaking apps, either Polaris or Phoenix, you can easily just open up one of them and run the jailbreak again here. The Polaris app has jailbroken my device and is restarting the springboard and if you notice, Polaris doesnt have any ads. While the Phoenix app does have a lot of ads and miscellaneous pop ups, now that our device is back on, we can go over and try out the City app, and here you can see that it is still broken.

So we will try to run the jailbreak once again go on over and attempt to open it up and, as you can see, there are times the charm and we are able to load up Cydia with all the tweaks and modules and there you have it. You now have a fully jailbroken iPad Mini running on 9.3.5, thanks for watching, if you have any questions or concerns, go ahead and put them in the comments, and I will do my best to try and help you get through any problems that youre having and dont Forget turn back your Windows Defender to be active monitoring hit all the buttons you know.