Now, this time we will be talking about mobile gadgets, casino media related review, nothing even it is a y max. It portable monitor. Why backseat, if you remember a few months ago, the review viewsonic portable, monitor it’s. Just about it is a portable monitor. You can use it as a secondary, monitor on the go, monitor it’s more about that, but uh as time flies by damn you’re gon na discover the features. I think i have underestimated much young capability, nice and portable monitor. So i think bakama masmura and i found out the merong ips why max it’s just around 8k, more or less? I think how is the performance? Uh what’s, the capability telegram, portable monitor and the discover quality, so brandami, and this is so cool to hear parasailing began. So now let’s find out what are these features and for more videos like this feel free to subscribe. This video is brought to you by scdkey. The best website that you may visit in terms of a very affordable deals and best offer paris application, softwares games and yes operating system, and there you are. You may check the windows 10 pro and by using our promo code, ma avail mulan around 14.95 cents or 700 plus pesos that’s it. I began check the description below my links potion to go directly saganilang website. This is not just about the portable monitor actually on the go items i want to feature the them also in this particular video parathis.

I don’t recommend it much for everyone anyway, let’s go and proceed. What are the things that i’ve missed when i reviewed the viewsonic una? The viewsonic is functioning like a tablet. Pc sobrang lucky look at the features. Oh, i have here my tablet connection satin tablet. What is a tablet, see home youtube, it’s, good for presentation, it’s good, not touchy screenshot, so it’s not necessary when you are doing presentations, you can just flip this and there you can just flip this and there you go perfect presentation same with this what’s cool. With this view, sonic is touchy. Screen and union pero wait there’s another thing that i’ve discovered along the window with kuna comportable monitor you can use your phone it’s, not just you can use your phone as the cpu or system unit of this portable monitor. You can use it as a touch pad so touch pad. Like oh Music, then activation code check out our video on cdk offers in the video descriptions and then another thing is pedicang. Mug search and detox like search, nothing bear more or foreign. We prefer the best. Like if you can avail a flagship phone, then go pero. Sometimes when we are considering our tablet, param means like i will just use it for presentation or maybe, if i want to watch uh. Particular videos molecular screen that you may use it as on the go for everyone and, most of the time hindi times settle down.

Sapina kamahan like we will go for the 30k to 50k tablet pc with phone. Maybe we can do that and sometimes young specifications. The mayan is not that really good as your phone, so how about, if you will just avail a portable monitor, then plug your phone and there you have the same flagship specification of your connoir tablet: pc casino in the end of the day, portable monitor parenchy that It will not function, kung, walang, mismo, source meeting phone for input and touch pad at the same time, kung sang kiki in uh, gusto moon search unless you availed a portable monitor. An attached screen like this Music monitor pero it’s, not always that magnitude functionality and portable monitor landing it’s around the 15k. So it is portable monitors have tons of functions. It can be your secondary monitor for your computer if you avail a mini pc like this worth 8k mini pc, it’s, also available from lazada by a friend and uh, then avail a portable monitor, sometimes it’s, even smaller than a laptop kasinga hindi mulan samaga gaming. As a secondary monitor of this, you can also use as a secondary monitor of your phone, and it will serve as a tablet pc for you and then panat though it is an ips. This ymaxi portable monitor is ips with wide colored gamut. That is as good as this worth: 14k viewsonic portable monitor, pang apat. You can set up a meeting anywhere like in the park in the uh restaurant uh for some personal reasons or demands depending like for my case.

I use my phones, maybe 70 percent. Most of the time for viewing videos so having a bigger monitor on the go is a very functional uh. I find out that this, why maxi portable monitor is really good, actually apparent other brands uh saiban banza. I think i i forgot the brand pero it’s a one of the rated uh bang for the buck variant of this and no nakoyan picture aesthetics. Almost the same. The same detona same young ports, positioning them uh, motherboards and young design, almost the same particular uh standard. So i think uh this y max it is the same oem doonsa brandon akikita, not in some youtube videos, top five uh best portable monitors and uh, so branson yeah it’s, really a bang for the buck. Uh portable monitor, given that it’s an ips and full hd 1080p. That makes this very very worth it at 10k below pricing so ayunlanma. I began in terms of portable monitor, but if you want also to know what are the other things that i have is atom? Portable ssd it’s, a pd 1000 ssd it’s, bigger than a flash drive pair of bigger capacity and more reliable uh storage than a flash drive yet smaller than regular hdd who are working with heavy files. Team group pd 1000 yeah. Most of these portable monitors in kasi is a usb type c. Kayak storage delete some portable monitors, usb type c sila, so you phones, you that should be considered a usb type c, but it may also serve as the display output that things among the portable monitors uh requirement, actually i’m copying up with a pc review, and you May also consider having one solit, i don’t recommend it to everyone uh.