If you find this video helpful and you want to purchase one of these, put a link to it in the description on Amazon and if you use that link, it helps me out a little bit and doesnt cost you anything extra. So this is an external CD, DVD reader and writer, so Im recording this in 2020 and computers tend to not come with Optical drives anymore. So if you have a tower, you could buy an optical drive you place in one of the Bays, but for other computers you dont have that option, but even for a tower this may be the best option for you, if youre, not using optical disks on a Day to day basis, having a external drive like this, you can plug it in when you need it and then store it away or use it with another computer. So lets take a look at this. So if we look at the bottom, it says its compatible with Windows, XP up through Windows, 10 or higher and Mac OS 10 system, as USB 3.0 transmission, its backwards compatible with 2.0. Okay, so lets get it open so heres the drive has the cable stored in the bottom thats very nice, so Im guessing theres not going to be anything else here in the package: okay and heres, the user manual. So we have a product diagram. We have switch button indicator, light anti jam slot micro, USB powered Port, USB type c mail, cable, takeout, USB type, a mail heres, some specs here.

So I think thats pretty much everything there lets take a closer look at this, so heres that button on the back. We have a micro USB port, so if you do need to give this a little extra power, you can plug that in then on the bottom. We have the cord so pull that out. So this has a type a port and then it also has a type c Port. So you can use this with older computers with the type a port and then on the newer computers. You can use the type C. So if you have a newer, MacBook or PC with only the USP type c, this has you covered so well. Take that cord well redirect it out the back like so so let me get a computer to hook this up to so here I have a 2015 MacBook Pro now. This does not come with an optical drive, so I can plug this one in now. You want to make sure you plug it in all the way, theres a little bit of friction there and it leaves kind of like an eighth inch Gap. So you want to make sure you press it in all the way, and it might just be my USB port also, but something to keep in mind Ill press. The button here to open it Ill insert a music CD and now it should be set to Auto open. I think, okay, there we go so I didnt speed that up.

I wanted you to see exactly how long that took so from here. I can play this. I think I have it set to automatically import, but I can go here and I can play these songs on here. I cant demonstrate that because of copyright, but it does work with audio CDs, so we listen to a lot of music digitally. Now we download a lot of music digitally a nice thing about having an optical drive is that you can go to like a swap meet or a thrift store or something and get used. Cds, sometimes super cheap or even garage sales. And then, if its legal in your area, you can rip them for personal use on your computer, so that can be an affordable way to get music. Another thing is that some music may not be available in different formats, but you might be able to find it on CD, so its really handy having a CD drive around so Ill close. This now Ill eject this you can hit control click or right click on it or if you have an eject button Ill just hit eject here, you cant hit the button on a Mac. You should go through and select it and eject it next. Well, try DVD! This is a two sided one. It has the wide angle on one side Ill put that in so here we have the movie up now, Im blurring this out, because I dont own the rights to this, but that came up very quickly, so thats working great so similar to CDs theres.

A lot of stuff that may not be available on streaming only way to get to it is with Optical media and again you can go to thrift stores, garage sales and stuff and pick this stuff up a lot of times. I think this could be very useful if youre, a student living in a dorm and you dont have a TV. The only thing you have is a computer. You can plug this in and watch movies on your computer, so this is also a rider. So I dug through my stash and found these dvd plus r discs. Now I tend to not write disks much anymore, but there are sometimes people need to do that Ill. Stick one in here, so my computer says you inserted a blank disk its asking. What I want to do Ill say open finder, so I have it here on my desktop, and I know this is not super easy to see in my video and thats. Why Im describing it but well open this up. It says theres 4.7 gigabytes available. Ive got some photos here, Ill open this up and Ill just drag these over to the drive. So I want to copy these so Ill actually hold down the option. While I drag it now its copying now, I didnt hear this spin up, so I dont think it actually did anything. I actually need to hit burn up here in the upper right. It gives me settings on here.

It says maximum possible Burn. Speed is 2.4 x. So Ill hit burn, and now this is going to burn the disc. So now, what Im about to say makes it sound like? Maybe you shouldnt burn things, but Optical media can fail over time and thats. A good reason to have an optical drive is, if you have a bunch of old, backups or things on CDs. You can get a drive like this. Put those CDs in it and copy the stuff off onto something like a flash drive and flash drives are cheap. You can get multiple flash drives, make different copies, put it in different places and get stuff off of that Optical media, and you could still keep the optical media around as another backup but its nice having backups on multiple media, so Im going to fast forward through This okay, that finished burning the DVD, so I can double click on it here and I can access the files, so these are JPEG files, so I could probably take this DVD and put it in a DVD player thats connected to a TV, and especially the more Modern ones, if it sees a bunch of jpegs on there, you could probably do like a slideshow with them or something so thats the unitec USB portable optical drive. I really like the construction of this. It has a nice feel to it and the fact that the cord stores in the bottom is great, so, if youre putting this in your desk drawer or youre, taking it somewhere in a bag, youre not going to lose the cable its such a clean compact.

Look. So as it was riding that DVD, I was thinking of another idea for this is my kit has actually been getting into CDs. Lately, hes young enough that hes grown up on streaming music, but he dug out some old CDs and hes been playing them in the PlayStation, because thats the only CD player thats hooked up to a stereo or anything. But I think what I need to do is get one of my rideable CDs and we can make a mix CD because I think thatd be a nice little retro thing because thats what people used to do all the time and he could take his favorite songs And put him on a CD and then we can also take that in the car and listen to it. So if you still deal with Optical discs – and you want a nice portable reader and writer, I think this is a great option. So thats all Im going to cover in this video. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. If you like this video, please click like if you havent subscribed to my channel Id appreciate.