This is the newest from surface pro pro news for microsoft. This is the spec out one with all the highest specs. I7 8 gig 256 solid state. We have a second one in the house that just got delivered for a future giveaway on the channel stay tuned. This one is going to be mine for business for on the road for doing work, um gorgeous gorgeous keyboard. Look at that now. I’Ve had previous surfaces, including one of the very first surfaces before it was an x86 machine i’m talking way back when when it was surface, when it was windows arm surface rt before it could run actual programs where you could only use windows apps from the app Store this is a full, fledged laptop and tablet, because you have all the abilities that you can do with a tablet, plus a full fledged operating system with windows 7.. So i will be doing an in depth. Uh video on this tablet, when it’s set up put together with my apps and software on it, called a what’s on my surface pro 7. You definitely want to stay tuned for that. I have the icy blue pen coming in the mail, a laptop sleeve, a laptop bag, a surface bag um an arc mouse that new foldable bluetooth mouse, that microsoft put out for this um sd card to expand the storage. So i actually have everything for this tablet. Wow look at this wow premium. You know nice nice, premium, piece of glass there that nice back that nice well made magnesium back, got that famous infamous kickstand got that nice webcam back there.

You do have the sd card slot back here for expandable storage. They did make the um the kickstand. Now we can pretty much put at any angle. Unlike the original older surfaces that you couldn’t do that they were actually uh in increments. They changed that now. I have a cover coming for the screen, an actual cover, and that is pretty much what you get out of the box and then you just get here the box here, which is you get a warranty. I got the actual extended warranty um, because that’s always good to have on these, and also you get the brick here. The charging cable brick. So you get this the cord and then the the brick is back here. The square brick here power supply yep. There you go okay, nice, but, like i said i’m, no stranger to the surface, lineup i’ve had i’ve had a lot of them. I had the surface pro 4. um. I had the surface rt the original funny story. With that i actually won it from microsoft. The very first service it was actually a competition with thousands of people and i actually won a serve. I had to write a essay to microsoft, how i would use the surface and i actually won. I actually wrote an essay and i won microsoft, sent me one as a test as a tester, and i want it pretty cool okay, what like some kind of a keyboard thing but they’ve come a long way.

This thing is a powerhouse i’m going to be actually testing this out, putting my stuff on it today and i will get back to you on a future video and keep an eye out for that future. Giveaway take care guys. This is the microsoft surface.